Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 281

Extra: The Church in Our Village (1)


I’m Robou1. I live in Golen and I’m a poor adventurer.

I arrived in Golen last winter. I heard that you could capture iron golems in the dungeon here so I came to make some money.

Then next thing I knew I’d gotten a field and settled down permanently.

I was originally the fifth son of a farmer, so I’ve always longed for my own field.
The first born son succeeded all of the family’s fields, so rather than being used like some slave, I became an adventurer… which is why I never thought in my wildest dreams that I’d get a field of my own, let alone one so close to a dungeon.
I’m so moved. Whoops, there’s a weed growing there. Crops grow quickly this close to a dungeon, but that also causes weeds to pop up quicker so I gotta make sure to get rid of them fast.

I also wound up being a farmer. Really, that fact makes me smile.

After acquiring my field, I found myself going for goblins to be fertilizer for my field rather than caring about iron golems.
Sometimes when I’m feeling extravagant I’ll form a temporary party with the the other villager-cum-adventurers to hunt iron golems, but that’s about it.

When I was done with daily maintenance and didn’t have anything really to do other than overlooking my field, Zun and Doko came over and talked to me.

“Heya, Robou. Lookin’ over yer field again are ya?”
“If you like your field so much you should just marry it!”
“Shaddup. You guys’re always gushing over my field, and I would if I could, I love my field!”

We laughed it out together.
These two are fellow comrades who got fields in Golen. They’re also people I form a party with often. They’re good guys with good personalities.

“Hey, I’m gonna go hunt iron golems here in a bit, wanna join?”
“I feel like drinking a ton of alcohol today. It’d be great if ya’d come too, Robou.”
“I’ll go. I have some free time for it, what about the cart?”
“Zun’s prepared it, ya just need to bring yer stuff.”
“Sure thing.”

Heading back into my house for a moment, I pulled out my equipment. I hadn’t been neglecting to maintain them either, so my preparations were done in a flash.

“Gonna pray today?”

With that, we headed to a certain somewhere before heading into the dungeon.
It was a clean building with white walls and a blue roof.

The church.

A Beddhism church abruptly appeared in Golen—it seems like it was a commission sent out to a mage Village Chief Kehma knows, according to him—and it’s already an indispensable existence for this village.

Reason: You’re able to encounter iron golems after praying to Beddhism.
Reason: Reciting the scriptures in the church cures insomnia.
Reason: The sisters are so, so, so pretty that they leave you feeling oddly refreshed.

It’s especially effective for insomnia and sleeplessness in general. I hear that even Sia’s lord converted to Beddhism.
Maybe thanks to that, Beddhism’s started spreading through Sia.

Similarly, I’m also a Beddhist.
I already followed the very adventurer-ish White Goddess Faith, but it’s a sub-religion so I went and started believing in Beddhism too. I’ve felt better since I started praying to Beddhism so nowadays it’s turned into my preferred one.

At any rate, I pray to Beddhism before I go to sleep and all I need to do is say [Good Night], that’s all. We don’t even actually have to say it.
Furthermore, even me just grinning at my field is praying to Beddhism, it’s basically the best religion for me.


We passed through the church’s doors.

The interior held a clean and calm atmosphere with warm light streaming through the colored glass windows.
It felt faintly tender, with just enough humidity that it didn’t feel dry.
A breeze swam through the church, ruffling the air and dispersing just enough of the built-up heat on our bodies. The room felt so carefree that we all let out yawns before we’d even had a chance to stop ourselves.

There were several Beddhists in the church, sleeping with books held in their hands.
… The books they were reading were all free of charge, so generous. I think Village Chief Kehma donated them?

Just then, a sister walked over to us. The head sister, Suira-san.
Her pink-colored hair shook buoyantly, her great scent drifting over to us.
She was wearing a sister outfit that stood for purity and tidiness, but her sexy body-type wasn’t hidden by it at all.
I’m not sure if it was for taking mobility seriously or not, but her skirt had a slit up its side, letting people see her bare legs underneath. How erotic. Her chest shook with a bounce every time she took a step, drawing in my eyes. Her hips and butt were great, so great that it makes me just want to… ah! No, no. I’m not some pervert. I’m not the village chief!

“Oh? Robou-san, Zun-san, Doko-san. Are you here to pray?”

Her erotic voice caressed my ears and sent pleasure down my spine.
Honestly, how many people converted just because of Suira-san?
Then again, all of the sisters here are attractive. As women.
… As sisters too, I guess?
I mean, well, everyone (me too) is glad for having such young and beautiful sisters.

“Yeah, prayers, sister.”
“Suira-san, you’re looking extra beautiful today.”
“Oh, here’s an offering from me.”

With that, Doko cheekily handed the sister a vegetable he grew from his field.

“This carrot looks delicious! Thank you very much.”

Her cheeks blushing, the sister put the carrot to her face as though in love with it as she proceeded to kiss it and touch it lightly. I guess she really loves her vegetables, she must definitely find it delicious. How envious… no, nothing. Nothing!
Doko, what are you slouching forward for? No, I take it back, I get it.

“It looks like you’re all prepared to head into the dungeon, so you’re praying before you head off? If you’re in a rush, would look like today’s to be more informal?”

We each passed a copper coin to the sister. Although offerings aren’t exactly required, everyone says the blessing is more effective if you give one.
A god would rather want to give their divine protection to someone who gives them something than someone who doesn’t, yeah?
It giving us an excuse to touch Suira’s hand every time has nothing to do with it at all.

“So then… let’s work only long enough to ensure that we can sleep well—Good Night.”
“”” Good Night “””

We returned the scripture to the sister, who’d prayed with her hands on her chest.
Well, that’s just because today’s was informal.

“Have a good day, all of you.”
“Yeah, we’re off!”
“Gotta earn some money!”
“Expect a souvenir, Suira-san.”

Being sent off by the sister was great. Very great.
To the point that I’d love to be welcomed back each time I come back to the church.

Feeling refreshed, we headed off into the dungeon.


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  1. His name means Roadside…
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