Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 280

Knight Leader Sally-san, Leaving


I was sitting across from Sally-san, the first knight order leader, in the parlor. It was just us.
Not in a sexy way at all though. It was more like I was a student who got a call from their teacher to help them.
Apparently, Sally, who’d been having a relatively thin presence since arriving here… was investigating things about me and those around me.

“Maaan, that bath is great. The bed too… I’d like to stay two, no three more days, but I think I’ll have to move on to my next stop here soon… Coincidentally, Kehma-san, you’ve made something pretty interesting, haven’t you?”
“… Huh—O-Oh, yeah, I just went… and built a church.”
“Hoh, a church—one for the White Goddess Faith?”
“… No. Beddhism.”
“Is that so? Beddhism. I don’t think I’ve heard of that one before? According to what I’ve heard, its scripture came from the dungeon?”

Yep, so she’s here to ask about what’s up with the religion even though she already knows. Definitely.
Ah, yeah, I get it, so uhh, SORRY.

“… Yeah. I made it myself a few days ago.”
“Is that so? I’ll have to report that to Haku-sama.”
“… Oh yeaaah, I didn’t tell her about it, did I? Thanks for that.”

It could be solved straight away by us using the [White Beach (Hotline)], but this is way too good of a chance to let go. I’ll have her do it. This way, it’ll even delay the report a bit.

“I believe that it will work well with the White Goddess Faith, for now at least, but… a subreligion? Really, there’s no way we’re going to deal with whatever problems pop from that. Kehma-san, you’ll have to deal with those yourself.”
“… Okay.”

I understand perfectly well that you’re far from never hearing about it.
Well, it’s natural that she’d know at least a bit about it given how the villagers won’t stop talking about it.

“Ah, to shift gears a bit, I want to follow up on Shikina Kukkoro1. It seems as though she’s wound up on the receiving end of [Futanaru]? I’ve confirmed it, it looks like the effects are just temporary, but…”
“Haah, is there something I should be cautious about for that as well?”
“Please take good care so that she doesn’t get close to Rokuko-sama. Another of that drug’s effects is a powerful aphrodisiac to make it so that there will definitely be offspring left.”

Oh, god. Shikina’s going to get even worse…?
Rather, what’s this about confirming something? Confirmed what? What did you confirm?
No, let’s stop there. I really don’t want to hear about the boyfriend-having Sally-san doing something to the now-endowed Shikina.

“It’s strong enough that you’re better off restraining her until the effect ends.”
“Hahahah… I’ll consider it.”

By the way, I’ve only been face-to-face with Shikina and it one time since it appeared. She’s pretty much kept to being locked in her room since having Setsuna teach her how to use it. I have no idea what she’s doing. None.
Should I also add a lock to the outside of her room and seal her off entirely?

“However, you haven’t made a move on the lord’s daughter, nor on Shikina. That was a bit unexpected.”
“Wait, what?”
“Oh, nothing. Nothing—nothing at all. Please pay me no mind.”

Well now that you’re talking to me like that I can’t help it…
So Maidence and Shikina really were honey traps, huh. Well, it was easy to get that Shikina was.

“This is just me talking to myself, but the next one will be the last.”
“The last?”
“Hmm? Oh my, did I say something?

Yeah, so you’re going to stick with the talking to yourself thing?
… Well, I guess that means there’ll be another honey trap coming. OK, I get it.

But there’s also something I don’t get.
Why did Sally-san tell me that?

Did Haku-san tell her to? Or did she decide to on her own…? If Haku-san told her to, there’s a chance there won’t be any more and she’s just bluffing, or heck, there might even be two or more.
If she decided to tell me on her own, then… no, I really don’t get why Sally-san would tell me.

Seeing me look puzzled, Sally-san laughed lightly and stood from her seat.

“Fufu, well then, that’s all… Sincerely, please don’t be a bad thing for Rokuko-sama. Also, I will be reporting the matter of you resting on her lap.
“… Okay.”

I-Impossible! Where’d that get out from!? Was there a fly on the wall monitoring us or something!?
Rokuko might have… no way!

At any rate, Sally-san and her boyfriend left the inn arm-in-arm.
Rokuko came to see them off, so I had Shikina wait in her room.



Also, the person who told Sally-san was Rokuko. The heck…

“Kehma, aren’t you misunderstanding Haku Ane-sama? She’s kind.”
“To you, sure! She’s tough on me…”
“But there’s nothing to worry about if you don’t do anything bad, right?”
“To Haku-san, doing anything with you is something I have to be careful of, let alone lap pillows or sleeping together.”
“… R-Really…? It’s fine, I wanted to do it, after all.”

It’d be fine if I didn’t care about my life, sure.

“Come to think of it, you managed to prepare managers for the church, didn’t you? At exactly 1000 DP, even.”
“Yeah, I put those succubi to work. You give up now?”
“… It wasn’t like it was a contest or anything though? But Kehma, did you know?”
“Hmm? Know what?”

“I said that you could use up to 1000 DP. You used 1000 DP, so… you lose?”

“… Eh?”

I looked at the menu. The remaining DP out of the 1000 DP display… was 0 DP.
… This is that, isn’t it? It’s not that there’s no funds left, it’s like when your remaining HP hits 0 and you die—

“Seriously. Err, well, Kehma? You’re going to take my request, right?”

Rokuko keep glancing to and away from me shyly… Haah, oh well. It’s my fault.

“… What do you want me to do?”
“… …! N-Not yet! Now’s no good, not now. It’s still bright out! Ah, but would it be bad in the day? I have to clean up the suite!”

Saying that, Rokuko rushed back into the inn with a bright red face.
Rokuko, the heck are you planning to have me do?

… It’s probably something like having us sleep together in the suite. Yeah.
Now then, let’s see how far the construction of Maidence’s house is coming along~



By the way, that night, Rokuko gave me a bunny suit. She’d bought it with DP.
I tried stretching it out, it looked to be properly sized for a man.

… Eh? Wear this? Who would want that!? Wait, Rokuko does!?
What the heck kind of interest does Rokuko have… wasn’t it just her goblin fetish…? The mystery deepens.

… Eh? I seriously have to wear it?


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  1. Don’t forget about how her last name is a pun on how female knights shout out “Kuh, KILL ME!” before being raped in hentai. Yeah.
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