Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 28

No-Good People


“My, you aren’t surprised.
“You received the report from the group of knights, didn’t you say that? It doesn’t feel like you hid it?”
“Well, I didn’t now did I?”

Haku-san giggled while looking delighted.

“But, what was your reason for training the [Ordinary Cave] into a weak dungeon?”
“Because she is cute… though I would like to say that, it’s to protect No. 695-chan. That’s the reason I was truly surprised when I heard that the bandits were settled down.”
“… In order to protect Rokuko, is it? … Why?”
“She’s my lovely younger sister you know? Though I wish I could give her a guard to keep anyone from invading, wouldn’t the opposite happen by attracting the eye of Kami-sama’s vanguard and become hunted? With that, I made certain to hide her as much as possible… Well? I wonder if my response satisfies you?”

Satisfies me huh?
… If I say it, I still might be stuck.

“… Your reason to hunt other dungeon cores?”

In order for knights to become Sage Knights, they needed the experience from breaking a dungeon core, according to the story.
In other words, Haku-san was intentionally having them do so.
While protecting Rokuko, she attacked other cores. Or rather, the dungeon core was almost destroyed by the bandit suppression due to that.

“No. 695-chan has no relation to that… otherwise, Kami-sama’s vanguard would hunt me.”

For your own benefit. A very easy reason to understand.

“I’m convinced.”
“Is there anything else you wish to hear? Since this is a special occasion, I’ll answer you know?”
“… Very generous. The reason for that?”
“Yes, well, this is a reward. I had heard it from No. 695-chan, but all of the bandits who kicked No. 695-chan’s core, down to the very last one, was exterminated without a chance for escape. You would have had to go on a hunt in the mountain if you missed even one.”

Hmm, I see. Then I wonder about hearing more of becoming a Sage Knight?

“Come to think of it, one of those knights who came here tried to destroy the core.”
“Right! Those seventeen knights, they tried to stab a sword into No. 695-chan to gain favor, something like that was in the report, can you believe it!? Seriously, humans are no-good since they can’t understand how cute No. 695-chan’s core is right? They deserve to be executed, all of them! Since it’s impossible to write No. 695-chan into their offenses, I’ll fabricate some minor treason against the country for the unit of knights. No, perhaps there’s no choice but to end it a simple salary cut for the ones that attempted to damage No. 695-chan to give them thoughts of treason? That way it will be a legitimate execution. Ahh, I wonder if the people concerned are returning to the imperial capital without knowing anything?”

Ah, this person is a no-good person. Moreover, it’s a waste of authority to settle it like that.
Something like executing all of the knights goes beyond being dreadful politics!

“Oh my, I wonder if you think that is going too far?”
“No, not at all. Ah, those guys, I figured if there were other bandits, it’d be appropriate for adventurers to take care of it somehow.”
“Hmm, extra offenses then.”

I’ll keep taking advantage of this for now. It’ll be dangerous if I go about this poorly.
… Well, I’m starting to understand this a little. This person is definitely not an enemy to Rokuko.
After all, the basis of her actions is Rokuko. She wouldn’t become Rokuko’s enemy so long as we don’t hinder Haku-san.

“By the way, what were you saying about Sage Knights a bit ago?”
“Sage Knights? Ah, that’s just a vague title change. Destroying cores is useless unless you’re Kami-sama’s vanguard. By doing something like contributing to the circulation of mana, it seems their favor does increase…”

Ah, in the end I’ll, about vanguards… silence.
I don’t feel like destroying dungeon cores so please forgive me.

“Un. You seem incompetent by doing nothing but sleeping, but I will tentatively recognize you as No. 695-chan’s master.”

Looks like I was accepted… If she’s not an enemy, that’s good.
A bad person is inside of the beautiful-foot person… no, sorry, it’d be wonderful to be stepped on by a villain like that.

“However, let’s have a dungeon battle.”

Haha… anooother term I don’t know sprung up. Moreover, it sounds troublesome. Please give me a break.



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