Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 279

Negotiating With the Succubi


If things keep up and Rokuko’s plot works out I’m going to have to work or do any one thing Rokuko tells me to.
I’ve gotta do something.

First off, three of the village’s adventurers showed up while I was working out my plan in the church, so I baptized them.
… But seriously, I was told it was best for there to be a bit extra to it so I had them perform the Sheepe counting ceremony (nap). There were two more people when I woke up for some reason, but I guess they just wanted to join the religion too.
It’s pretty easy to get more followers, huh… it’s still just the second day.

Well then, I was thinking about it while sleeping, but… honestly, I just have to attract people who don’t have jobs or anything to do.
In other words, me—not! I’m too busy doing my job’s required sleeping.

I have them, those girls who keep playing around carving those kokeshi dolls as a side-job in the dungeon!
Yeah, I’m going to put those succubi to work!

“Which is why I was going to turn up there in front of Succubus Village, but when I thought about about it, I’d only met them as a golem. So having them work at the church in the village would be a bit much, yeah?”
“I suppose~. So why’d you bring me too, then~?”

I sent Nerune, who’d been busy working on magic formations in her laboratory, to do it.
To be my negotiator, of course.

“I was thinking about having you act as the [Person on the Dungeon’s Side].”
“So you want me to deal with it all~. I don’t mind though~”

I’d already told Setsuna and Nayuta that Neruna was the dungeon’s spy, so I figured it was best to keep my points of contact limited as much as possible.

“Alright, turn on the messenger golem. I’ll operate it from here through the monitor. Right, please refer to the golem as Euma-sama.”
“Kaaay~, here we go~”

Answering frivolously, Nerune led the black golem I put there into Succubus Village.
I watched through the monitor from behind the scenes.

“Excuse me~”
“An intruder! Let’s have some fun and commemorate the second time it’s happened and—wait, hmmm? Isn’t that Golem-sama?”
[Hey, you seem energetic. I’ve brought some work today.]
“Work!? Allow me to send for Suira, then!”

The succubus ran into Suira’s room in the far back.
Suira came out immediately after.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting, Golem-san. I’m told that you’re here about work—does it have to do with that girl with you?”
[She isn’t entirely unrelated, but I want to ask you a question first. You know about the village outside of the dungeon?”

Suira nodded. Well, Suira was originally trying to build a brothel there after all.

[A church has been constructed in it. So I want a few of you to work as sisters there.]
“Sisters? Us?”
[Correct. You would pass as humans with the proper clothing, right?]

I briefly explained Beddhism to her.
About how it was a religion that valued and emphasized rest.
About how I wanted them to work as sisters in the church.
About how I would reward (pay) the workers… Ah, I plan to use whatever alms or offerings the church gets for their wages. I’d pay our inn employees whether or not we had customers, though.

[Do you have any problems with that? Not being able to dress like that, or something?]
“… We would be alright wearing clothes, but wouldn’t sisters that aren’t well-known or have connections with it be sent away?”
[Oh, don’t worry about that. I have a cooperator there. It’ll be taken care of if you have this girl here introduce you.]

I exchanged looks with Nerune. She smiled.

“I see, so that’s were this girl comes in, then?”
“I’ve already infiltrated the inn~. Aah~, honestly~, the church needs so much help it’d even settle for goblins’ help~, I just have to say you’re apprentice sisters coming to help~”
[Beddhism generally wouldn’t have any problems even if you said you wanted to take a nap, so it will be alright. So then, how many of you could go?]

I was prepared to purchase the sister outfits costing 200 DP per set.
It came with a hat so it would even hide their horns. Oh, maybe I could insist they have the blood of sheep-type beastkin in them? Eh, they can withdraw their wings and horns? Succubi are amazing…

“… What’s to say she won’t betray us?”
[I guarantee she won’t. She is a dungeon monster, after all. Named, at that.]
“I~ am called Nerune~, an apprentice witch~… I mean, isn’t it more likely you’d betray us~? Really~”
“… I see. No, we will not betray you. Even if we did, it would only be after informing you. We are not under the dungeon’s control, but we are indebted to you.”

Ah, there’s the possibility that they’ll have to betray me, huh. They have other people they’re indebted to, like Leona.
Suira thought for a moment, then gave her answer.

“In that case though, everyone.”

Whoops. Including Michiru, there are ten succubi… that’d be over budget.

[… What about Succubus Village?]
“I just mean that we can all go, the number actually going would depend on how many would be employed.”
[Err, I mean, are you that tired of living here?]
“Honestly, this area is peaceful and that’s nice, but… there aren’t any people here, so there is a shortage of vitality essence in the air. I hasn’t influenced us yet, but sooner or later there should be someone whose health deteriorates… I was thinking about consulting you about it before it happened, though.”

What, succubi needed something like that? It comes from people, so maybe it’s like a subtype of DP or something?

[You’d been alright so far though?]
“We were somewhat near to human villages, as well as having Leona-sama with us… she was able to supply us more than enough all by herself. She is erotic. Super erotic. As the incarnation of eroticism, she could easily supply even a hundred succubi herself.”

Seriously, Leona is crazy. Compared to her, Shikina’s just some girl who’s heard about sex through the grapevine.
She just has a big mouth, I guess.

[Then… should I send over goblins to, err…?]
“Geh, that would be a last resort. It’s like if we were starving and that was our only choice, some of us would choose to die… And I don’t want Michiru to taste that…”

Suira’s face looked like she swallowed something bitter… Yep, goblins are really disgusting.

“Which is why I would appreciate us going to the village. I am still uneasy about it, though.”
[Hmm. Then by having everyone go, perhaps we could enact a system of shifts…?]

It’ll be fine to have them use the back door for coming and going… and if it’s not a rush, I could even have the Dyne Company order the sister outfits.
Let’s go with it not being a problem to rush five outfits.

[Then for now, I’ll prepare five sister outfits for you. Please share them.]
“Michiru’s size wouldn’t match others’. Is it alright for her to keep a set for herself?”
[Sure, negotiation complete. I will prepare the outfits and have Nerune deliver them. Please make sure there are five people ready to head into the village.]
“Yeah. And please make one of those sets a child’s.”
[I understand.]

With that, Nerune and I temporarily left Succubus Village.




“Ooh, so they are Beddhist apprentice sisters? Welcome.”
“That’s right, Maste—… Priest-sama~”

I was talking to Nerune at the Beddhism gathering. Behind her were the five apprentice sisters (Succubi).

Nerune introduced Suira and the other succubi as Beddhist apprentice sisters that came from another town.
And I was the priest who would amiably accept them.

Yep, it’s a farce!
Obviously, as Beddhism is still unknown to basically any other village.
But the succubi, believing the lie, were relieved. Some of them were looking at me with passionate gazes though… I wonder if succubi find clergymen tasty?

“Umm~, there’s five others that aren’t here right now~, but could you accept all of them~? It’s fine if they can only come five at a time~”
“Hmm? So they’re commuting or something? Guess they’re living somewhere. Would the five be staying at the church in shifts be fine?”
“Yeah yeah~. Ah, but they’re only apprentices so they still don’t know much about Beddhism~, is that alright~?”
“Of course. As the scripture says, [Everyone has an equal right to Rest], Beddhism accepts all. Besides, we are short on manpower right now… it seems as though they have their circumstances, but I will rest my eyes on that matter. One wouldn’t be able to sleep soundly if they worried about each and every matter.”

I looked to Suira and addressed her. She’s as beautiful as ever… for such a beautiful sister to be a succubus… yep, we’re going to get a lot more people.

“Err, Suira, was it? You are the representative of the apprentice sisters, I take it?”
“Yes. Thank you very much for your hospitality, Priest-sama… Good Night.”

Suira awkwardly brought her hands before her chest and prayed.

Come to think of it, the succubi were supposed to have erased my memory huh.
Perhaps I should tease them a little to make them keep their distance a bit?

“… Oh? Have we met somewhere before?”
“Eh!? No, no, we haven’t!”
“Hmm… was it just my imagination? No, I feel like I’ve met you… well, alright. And you, little lady, nice to meet you… I think?”
“Fueh!? Ah, umm, nice to meet you, Village Chief-san!?”
“M-Michiru. This is Priest-sama. Priest-sama, alright?”
“Hah hah hah, I’m also the village’s chief, she can call me whichever she prefers. You don’t need to be so polite either, you can talk however’s easiest for you.”

Now they shouldn’t want to be involved with me any more than necessary.
They might figure out what’s going on if I’m not careful interacting with them, after all.

“Let me guide you through the church, this way please.”

With that, I succeeded in making the succubi be the sisters managing the church.

See that, Rokuko? Things won’t go how you’re planning!
… Well, honestly, compared to doing work, hearing whatever Rokuko’s wanting wouldn’t be much right?


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