Rokuko’s Plot


Maidence had joined the faith.

A little while after I woke up, the Maid-san used [Cleanup] on the drool-covered desk and picked up the sleeping Maidence and carried her away.

Later on—

“I slept so soundly… Beddhism is amazing. I will recommend it to father as well.”

—I received Maidence’s seal of approval, but she didn’t say anything about whether or not she would have a manager sent along with the pillow.
Now that she’d entered the faith, she did say she would lend me the [Godly Pillow]. By the way, she also said to please not use it… grah.
However, she didn’t say anything about where it should be placed… is she placing her full trust in our crime prevention?

Now then, my promise with Rokuko… the thing about me figuring out the church’s manager problem with no more than 1000 DP—hasn’t progressed in the least.
Which is why I still haven’t even used a single DP, but I have no idea.

Still though, if it’s about economizing on DP, I already know what to do.
I could use [Create Golem] to do something about it as usual, but where the heck should I get the person who’ll actually be the manager?

Just leaving a golem to be the manager is out of the question.
Managers need to be able to listen to someone’s story and correspond as needed. Golems just don’t have the intelligence required for that.
In that case, I have no choice but to recruit someone that’s already here.
It should work out if I have the person utilize the golems as their hands and legs. In that case, the possible candidates are—

“… Meat, Rei… Ichika too I guess? Then—”

I thought about who would be best fit for the job given that golems would handle the miscellaneous duties.

For Meat, she’d be good since she was already something of a mascot for the village and people liked her, but that was it. She was much too young to act as a manager for a facility that outsiders would be coming to visit as well.

For Ichika, she has a silver tongue so she could probably get us to have more believers, but she’s not like a nun at all. There’s also the fact that she seems like someone who’d embezzle funds to gamble with if it weren’t for the fact she’s a slave… that might actually be useful for an end of the century church1, but not for the first church of a new religion.

And for Rei… she’d probably be able to do it easily.
Well, she is a vampire. That is, an undead-type. I don’t know about a church’s manager being an undead… but I guess it’s a trivial problem seeing as how people assume she’s human?
Rather, compared to how the empire’s leaders are basically all monsters, it’s barely a problem at all.

“I guess Rei really is the most fit for the job right now… Alright, let’s make Rei the manager. Case closed!”

Well, after taking a bit to think about it, I didn’t even need to use a single DP.




“Nope. Rei has massage reservations coming in a month in advance already.”

My plan was quickly rejected by Rokuko.

“… Seriously? Then I’ll just wait to start it up for real for a month.”
“Nope to that too. Maidence has already been talking quite a bit about Beddhism. Even if the church weren’t already here, it’s the talk of the town.”

Crap. Maybe I should have went slower in building it and took my time…?

“Hey, Kehma. I already know a very wonderful solution. Do you want me to tell you?”
“… What is it?”
“Kehma, you can just be the manager. That, or you can just obediently give up, summon a monster, and do what I say. What’ll you do?”

Rokuko grinned.

… No way.
No way. Did… did Rokuko just tell me to choose between [Work] and [Doing One Thing She Tells Me]?

“Fufufu, Kehma? It’s a great suggestion right?”
“Could it be… that you’re going to reject any other idea I give?”
“Of course not, nothing like that. I would never reject a perfectly wonderful idea… you would have to work otherwise, right?”

Rokuko figured out how to deal with me!?
She figured it out and she’s compelling me to choose!?

“… R-Rokuko, haven’t you… haven’t you been acting weird lately? Are you real?”
“And haven’t you been impolite recently!?”
“You definitely had to have eaten something strange… ah! Could it be the dungeon? The dungeon’s been developing, so your brain’s getting bigger too!”
“I don’t understand what you’re trying to say, but I have heard that cores grow smarter depending on how complex their dungeons are.”
“I can’t imagine your recent progress is at that level though…”

I stealthily took out a lie detecting magic tool.

“Rokuko, please say that you’re the real Rokuko again.”
“How rude! I am the real Rokuko! Are you happy now!?”

The magic tool didn’t light up red. However, this magic tool won’t activate if the person saying it truly believes it…

“I am a growing woman, Kehma… fufu.”

Rokuko smiled with a laugh and struck a pose. Ah, yeah, she’s the real thing. What a relief~

Wait, I still have no idea what I’m going to do about getting a manager… I’ll have to do something quick or I’m going to have to do it.


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        1. No I believe it was worry for what happens if it got broken since he had a bad feeling it wouldn’t be ok…… now that think about it what are the chances it’s his core? like a kind of heart replacement so if he dies he can reform like a slime or revive once

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