Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 276

It has to do With Beddhism


“First off, cut it out with shouting out penis, it’s vulgar.”
“Sir! Understood… umm, then, wh-what should we do, Master?”

She gazed fixedly at me.
… I have no idea, seriously.

When I looked away from her to escape her gaze, I saw the freshly-constructed church.
Maidence caught my line of sight and looked toward the church. she then looked back at me and spoke.

“Khema-sama. Is there anything concerning what to do at times like this in Beddhism?”

… I see, religion should have doctrine concerning stuff like this, huh.

“What would be done according to White Goddess Faith?”
“In the event of a problem, the best action to take is to refer to your leader.”

What a very adventurer-god-like answer.
So, in this case, I’d be the leader… yep, I am the village chief.

“Let’s see, right… In times like this, Beddhism says to sort out the problem and let time take care of it. Urgent matters have to be dealt with quickly. Another point is that it’s very flexible… As for who’s at fault, that’s an inconsequential matter for this. If forced, it would say that this was just an unfortunate accident.”

I patted Maidence and Shikina’s heads.

“But then I wouldn’t feel good about it…”
“In that case, you could offer reparations. Or perhaps you could prepare a replacement?”
“Ooh, that’s right! I could repay it! But I can’t pay it all back at once, so I will lend the Kukkoro family’s heirloom, the [Godly Mattress], as collateral to Maidence-dono.”
“I am grateful that you would make amends, but you do not need to deposit any collateral. I trust Kehma-sama, and would never dream of disgracing his pupil by demanding that.”
“Muu, really? Well, I promise to make amends, even if I have to rely on my family to do so.”

Huh? Hold up. What’s this about [Godly Mattress]? Can we rewind?

“… Shikina. What did you just say about collateral? What was the item?”
“The Kukkoro Family’s heirloom, the [Godly Mattress].”
“I think I’m mishearing you. I could’ve sworn you said [Godly Mattress].”
“I did say that though?”

… Seriously? I didn’t mishear?

I wound up suddenly getting information on a piece of the godly beddings.
How should I put this… is someone playing a joke on me? To be more specific, who’s behind this? Haku-san? Leona?

Let’s see, so now I know about the [Godly Pillow] in Sia and the [Godly Mattress] being in the Kukkoro family’s possession… And Leona has the [Godly Comforter]. Rokuko has a duplicate of it and Leona’s currently gone to who knows where, so I can ignore her.

“Hmm… Shikina. Err, do you have the [Godly Mattress] here with you now?”
“I do. I was appointed its warden by my father, so I bring it with me everywhe—… ah, that’s a secret! Please pretend that you heard nothing.”

Shikina easily let go important information.
She’s not doing it on purpose at least. No, maybe she is…? But I mean, it’s Shikina, so maybe it’s just something natural?

… I’ve got nothing to lose, so maybe I’ll try seeing if I could borrow it.

“… Alright. I will give you money to pay your reparations with. Mai-sama, how much?”
“Umm, I’ll check with father.”
“Please do. So, Shikina. You must entrust collateral with me… to be precise, the [Godly Mattress]. Lend it.”
“… Umm, did I mishear?”
“No. Lend it.”
“Muu. Master, what do you intend to do with the [Godly Mattress]?”

I pointed at the church with my thumb.

“I want to decorate Beddhism’s altar with it to attract people. Also, I want to try sleeping with the [Godly Mattress].”
“It’s refreshing to hear you say it so directly…! In that case, Master, alright. I will lend it to you!”
“Are you sure?”

Hearing her say alright so easily, I accidentally asked back out of reflex.

“It’s alright. However, you absolutely must not lose it. It is an heirloom after all.”
“It will be thoroughly protected.”
“Then I will hand it to you later.”

I know that I was the one to give it a shot, but it felt way too simple.
Is this a trap? It wouldn’t be out of place for this to be a trap. Definitely not. I’ll be careful… ah, I should get a church manager before that, huh? With 1,000 DP.

“Alright, then I’ll be heading back.”
“W-w-wa-wait, Master! The problem’s still not fixed!”

Even though I started to think about a manager for the church and went to return to my room, Shikina restrained me.

“What, the medicine will be reimbursed right? What else is there?”
“Uh, what about m-my p-penis? Master, I want you to teach me how to use it…”
“I will provide you with diapers later. That way you’ll be able to pee yourself as much as you need until you can figure it out yourself.”
“Diapers!? M-Master, really, diapers would be very shameful for me! Ah, but if Master likes that kind of thing, I won’t hold back.”

Why’s she blushing like that now? I seriously don’t have that fetish.

“… Oh well, talk to Setsuna about the thing between your legs then. Don’t ask me.”
“Eh? Why Setsuna-dono?”

Because she’s a futanari—is what I’d started to answer with, but then I remembered that me knowing what was up with Setsuna’s sex didn’t make any sense.
Setsuna is generally considered a female. Me knowing about what Setsuna actually is is due to me stealthily using [Super Transformation] and hearing about it as [Euma].

“—I mean, well, it has to do with Beddhism. Yeah, it has to do with Beddhism.”
“Yeah. It came to me in a dream last night. It said relying on Setsuna was alright, so it definitely had to be a prophetic dream. Also, her younger sister Nayuta is an alchemist, so maybe she might know something about the drug.”
“A prophetic dream!? I’ll ask her then!”

Saying that, Shikina ran to the inn.
Phew, I tricked her.

“Kehma-sama, umm… I am extremely sorry for this, but I will prepare another as soon as possible so that the engagement can continue as planned.”
“No, rather, I don’t remember ever saying anything about requiring a drug for an engagement?”
“Yes, I understand that.”
“And the promise was only for a month, did you still need to borrow a fiance’s name? I’d require an extension charge, you know?”
“… Hmm. In that case, Kehma-sama, how about we, the Sia family, lend you the [Godly Pillow] for a time as payment?”

Eh, are you sure?—is what I almost asked.

This conversation took waaaay too good of a turn.
… What’s going on? Did something happen?
Or maybe… no way, is this a Beddhism Miracle!?


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