Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 274

I Built It! I Built the Church!


And so I built the church. Overnight.
Through the aid of the mysterious construction mage, Narikin, I’ve completed the perfect church.
The chapel is prepared to seat sixty people at any given time. Sooner or later, all seats will be filled with people praying, drool dripping from their sleeping lips.
The stained glass meant to fill the room with warm sunlight depicts a white bed. This was also a masterpiece.
I can’t draw human faces, but I managed to do it. Yep, it vaguely, maybe, possibly, kind of doesn’t look like a bed, but I’m sure people will understand that it’s a bed. No matter how you look at it, it’s a bed, right? Right.

By the way, I built it between the tunnel and the inn. It’s even reasonably close to the residential area.
With it being here, it’ll definitely draw in both villagers and general merchants to worship.

“Hey Kehma, you already built the church? Did you stay up all night doing this?”
“Ooooh, Rokuko, I told you to call me Narikin1 when I have this mask on… well whatever. Check it out, it’s a Beddhism Gathering. Isn’t it great? Hahaha.”
“Okay, okay, I’ll give you a lap pillow, so how about you take a rest?”
“Eh? What are you—oi why are you taking those off? Ah, lap pillows? I need to add that to the sutras. Alrighty then Rokuko, please.”

With that, I took off the mask and placed my full-night’s-sleep-lacking head down on Rokuko’s lap pillow.
… …
When I woke up in the private room area I’d built in the church, I felt a bit regretful.
Rather, why is Rokuko petting my head going ‘there, there’ still giving me a lap pillow? Haku-san’s going to murder me.

“Kehma, are you better now? I thought you were going crazy when you said you were going to make a church, but are you perhaps lacking sleep?”
“… No, I don’t think… so? Maybe?”
“In that case, me having you go to sleep was a really great thing then. Fufufu, Nice Assist, me!”

No no, even if I was lacking sleep, that shouldn’t be too big of a deal… right?
Either way, I sat up. I was a bit sad to leave Rokuko’s lap pillow, though…

“Well, uhh, thanks, Rokuko. I’m good now.”
“You’re welcome. So, what’re you going to do? Sally came to say hello to me too yesterday.”
“Right… Sally-san’s insisting this is a personal trip for her, so we’ll just leave her alone and keep things how they are, together with Shikina. As for Maidence… yep, let’s keep things how they are there too. So with that, how ’bout we go propagate Beddhism?”
“… Well, there isn’t anything that seems urgent, is there?”

Yep, there’s a lot of troublesome stuff, but it’s fine to just leave it all as is. I want to sleep.

“So, any ideas on how we can propagate it? For example, people who follow Beddhism get free tolls for the tunnel.”
“That would expose that Beddhism and the tunnel dungeon are connected with each other if you did that. Do you need more sleep?”

Rokuko clapped her hand against her leg… Yep, good argument.
Rather, Rokuko, you’ve really gotten smarter recently, huh. Aren’t you going to be as good as a sage if you keep improving like that?
And you’ve gotten to the point of being able to know exactly what I want… clever.

“Then how about we let believers get a free pudding for staying at the inn as a service?”
“That sounds like it would work, but I think that would cause a rush. By the way, is there any sort of ceremony to convert?”
“Ooh… nope, that’d just be a hassle. Let’s just go with having them say ‘I am Beddhist’ and settle it with that. Let’s sell holy-marked drilled coins to applicants.”
“How lighthearted.”
“I did say it was troublesome… I’d rather just go sleep.”

By the way, the drilled coins would be one copper for a copper one. Five copper for an iron one. A silver coin for a silver one, and a gold coin for a gold one. They’ll be amulets that protect your sleep.
Also, strings and chains sold separately. Other than making it into a necklace, it could be turned into a key ring or strap or something.

“This coin’s plain though, isn’t it?”
“I couldn’t think of a good design… Right, let’s have it soo that believers just need to draw what they see in their dreams on it.”
“Would that be alright?”
“It’s a very rule-like rule. Either way, it’s fine. If you have any requests right now, I’ll take them.”
“I can’t say it’s to the point of being a request, but there is one thing.”
“Oh, what?”

“This church, who’s going to manage it? Kehma, won’t you just sleep and ignore it?”

… …

Crap!! I completely forgot about that. Even if I made the building, it’s no good without someone to look after it! Precept-san, sister, brother, anyone like that!

“Haah, judging by that look on your face, you didn’t think about that at all, did you? Well, it won’t be a problem if you summon some monster to do it.”
“R-Right. I can just summon a monster that can act human, right.”
“But Kehma, isn’t that a waste of money?”
“… … Yeah, it’s a waste.”
“Kehma, how long have you said I can’t use DP freely since you’re the dungeon master? And who’s been squandering so much DP recently?”

Ugu, it’s true that the only DP I’ve been giving to Rokuko is at the level of being pocket money. But then again Rokuko’s been getting tips from Haku-san, and it’s not like I’ve been using that much DP, but…

“Which is why you should try solving this using as little DP as possible. You can use up to 1000 DP. If you can, right… I’ll lend the Godly Comforter to the church as its object of worship.”
“Are you sure?”
“You can think of it as prestige yeah? It’s fine to use it like that during the day.”
“Alright, I’m on board.”
“Well then, from here on the DP you can use is limited. You lose if you use more than 1000 DP until you figure it out. And if you go over that—hmm, right, you have to do any one thing I say, alright?”
“Alright, as long as it’s not too unreasonable.”
“Fufufu, I’m looking forward to it.”

Rokuko smiled.

“No wishing for more wishes or anything.”
“… I could have done that? Wow, Kehma really is a genius, huh.”

I get the feeling that’s a natural desire, but alright.
I opened the menu and messed with the DP display… I separated it from what’s used to manage the dungeon aaaand… there we go, 1000 DP. Menu-san has some seriously convenient features, really.

“I’m ready.”
“Let me see… yep, perfect. Do your best, Kehma. It’s fine if you don’t though, you know?”
“What, there’s no way I wouldn’t.”

Fufufu, I have to do it to borrow the Godly Comforter. For the sake of Beddhism!

With that, just as I renewed my vigor, there was a knock at the door.

“Goshujin-sama, are ya up!? There’s a problem!”
“Huh, Ichika? What’s wrong?”

She looked like she’d rushed here. Having come into the room, Ichika was slightly out of breath.

“Shikina smashed that magic drug Sia’s Ojou-sama brought, it’s turned into a dispute! Do somethin’!”

… Woaaah.


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  1. Recall Narikin is a Go reference that has to do with Keima’s name being Knight… yeah.
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