Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 272

Kehma, Making a Decision.


The magical drug Maidence brought, [Futanaru]1, makes your sex become chaotic. Why did Lord Yudence of Sia send this to me?

“Why would I want this?”
“Do not worry. You can simply treat this as a betrothal gift.”

We’re not on the same page here, it’s not like I need it.
So why? For me to try? Or who?

Right. Who’s it for?
Let’s think about this. Why did Yudence send me this?
The point is, who is he saying to use this on?

The drug’s effect is to cause your sex to become [Chaotic]… in other words, to become a futanari. Then there’s also the point about her saying the betrothal can proceed without any issues with it. So then that means it has to be something required for the engagement to happen. In that case—

He’s saying to use it on Meat?

I see, it’d be bad if people found out his daughter was betrothed to a woman, so he’s saying he prepared a drug that can prepare a physical countermeasure against that?
But then where’d he get the idea that I wanted that? I don’t recall saying anything about that at all.
But even with me thinking about it, all I can come up with is that he wants it used on either Meat or Maidence… but there’d be no reason to show it to me if it was for Maidence… and seriously no to using it on Meat.

That aside, for there to really be a drug that changes your sex… this world’s amazing.
Moreover, it’s name. [Futanaru]. The person that first made it was definitely a hero—someone from Japan.

—A certain eternal seventeen-year-old with red eyes and a black ponytail passed through my head.

No way, Leona invented this? The heck for?
No, she wouldn’t have needed a reason, she’d just say she did it for kicks. Rather, it being a futanari-making drug and not a true sex swap just screams Leona.
… Let’s be cautious.

“Umm, Kehma-sama?”
“Oh, sorry. I was just thinking about something.”
“Is that so…? Umm, Kehma-sama, should I call you Father-in-Law from now on?”

Huh? It’s already the one month deadline though?

“Mai-sama, did you forget that it was just a temporary thing?”
“I know, which is why this magical drug was prepared to formally bind us with Kehma-sama. By engaging myself to Kehma-sama’s dau—… relative, Kuroinu-sama, everything will be complete.”
“Haah… but the deadline has already been reached?”
“So you’re saying that the first one month contract is finished… and that it must be done again? This drug will be for another time, then.”

Saying that, Maidence put the drug into her [Storage].
Well, there’s no helping that she wouldn’t let me hold on to it. It seems like something hard to obtain and very expensive.
If I didn’t play my cards right and accepted it, I would have to come up with some excuse. In that case, it’s actually better that Maidence kept it.

“So then, Father-in-Law.”
“I don’t recall allowing you to call me that yet, Mai-sama.”
“Oh well… Kehma-sama.”

Taking my refusal for her to call me that in stride, she continued.

“Umm, well… I could like to stay here for a while. Could I rent a room?”
“Yeah, please choose whichever room you want then. So long as you pay the fees and there’s no guest already in it, go ahead.”
“O-Okay! Thank you very much.
“Ah, there’s already a guest using the suite, so be aware of that.”
“Aw, oh well… but still, the fees for it truly are expensive. I’ll give up on that.”

I’m definitely not letting you stay here for free.

“Well, I can simply rent a room until I can use my house.”
“… Mai-sama, isn’t your house in Sia?”
“Don’t you think it would be better if I had a secondary residence closer to my fiance? The arrangements have already been made, it will be complete in several days.”

Seriously? A house in the residential area then…?
… Sia’s definitely trying to stake a claim here. Is their goal to watch me? I’m not evading taxes or anything, go ahead and check.

“Well then, I think deepening my relationship with my friendship with my fiance would be a good idea. Right, Kuroinu-sama?”
“… Huh?”
“To be on good terms.”
“… Ummm.”

Meat looked at me… I got her a bit caught up in the whole fiance thing, but I don’t think two girls getting along is a bad thing.

“Right. Well, making friends is a good thing. You can be normal friends… Oh, Mai-sama. I think you should stay away from doing indecent things like a bit ago, though.”
“U-Umm. It was just a standard foot massage…”
“And if you absolutely have to, it’s better if you lock the door first.”
“W-Well, if you say so.”

I’d be troubled if I accidentally saw and had to take responsibility.
… I-It’s not like I want to look, you know? She’s still a child.

Just then, Mai opened her mouth as if she’d just remembered something.

“By the way, Kehma-sama. Is there no church in this village?”
“A church?”

Come to think of it, Maidence worships Haku-san—I mean, she worships The White Goddess. She’s part of The White Goddess Faith.
I haven’t gotten any requests for one yet, but maybe I should make one to help with public peace?

“There aren’t any in my village, but… yeah. Maybe I should make one?”
“If you do, would it be for The White Goddess Faith? Golen Village is a village of adventurers, after all.

… She herself comes by quite a lot…
Wait, couldn’t I make going to my inn be like a pilgrimage to a holy place? Could I turn it into some sacred thing?
In that case, maybe I don’t need to actually build a church. Making it would be troublesome…

“… I don’t think I need to really make a church for The White Goddess Faith.”
“In that case, what about one for your religion, Kehma-sama? For Beddhism.”

Something stirred inside me.
I… I have to build that. It must be enshrined. It’s a divine revelation.

“That’s wonderful. I’ll built it right away. Immediately! Right now!”
“U-Umm, in that case, please pay the Sia Family to do the construction.”
“No, I’m saying that I’ll build it. It’s Beddhism, after all.”

I don’t want it to be done badly. I’m the only follower of Beddhism in the first place. In other words, I’m the religion’s founder. I’ll build it and gain more followers!
Viva la sleep! Protect sleep supremacy! Sleep is prayer! It’s an easy way to pray that everyone can do for hours a day.
If it’s for spiritual health, that means there’s absolutely nothing wrong with sleeping two times a day or having siestas at all!
My god, this is an amazing discovery. I absolutely definitely positively have to build it. Build it, build it, build it! YAH! Build it!

“This is an urgent matter, I must leave.”

With that, I left the room.
… I’ma build a church! A frickin huge one!



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  1. Futanaru = Futa(nari) + naru = Become a Futanari
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