Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 270

The Disappointing Elf and a Lie Detector (2)


I decided to ask her about that.

“Let’s see, by Sally, are you talking about one of the party members of the Dungeon Breakers, the group lead by the White Goddess?”
“I am. Rather, I heard that Sally-sama and Kehma-sama are close friends.”
“Hahahah, we’re not close at all.”
“What about you drinking alcohol together?”
“… That didn’t happen.”

The crystal orb shined toward me.
Nice, it detected my lie. Just as I thought it would! Ahem.
… … I put another magic stone into it. Haah, I wound up wasting one.

“Master, does this mean that I won’t be getting a bean paste roll now?”
“Nah, I’ll not count that.”
“That’s good then, but I never expected that Master and Sally-sama would be drinking buddies…”
“I wouldn’t say we’re friends, exactly.”

The light didn’t shine red towards me.
Now then, let’s reveal the truth.

“Alright then, I get that you aren’t holding any ill-will against me… so tell me about your situation in a bit more detail.”
“You understand that I hold no ill-will against you, yet you still wish to continue?”
“I just want to check the facts. Even if you aren’t malicious, there is the possibility of you being used… Do you have any skills that affect others’ minds or bodies?”
“Skills that effect others… I have [Body Enhancement]! I can apply it on others, but the effect is weakened.”
“Have you ever used it on me?”
“I have not.”

It didn’t shine red. Hmm, guess that was the truth. Did she say it in a way that could have avoided something?

“Do you have no others?”
“Mmm, I do not…”
“Is it that you cannot think of some other skill?”
“I do not understand! At the very least, I only feel like doing something with Master Kehma!”

It didn’t shine red. Wait, doing something? Huh?

“Master, I like you to the point that I would like to be your hug pillow… See? It didn’t shine red. I’m telling the truth~”

Shikina grinned.
… And just as she said, the orb didn’t shine at all. She’s being serious?

“… Seriously? But I have Rokuko, I refuse.”
“You have Kuroinu-dono as well, so isn’t it alright so long as it’s about being your hug pillow?”
“It’s because Meat is my daughter!”

The crystal orb shone red. At me.
I-I guess calling my hug pillow my daughter was a bit much~?
Or perhaps I should have said my pet? Yep, that’s it. I got caught~

“I don’t think that would be a good thing if it were true.”
“Kuh—! Pretend that didn’t happen!
“Master, I’ll keep quiet about it if you test me out as your hug pillow for one night.”

Woah, the heck? Did she just blackmail me?
… They grow up so fast…
I pretended to add another magic stone.

“You’re getting better, but Shikina, that was just an act.”
“What!? Then your lust toward Kuroinu-dono…”
“I have none.”
“It didn’t react?”

That was close… I really like Meat’s legs, it definitely would’ve reacted if I actually put another stone into it.
I stealthily deposited a magic stone into it from inside my sleeve by using the magic arm golem I had on.

“So to return to the topic at hand, please tell me more about the orders you received from Sally-san.”
“My orders were to learn [Underhandedness] and [Unfairness] from you, Master.”

Exactly as I’d heard before?

“Nothing else was said to you? Anything, like maybe a way for you to act around me?”
“Mmm… oh, come to think of it, she said that if you refused my begging, I should try coaxing you in various ways…”
“Coaxing me?”
“Yes… Master, I want you to make me your hug pillow. That way, I can hear everything you say.”

With that, Shikina looked at me with upturned eyes, her index finger placed on her lips and her eyebrows pressed closer into a pouting look as if to say [Won’t you, please?].
… This beautiful elf can have quite a bit of destructiveness to her if she puts her mind to it.

“I refuse. Rather, see? That’s their scheme…”
“Their scheme?”

This probably has Haku-san’s hand in it. So her goal is probably…

“A honey trap.” 1
“Seduction to further one’s goals…? I was sent here for that purpose?”

Shikina was so surprised, her eyes opened wide.
Understandable. She was being used as someone else’s pawn. Moreover, it was her idol, the knights’ commander, doing it.
Following that, Shikina shut her eyes tight and quivered… guess it was a huge deal to her. I should comfort her, as her master—

“So in other words, this body of mine is useful for the Empire! I am so happy!”

Wow, she was just super happy.
The heck is with this girl, she’s even given her body to the Empire. Like, the orb didn’t shine at all, oi.

“But isn’t your chance at a honey trap wrecked now that it’s been exposed?”
“… Oh no!? Master, Master, could you please do something with your supreme might!?”
“Obviously not?”
“… W-Well, it’s still not for certain that my purpose here was for seduction. I’m sure that my main goal here is to learn from you, Master. Probably. I believe in it. Definitely!”

Aaand she’s back to trembling.

“… I will attempt to contact Sally-sama. I just remembered that I was given writing paper for times like this. I was originally told to use it when I had achieved sufficient results, though…”

Perfect for honey trap-use. Yep.

“Right. I don’t know what Sally-san was thinking about when she sent you, but for now I’ll assume it was for your education… I have been paid, after all.”
“Yes! Thank you in advance again, Master!”
“However, to prevent excessive contact between us, I will leave the majority of your education from here on to Ichika and Meat.”
“I would prefer for you to teach me yourself, Master…”
“Yeah… I’ll teach you in the afternoon between three and five, less than now.”

I should have a bit of my sleep time back now.
By the way, the village has clock golems that I arranged to be findable in the dungeon, they could be found here and there now. Unlike Sia, they don’t ring every hour. This means that the sound of ringing bells will never disrupt my sleep.
There’s also rare drop version of the watch golem, a pocket watch-type.

“Muu, alright then…”
“Well, that’s that… I’ll be getting back to my work now.”
“Sir! Do your best at your wor—… ah.”

The crystal orb shined red. At me. FFS. Now she knows I’m just going to sleep.

“… Do you plan on going to sleep? Then please use me!”
“I said no, you honey trapper. Now get back to your work in the inn.”

Let’s just assume that Shikina was sent here as a honey trapper from here on out.
… Shikina never told a single lie the whole way through, did she? I’ll have to give her a bean paste roll and the day off.

Telling Shikina to head to the inn’s reception desk and switch with Meat, I headed back to my room.
Now then, time to get back to sleep~



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  1. Lure in with sweetness, go for the throat when their guard is down.
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