Yeah, Let’s Go to the Dungeon


“Right, so why don’t you dual wield swords?”
“Two, swords…!? I would be twice as strong!”

Simple girl, two-sword style isn’t so simple. There’s various matters to it, like physical strength.
But just to have her try it, I lent her the golem blade that was my reserve weapon.
However, it didn’t work out well when she tried swinging it.

“Hmm, I’m still not used to it. Fighting with just one sword is ingrained in me… ah.”

During one of her swings, the golem blade broke in half. It was practically new, but it just suddenly happened… is it one of Sion’s effects?
Looks like two-sword style’s impossible for her. Sion seems to be a rather jealous magic sword.
It’d probably break anything that doesn’t have [Indestructible] or something similar.

“I-I broke Master’s magic sword…!”
“Yeah. Don’t worry about it though. I’ll bill you for that separately.”
“Y-you’re demanding money for it even though you just said to not worry!?”
“You’re rich, it’s not like you need to be frugal.”
“In that case, I-I’ll pay with my body!”

The moment Shikina declared that, Meat nonchalantly stood between Shikina and I.

“Umm… senpai? Why?”
“It is my burden to bear, I cannot trouble my house!”
“… M-Master…!”

I patted Meat on the head and poked Shikina on the forehead.

“Don’t sell your body so cheaply. I’ll let you off until you’re successful in your career. If you don’t want to trouble your house, make sure to compensate me yourself.”
“Meat, you have no complaints either, yeah?”
“… Goshujin-sama.”
“Hmm? What’s up?”
“If you make a move on someone, I think there is already someone you should do so for first.”

I-is she talking about Rokuko? She is my partner, after all.

After that, we went hunting for an iron golem for Shikina to carry back under the guise of training.

“[Body Enhancement]—! Fuuuunu!”

I honestly expected it to be impossible for her to carry back the human-sized lump of iron, but she was able to shoulder its weight through the help of her skill. She had to re-cast it every thirty seconds though.
Even Gozoh, a dwarf, has to use a cart. Skills are amazing.
… Maybe it’s also possible that Shikina’s simplicity is amazing?




“Well, this and that happened, but we figured out that it’ll be useful for us to acquire a massive amount of clothing. Also, I should be able to push off Gozoh’s iron golem hunting to Shikina.”

Rokuko came to my room, so I told her about what happened today.
By the way, Shikina collapsed out of exhaustion after bringing the iron golem back out of the dungeon.
As expected, using the [Body Enhancement] skill in rapid succession like that was hard on her body. I asked Ichika about it, she said that normally it’s a bad thing to not allow for some cooldown time. I decided to let her rest for the day.

“Hey, Kehma. When you, umm, when you saw Shikina’s clothes tear up… y-you didn’t get excited, right?”
“Nope, not at all. She doesn’t have an ounce of seductiveness to her at all, unfortunately. Even though the base materials are so nice…”

Yeah. Blonde elf, (former) female knight, boobs, butt, and great legs… even though they’re all so good, her mouth ruins it all.
She’d be cute if she just shut up.

I took another look at Rokuko.
Blonde hair, a doubly tasty existence for being able to be big despite being a loli right now, white knee socks going up her legs, and well-shaped feet. She even has a cute red tint on the sole of her foot (important).
By the way, what I like about feet—the soles in particular—is the [Padding] portion. The place that looks like tiny meatballs on cats and dogs.
I love rounded toes and the plump area right where they meet the foot—ah. I got caught up by the seeing them up so close. Got off topic there… I really can’t overstate how squishy and great they look.

“Rokuko also has some great materials~”
“What, so I have something you don’t like as well…? Out with it.”
“No, not really, Rokuko.”

Honestly, I’m not dissatisfied at all. She’s adorable and I don’t dislike her slightly foolish personality.
She’s also a straightforward, hardworking person. Her good points have been increasing lately, too.
There’s a difference in our lifespans, but that just means she’d look young for my entire life yeah? I’d feel guilty for dying first, but my time will come when it comes.

And above all, she’s said that she likes me.
Yep, to be honest, I like Rokuko too.

… However, she has a super scary Onee-san who comes as a package deal.

I’m pretty sure that Haku-san will be watching me so long as I’m inside the empire.
In that case, it might be a good idea for me to leave the country. I’ve also had Wakoku on my mind for a while.

“Hey, Rokuko… want to go on a trip to another country this time?”
“Eh, Kehma? Are you alright? Do you have a fever? Have you been sleeping?”
“… Is me saying something like that so strange?”
“Yeah! Kehma, you don’t even leave your bed if you can avoid it. There’s no way you’d say something like going to another country without a good reason.”

A smile appeared on my face. She reeeeally gets me.

“Right, maybe I’m feeling a bit off because of that stupid elf. Maybe I’ll turn in for the day.”
“Ah, want to use the Godly Comforter then? I can come too if it’s right now.”
“Using it without you there is scary…”

By the way, I tried out having a goblin use the godly comforter on its own as an experiment. It dried up and died.
Even though Rokuko said that it’d be alright so long as she gave permission.
According to her, she said that she didn’t want anyone other than me to use it… but it’s so dangerous that I don’t want to use it so easily.

“Hey, could we sleep together today?”
“… Separate beds. Bring your own.”
“By the way, Kehma, please tell me about what that OOO thing the elf said is~”
“Mmm, don’t say that word, it’s vulgar. Particularly in front of Haku-san, that’s definitely a no.”

If you really want to know about it, ask Ichika… No, I might get killed because of Ichika then? Rokuko, please stay pure, please.



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  1. Funny how the “curse” is meant to be an excuse for Rokuko to sleep with MC, but it acts as a deterrent just as much as an excuse. Plus, what the heck is up with the goblin dying when Father said that it isn’t actually cursed? Maybe will go back to the explanation part.

    1. Found it (the real instructions that only Rokuko knows; especially take note of ‘drains physical and magical strength of those the user doesn’t approve of, so Meat would be fine too):
      Name: Godly Comforter (Owner: Rokuko)


      You can sleep with the person you desire.
      Manipulates causality, allowing you to sleep until morning.
      (If you cannot meet physically, you will only meet in a dream)
      * This effect can only be used once every 8760 hours (365 days).
      * Forcibly summoning the person you desire may result in confusing their minds somewhat, but this will be cured by morning.

      Share a dream with the person you sleep together with.
      The content of the dream can be set freely. The owner holds the priority in choosing.
      * Moreover, the owner can specify whether the dream will be remembered.

      If you sleep for longer than an hour with this comforter, both physical strength and magical power will fully recover.
      Even if you sleep less than an hour, you will be completely recovered if you weren’t too exhausted.
      (Injuries will not recover)
      * In the case that the person is someone that the owner does not approve of, it will instead fully drain their physical strength and magical power.

      Moreover, things that are convenient for the owner are more likely to happen.
      The extent of this effect is dependent on luck.

      *Supplement from your Otou-san*
      This is Otou-san’s present to Rokuko! Ah, the present box is a freebie, so you should put it into it before showing Kehma-kun.
      I added a fake set of instructions to show Kehma-kun, they’re under the present box’s lid. I wrote that anyone using this other than Rokuko and her husband would receive divine retribution, so do your best! It’d be great if you can make it an established fact or something.
      Also, please note that this letter will automatically self-destruct.

      Fake one (the one Keima knows):
      Name: Godly Comforter (Rokuko’s Use Only)

      Will sleep incredibly comfortably. Will have a good dream.
      No matter how tired, both physical strength and magical power will fully recover by sleeping with this.
      Even if you do intense exercise before going to bed, it won’t hinder your work the next day.
      One thousand year warranty!

      (However, as this is a special item, anyone else using it will receive divine retribution.)

      *Otou-san’s Supplement*
      This is a Rokuko-only item. No one but her can use it, so be careful. If anyone other than the owner tries using it, they will receive divine retribution that would even cause God to pale, so Kehma-kun can’t use it alright?
      … However, this function is to prevent theft and cheating, so this won’t happen if a couple that has full trust in each other uses it. Well then, have fun.

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        1. I left it as awkwardly described as the original. Keima goes out of his way to explain it like that because, you know, he’s a bit of a foot /leg fanatic.

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