Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 266

Wanna Go to the Dungeon?


“Master Kehma! What will we be doing today!?”
“We’ll be diving into the dungeon.”

I decided to try out taking Shikina into the dungeon in hopes that she’d become the person I can push whatever jobs Gozoh brings to me about heading into the dungeon.
By the way, I’m bringing along Meat as well, making us a three-person party. It’s just a stroll for Meat and I though.

“This is the first time I’ll be going into a dungeon! I have exterminated monsters on many occasions, though!”
“That so? Well, make sure to keep an eye out for traps.”
“Yes, of cou—-I sprained my ankle!”

Oi. I just told you.
Helping Shikina out of the pitfall trap, I used [Healing] on her.

“Could you not get caught by a trap immediately after I tell you not to…?”
“I am ashamed. I wouldn’t be hurt like this if I had my magic sword.”
“Magic sword? They can have functions as convenient as that?”
“My beloved sword, Sion, has the effect of being able to negate damage.”

Eh, isn’t that game breaking?

“Why not use it if it’s that useful?”
“So I can use it!? I’ll use it then.”

With that, Shikina unsheathed the sword at her waist.
It was a steel sword. Its handle was fitted with a tear-shaped blue magic stone. So this is Sion, then?

“I have been told to avoid using it if at all possible.”
“Does it have a huge downside to it? Like you take all of the damage it negates later on?”
“Nothing like that. It’s just that my clothes take the damage when I am hit. Using my sprained ankle from before as an example… I’d have holes in my socks.”

So in other words, the sword transfers the damage to her clothing.
… The f*ck is that magic sword!?

“Also, if I take a fatal hit it causes me to immediately become naked.”
“What a powerful magic sword, very powerful…”
“It certainly is useful, but it is not a sword a father would want his daughter to use.”


“Well, when you’re on the battlefield, I’d just end up dead if I worried about being naked, so I use it freely!”
“Y-yeah. Just be careful, yeah? Ah, hold up, that door’s—”
“Huh? Uwaaah!?”

Stabbed by a sword that popped through the door, a portion of her clothing disappeared. Even though it was her upper body that took the hit, what took the damage was her skirt.
… It’s true that it keeps her body unharmed, but isn’t she going to steadily run out of clothes at this rate?

“… Shikina, stay behind Meat and I. Meat, please teach her about these traps.”
“I-I will. Thank you, senpai.”
“Okay. First off—”

Then, even with Meat’s guidance, one thing lead to another and she got caught in another trap, dealing serious damage to her skirt.

“How’d that even happen?”
“… It happened while I was helping her, I’m sorry.”
“… Kuh, please don’t look so intently, Master!”

Fidgeting around, Shikina hid her underwear with her hands.
Even Meat looked apologetic… no, Meat, you did well. It’s her fault for getting caught in a trap, not yours.

“Well, hide your underwear at least. Here, use this.”
“Uuu, thank you. But Master, I don’t mind if it’s you peeking.”

Sure, seeing her thighs peeking through her tattered skirt is charming, but I’m not starving for it or anything.
What I pulled out from my satchel (what I secretly bought with DP) and passed to Shikina was a cloth to tie around her waist.

“Master is well prepared… it’s almost as if you knew that my skirt would be torn!”
“Don’t say something so weird. I only brought the cloth in case we had to bandage an arm or use as a tourniquet or something. Rather, why don’t you bring spare clothes if yours break so easily?”
“… Oh! That’s a good idea!”

Idiot. That’s the obvious thing to do if you’re worried about your clothes breaking.

“As long as I have replacement clothes, I can take as much damage as I want! As expected of Master! I’ll immediately buy more when we return.”
“Yeah, just make sure to buy old, secondhand stuff. Think of them as your remaining lives.”
“Remaining lives! What an accurate phrase! In other words, so long as I have remaining lives, I don’t need to worry about traps!”
“No, you shouldn’t fall for traps in the first place. Pay attention to them!”

With that, I noticed two goblins somewhat near us.
She was defeated in all of the duels yesterday, so let’s see if we can’t raise her spirit by having her fight off goblins, the representatives of all small fry monsters.

“Oi, there are goblins coming from over there. Can you take them yourself?”
“Sir! I can!”

Urging the goblins over to become sacrifices, I urged Shikina to prepare for a fight.
The two goblins soon arrived.

“I’m coming! Deeeeryaaa!”

The first goblin was cut cleanly in two, beautifully even.
The second goblin, seeing that, brandished its club.


The goblin blocked her sword with its club.
However, Magic Sword Sion broke through it and cut through the goblin—or not.
A weirdly disagreeable sound echoing out, Shikina took a step back.

“Guh!? Dang!”
“Oi, weren’t you supposed to have the potential for a B-Rank? What are you struggling against a goblin for?”
“Th-this is nothing! Seeeiya!”

Following the sound of metal passing through flesh, the goblin’s head fell off. Its headless body fell to the floor.

“… I won!”
“Yeah… So, what was that strange sound? It sounded like it came from your sword.”
“Ugu. It’s as you say. It may have cracked from the battle just now…”

When I took a look, there was a crack about half the sword’s width from hitting the club.

“Yes, it will break after just one or two more full-strength swings.”
“That’s… even though it’s such a great magic sword. Unfortunate.”
“Really. I won’t be able to use it until tomorrow, now.”

… Hm?

“It repairs?”
“Sion breaking happens a lot. It will repair so long as I re-sheathe it.”

The heck. It can even repair itself? So cool… wait.

“You said that sword breaks often?”
“Yes. It will break as soon as I attempt to cut through something too hard, so I have to make sure it slices through cleanly.”

Is it made of glass or something?
Now all I can think about is her equipment growing tattered and her sword breaking with a [Shiiing], leaving her unhurt due to its effect.

“… So that means iron golems and the like are basically your worst match-up?”
“Iron’s alright if I cut through it. Personally, I find goblin clubs to be much more difficult to handle. Rather, golems are easy. It’d break if I ever made a mistake though.”

She just said that cutting through iron is easy. What.
As an aside, it sounds like Meat’s able to cut through iron as well. You two are amazing.



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