Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 264

Guess We’re Having Some Duels?


… Come to think of it, I should make the dungeon go even deeper, shouldn’t I? Let’s make a haniwa, a haniwa, I say!

I started thinking about that in attempt to escape reality.
I wonder if, in my attempt to do so, I instinctively started thinking about ways to strengthen my shut-in lifestyle.

“So Kehma, you don’t really, umm, want to assault me or anyone with a goblin or something like that, right?”
“Obviously, she just went off and said that herself.”
“Sir! I did not! Master told me to say it!”
“Oh shut up, I get why you were fired from the knights.”
“Sir! I will be silent and not say anything I don’t need to!”
“… Haaah, well alright. I trust Kehma.”

And so I was able to quickly clear up the misunderstanding with Rokuko. Thanks for trusting me.

“So, who’s? Did something troublesome come along? Wataru, what’s the meaning of this?”
“Oh, nice, you didn’t ignore me. Weeeell, to be honest, this girl here’s my acquaintance’s daughter and I’m wanting Kehma-san to train her. It is Kehma-san, after all. Rokuko-san, you think Kehma-san’s amazing too yeah?”
“Eh? Yeah, that’s Kehma-san for you.”
“Kehma-san is so amazing you can’t help but feel like relying on him right?”
“Well, that’s Kehma-san for you. Fufufu.”

Rokuko started to take pride in it, like he was talking about her.
I do feel like he’s cheating me, but I’ll just keep quiet and see what happens since her accepting me taking on the girl as an apprentice is convenient. Man, Wataru’s gotten pretty good at this too.

“Oh well then I guess, we can house her in the inn… though she’s not to go into the Village Chief’s house, it’d put Kehma’s chastity at stake.”
“Isn’t it great, Shikina-chan? We got Rokuko-san’s permission too!”
“Sir! Thank you so much, Rokuko-dono!”

Looks like their discussion wrapped itself up.




I decided to introduce the newbie to everyone else.
Rokuko went to her room after saying that she was going to make a new shift table incorporating Shikina and Wataru headed off to get in the hot spring, so neither of them were present.
Rei, Kinue-san, and Nerune were all currently working, so I put off introducing her to them… and thankfully, everyone else was already gathered in the backyard.
When I went there, Meat and Setsuna seemed to have just finished having a practice duel and were accepting towels and water bottles from Ichika and Nayuta.

“Oh, Goshujin-sama. Ya come to check out the trainin’? Or maybe ya came to do somethin’ indecent~?”
“Why would you think that…”
“Cause I heard that passionate scream a bit ago, wonder what that was about? Hmm?”

Meat nodded deeply, following up on Ichika’s remarks.
… Ah, so it was audible outside after all? Well, I guess I realized that after Rokuko came bursting in.

“That was just a misunderstanding. Uhh, well, it turned into us getting a new resident. Wataru’s acquaintance’s daughter.”
“Sir! I am my excellent father’s, Dyne Kukkoro’s, eldest daughter, Shikina Kukkoro! I have become Master Kehma’s apprentice! Pleased to meet you!”
“… She said that she’d do anything, so I’m going to have her work at the inn. Please teach her how to after this.”
“Heeh, anythin’?”
“When I asked her exactly what she meant, it turned into what you heard earlier… Ichika, please stop grinning like that, I don’t plan on doing any of that.”
“Whaaat, I thought you’d finally got some interest in someone other than Rokuko-sama or Meat-senpai though!”

I don’t get what you’re talking about…

“By the way, did you two just have a duel? I would like to take part too!”
“Ooh! You talk the talk, can you walk the walk!? I’ll take you on then! You use a weapon? We have wooden swords.”

As our resident battle junkie, Setsuna pounced on her offer like a wolf.
She sure is pretty energetic after just finishing a duel with Meat.

“I will accept your offer and use a wooden sword. I will show you a Raverio Imperial Knight’s swordsmanship! I may look as I do… but I was once a knight, I am confident in my skill!”
“I won’t hold back then!”

Setsuna took a stance. Standing opposite her, Shikina held up her wooden sword and did the same.

“I’m coming!”
“Yep, me too—oh right, I’m Setsuna, heya.”

Even though the duel already began, Shikina was quickly defeated.

“I-I admit defeat… I cannot move my arms nor my legs.”
“How should I put it…? You’re way too formal, way too easy to fight.”
“I have heard that very thing for a long time, it is my pride!”

No, that’s not a compliment…

“Setsuna-dono is much too strong. I may look as I do, but I have been told that I have the potential to be around B-Rank.”
“Oh? Why not try fighting me next then? I can only fight at a C-Rank level though.”
“Yes, please! Excuse me, what was your name?”
“She’s Nayuta, my voluptuously boing boing little sister!”
“My best regards, Setsuna-dono’s voluptuously boing boing little sister Nayuta-dono!”
“… I’m voluptuously boing boing…?”

The next one she challenged was Nayuta. I didn’t think she was much of a fighter, but I guess she can? That’s a bit unexpected.
By the way, nobody denied Setsuna’s claim of her sister being voluptuously boing boing.

… The result was Nayuta’s perfect victory.
She took a distance from her opponent, threw stones, sand, kept mercilessly aiming for her eyes, used magic, as well as use other sneaky and cruel methods, resulting in her perfect victory.

“Ugwoooh, my eyes, my eeeeeyes!”
“Underhanded. As expected of Nayuta, underhanded. Heal this person’s wounds, [Healing].”
“Aaah, phew. Thank you, Master… I-I should have been able to…”
“Yeah, you could have won if you were able to properly exhibit your potential.”
“That is right! I have the potential!”

No, she’s saying that she defeated you that soundly because she kept you from doing anything.

“Maybe I’d be a good opponent? Ah, I’m Ichika, yo.”
“Sir! Please do!”

And thus it was a fight against Ichika this time.
The fight went on with them feeling like their strength was evenly match.
But in the end, Ichika came out on top.

“I-I admit defeat…”
“Phew. It’s amusin’ ya got caught by that feint. I think ya’d get stronger if you could handle ’em.”
“Father said that to me many times! Feints are my eternal homework!”

No, that means you’re supposed to overcome them.
I used [Healing] on her again, just in case.

“I will bring shame upon the imperial knights if I can’t… th-then I just need to win at least once, right! Tiny one! Have a duel with me!”
“Okay. Fine.”
“I will not go easy on you!”

It goes without saying, but the result of her duel with Meat ended in Meat’s complete victory.

“No, Kuro-chan here’s so strong she can win against me maybe three out of every five bouts now.”
“Haha, Senpai’s kiddy looks made ya underestimate her huh?”

Eh, Meat’s gotten strong enough to win against Setsuna? Kids grow up so fast.
I pat Meat gently on the head. Her ears and tail wiggled.

“W-wasn’t Setsuna-dono the strongest one here?”
“Eh? If you want to talk about the strongest person among us, that’d be Village Chief Kehma. I lost against him and have never won.”
“What!? As expected of Master!”

We agreed that that was a draw…



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