Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 263

The (Former) “Kuh, kill me!” Female Knight


After a few more days of Sia not contacting us, Wataru arrived.
He brought a woman.
I figured I’d see him after he finished this month’s debt repayment… so, in the parlor, sitting next to him opposite of me was a girl sitting upright with a strangely good posture. She had blonde hair and her ears were pointed.
Yeah, an elf.

“… So, who’s this? Your new lover? You were just playing around with Nerune?”
“No! I’m serious about her!”

Serious huh. Nerune’s only interested in researching stuff about magic, she doesn’t feel anything like compassion.
I’d tried asking her about what happened with Wataru, but she only replied with something that made me even more confused: [Eh, Wataru…? Oh, oooh~. I know~, tasty~].
I don’t really understand what she meant by tasty there, but I do get that she’s not looking at him as a love interest at least.

By the way, I also think that Wataru’s tasty—as far as income is concerned. He even buys rice.

“This girl is the daughter of an acquaintance, umm, could you introduce yourself?”
“Yes! I am the eldest daughter of my esteemed father Dyne Kukkoro, my name in Shikina Kukkoro! I am a knight from the Fourth Chivalric Knight Order of the Raverio Empire… or at least… I was…”

She was so lively there at the start, but ended weakly.
Seeing as how it’s past tense, I guess she was discharged?

“So, what’s this former Knight-sama doing here?”
“Well, in truth, I’d like Kehma-san to train Shikina-chan. I mean, you’re a bit underhanded yeah?”
“What’s with you calling me underhanded? How rude.”
“No no, I was complimenting you. Shikina-chan here had to resign from the chivalric order because she was too honest.”

She was so honest that she had to resign from being a knight? What kind of rotten chivalry is that… ah, so it’s Haku-san’s eh?

“… How do you fight if you’re too honest? It turns into a weakness, she was bested in a duel against the First Chivalric Knight Order’s captain and was forced to resign. It’s not like the whole organization is corrupt though!”

The heck… wait, First Chivalric Order’s captain? If I recall, isn’t that Sally-san? 1
Yep, even it rotting wouldn’t be strange.

“Which is why I thought she should be a bit more unfair—underhanded, I mean.I think that she’d do well learning some tricks but she’s just so honest that it’s a bit hard. So then when I told her about you, Kehma-san, she said she really wanted to learn from you.”
“You’re better off leaving the knights, if you stay you’ll just get defeated by some orc and turned into a nursery—is what she told me. But then she said that I could go back if I learned how to be underhanded! SO! Please be my teacher, Kehma-dono!” 2
“… I really don’t get why I’m getting brought into this though.”
“Everything near Kehma-san is polluted to some degree or another… hmm, maybe it’s more like they get polluted?”

Oi. You didn’t have to correct yourself.

“What’s with you treating me like some kind of poison? It’s annoying, either you start paying interest on your debt or you buy double the amount of rice. Your choice.”
“See, Kehma-san’s the kind of person that can say that kind of stuff like it’s nothing.”
“Yes! That is exactly what I’m lacking the most!”
“Alright, I’m doubling your debt.”
“Wait, wait wait! Forgive me, I’ll buy double the rice!”
“Oh well, guess I’ll let you off the hook.”

Thanks for your patronage.

“Kehma-san, you talk like that, but you’re kind. Please see what you can do about this girl’s problem.”
“No, that’s something else entirely.”
“If the problem’s about a tuition fee, I can provide two gold coins per month as well as food expenses.”
“It’s not about the money.”

Two gold coins was basically around two million yen, so that was an attractive offer. 3
But we have a secret here—the dungeon, I can’t take on too many people, the less the better.
… The two part-timers, you say? Well, they’re basically already people related to dungeons.

“Is there anything you can do, Kehma-san? Could you do it for me?”
“Why would I do it for you? You’re basically just an annoyance at this point…”
“Please, Kehma-dono, I will do anything!”

She said that she’d do anything.
I looked at Shikina once more. A blonde elf with a full bust and nice thighs. Supple legs. White socks that go up to her knees. And leather boots that look a bit stuffy. I wonder, did she walk here?
… Anything, huh~? Anything~, hooh~, hmmm~

“Hmm, anything, you say? To what limit does that offer go?”
“There is no limit! I would do this and that, as well as that and this!”
“Could you be specific, then?”
“D-do you intend for me to say… say something so embarrassing, Master!?”
“Hmm? You said you’d do anything, that includes speaking. Be sure to tell me in a big, loud voice I can hear you properly with.”
“T-that’s—alright! Then I will say it!”

Then, with a very loud voice, Shikina said [Exactly] what she meant.

“It’s alright even if you OOOO my XXXX, even YYYY in my VVVV if you desire, no, rather I would desire it! Furthermore—!”

And what she said all had to do with R-18 things.
I think it’s safe to say that what she said froze my brain from hearing it said so directly. The shame easily shaved a few seconds off my life.

“—and if Kehma-dono tells me to I would even lay with a goblin! I would do it with a face like I won’t want to under the guise of being ordered but I would definitely feel a faint arousal from it!! I would eventually XXX its OOO out of my own want to do so!!!”
“STOP! You don’t need to continue!”
“Ah—are you sure!? I-I still have a ways to go until I reach my climax!”
“Please shut up, please!”

Shikina, closing her mouth, was breathing heavily with a flushed face, looking almost as if she wanted to say: [I finished~].
Seeing that, Wataru was grinning from ear to ear.

“So, Kehma-san. You have to be her master now that you’ve made her go that far, yeah? She may not look it but she is the daughter of a pretty influential noble, so it might be bad if you don’t~”
“You… that’s why you didn’t stop her? Rather, wouldn’t it work out if she just stuck with you?”
“Hahahah, I’m earnest about Nerune-san, I can’t have another woman with me. I also have my work as a hero, Shikina-chan would definitely die if I brought her with me. Besides, it’s because of your influence that I turned out like this, Kehma-san. It’d obviously be better for her to be closer to the source, right? Right?”
“… Dammit. Alright, I give it! But for being such a burden, I’m charging you five gold a month!”
“Good, negotiation completed.”

Even though I’d added an extra three gold into the demand, Wataru just smiled and placed the gold coins on the table. You planned on paying that much from the start, didn’t you?
… Haah. Oh well. The one who said how much was me and he did pay it. I’ll just have to keep my word.

“Isn’t this great, Shikina-chan? Make sure to call Kehma-san ‘Master’ from now on.”
“Yes! Thank you very much, Wataru-sensei! I look forward to learning from you, Master Kehma!”

Immediately after Shikina bowed, Rokuko burst into the room we were in with an amazing force.
Rokuko’s face was red, did she hear that embarrassing stuff from a bit ago?

“Kehmaaaaaaa! I need to talk to you!!”
“What a coincidence, I need to talk to you too.”

Now then, how should I start explaining… yeah, I’m getting a headache.



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  1. Sally-san is, in Keima’s words, “a Living Armor Onee-san”. One of Haku’s party members.
  2. Her family name, Kukkoro, is a pun off of a hentai trope. Kukkorose, “Kuh, kill me!” As in “Let me die with honor, not as some sex slave!”
  3. 2,000,000 yen ~ $20,000.
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