Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 262



I fell asleep, woke up, and started to think.
I’d went about patrolling without any particular reason to do so, but it might not have been needed.

There weren’t any inquiries from Sia even after me looking around, either.
… Calm down, it’s only been a day or two. There’s a good chance that the lord is just building up his strength.
Or maybe he’s trying to make me feel agitated?

Gah! The heck man. I’ll just develop a new dungeon boss to get rid of this feeling.

In truth, it’s an idea I’ve been working on for a while now.
I’ve made weapons using magic tools, but phenomena caused by magic tools are generally stronger when caused by traps. For example, [Water Source] for producing water or [Fire Trap] for producing flames. I can’t really use superior traps from the DP catalog since I haven’t been using many traps, but they are still completely better than magic tools for what they do.

… Oh? I can customize traps now, I don’t think that was there before?
Well, it’s only about as much as being able to somewhat change its effective range when I set it up… alright, let’s finally see if it’s possible for us
It’ll use up quite a bit of DP, but oh well. It should be fine.

I can’t set traps up in the Master Room since it’s in the Dungeon Core, so I’ll do it in the boss room.
First, I’ll test to see if I can put a trap onto a golem.
I brought an iron golem over into the boss room and opened the catalog.

… Yep, no can do. I can’t choose it as the target to set it up on.

Next: can I set traps up on walls?
… That’s normally possible, so I dismantled the iron golem and turned it into and ingot. I then thinned it out and put it onto the wall before trying to see if I could put the trap there.
I’ll try it out with [Water Source] first…. ah, maybe I should use [Fire Trap] instead so I don’t flood the room?

Seeing fire come from the dungeon’s wall, I had the iron roll up into a lid to cover it.
… No luck. I was planning on putting [Flame Traps] into portraits if that worked out, but guess not. Oh well.
Or perhaps it didn’t work because the iron golem was its mount? … Well, maybe I could use this to make a sauna in Succubus Village?

Then, I incidentally noticed that there was an entry labeled [Interior] in the DP catalog.
Taking a look at what it had, I saw various decorations. They’re probably what you would ornament the interior of a dungeon with.
I haven’t looked at them at all since I’ve been making all the decorations myself so far, but there’s quite a lot huh… Pillars, walls, paintings… wait, could I…?
I selected the statue (100 DP) I saw and bought it.
The statue of a goblin holding its sword threateningly before itself appeared in front of me… It cost five goblins’ worth to get a single goblin statue. Normally, there wouldn’t be much of a reason to buy it.

But this was a stone goblin statue. I could place traps on it.
Interior items are apparently considered part of the dungeon, so I could put traps on them.

… Seeing a [Fire Trap] spew flame from the chest of a goblin is so surreal.
I used [Create Golem] on the goblin statue and changed its shape. It looked like it would stop activating if I tampered with the spot I installed the trap to, so I altered everything around it into a simple cylindrical shape. It didn’t activate, though.
Apparently, it recognized what I did as [Destroying] the [Trap].
And so I tried repairing it with DP.
A moment later, it appeared to be working nicely, spewing flames from where the cylinder was aimed. Oooh~, it’s a flamethrower.

Alright, now I know that traps can be used even if I change their shape.
That was a big step forward. For example, now I could put a flamethrower like this into the mouth of a dragon-type golem or something.
… Ah, but it doesn’t look like I can install traps on things I’ve already altered with [Create Golem]. So annoying. So I can only repair it like that huh?
Moreover, the flame pillar would engulf the cylinder if I made it too thin… I’d end up burning my hand if I did that. Note to self: don’t.

I tried out customizing the [Fire Trap] by how wide its emission is, but it looks like thirty centimeters is how small it’ll go.
I can only do the customization when I first make the traps, so I’ll have to think about it all in advance.

And I discovered another problem.
When I took the flamethrower out of the boss room to show it off, it stopped working. However, it went right back to working properly when I brought it back in.

As a result of a few further verification experiments, it turned out that traps would only activate on the same floor they were installed on.
The boss room was separated from the rest of its ‘floor’ so that I could [Install] more monsters in case of an emergency, leading to it not working when I took it out of the boss room.
I’m thinking that traps are only ever meant to be used as set-it-and-forget-it types and not move around.

It’s a bit confusing, but I should just remember that traps can only be used inside the same floor they’re made on. Move them away from the floor is banned.

Well, so long as I keep that shortcoming in mind, this means that I can make a new golem model that incorporates traps.
Alright! I’m pumped to make a giant fire-breathing dragon golem, let’s do this!




I fell asleep. Good morning.

I went back to my room and fell asleep after putting some time into the dragon golem.
I should be able to finish it after one or two weeks of working on it. Either way, no one’s even made it to the boss room.

“Ah, Kehma. Morning.”
“Morning, Rokuko. Has anyone contacted us from Sia yet?”
“Nope, it’s great.”

I get that I did what I wanted, but now I can’t help but feel anxious over when it’ll happen. Thanks to that, I was only able to sleep eight hours last night.
I told him he could use my name for a month, so maybe nothing will happen if I leave them alone for the next month?
In other words—

—I’m going to feel like this for a month?

Give me a break. Seriously?

“Yeah, let’s attack Sia.”
“Wait, Kehma? I don’t get what you’re saying, explain please?”
“Sorry, I’ll explain.”

Attacking them really would be a bit hasty.
But I have to do something from my end, don’t I…?

“… Hmm. What do you think I should do?”
“Leave it alone?”

Rokuko answered like it was someone else’s problem. I mean, that was my original intention…

“But I’ll think about it if I’m thinking about it?”
“I don’t get what you’re saying… but in that case, um, how should I say it? Can’t you forget about it if something else comes up?”

Something else, huh… either way, I wouldn’t be able to sleep.
There being nothing going on is always going to be the best…

“Come to think of it, it’s almost time for Wataru to come by, huh.”
“Should we give Nerune a special holiday when he gets here? He’s a good way to get information.”

For some reason, I had a faint, yet certain hunch.

… Wataru was going to be bringing us an extraordinarily unfortunate story.



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