Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 257

A Look About the Inn


Our inn, [Dancing Dolls Pavilion]. The base I built at the dungeon’s surface layer.
It’s an inn I made myself through the use of [Create Golem]. So that I could move it through the menu’s [Deployment], I made it a subdivision of a floor.
Recently I’ve been living in the Village Chief’s residence, which I annexed on to it.

[Welco—… ah, Master.]
“Ah, Neru, you’re on duty?”

A doll I picked up in the dungeon that had awareness… using that as the pretext, it was actually a golem I made to look like a humanoid figurine that the insubstantial ring succubus Neru is possessing. She was sitting at the reception counter.
I’d originally established that clay golems were helping us, so her existence here was fully accepted with a simple “Well, it is [Dancing Dolls Pavilion] we’re talking about!”

… Please continue being our inn’s patrons!

“Well, there’s so many golems here anyway… People probably don’t care too much about seeing a single extra doll.”
[Yeah, it’s to the point that people want to shake my hands.]
“Neru, did you turn into a tourist attraction…?”

I headed past the reception desk and into where the dining hall and guest rooms were. There wasn’t much to say about the guest rooms. They were just fifty copper a night, no meals. They had bedding and a light magic tool in it.
And as for the dining hall… well, it was a dining hall. It used a food ticket system to serve guests their food. The food itself used to be stuff we bought with DP, but nowadays we have Kinue-san cooking practically all of it.
The midday rush is over so it’s mostly empty now. Today’s waitresses are—right, the two part-timers, Setsuna and Nayuta.
I knew that the two of them were dungeon-related individuals, but they didn’t know that we had anything to do with the dungeon at all (with the exception of Nerune’s coming out about it). Let’s have a conversation with them.

“Ah, Village Chief. Hungry?”
“Hmm? Yeah, a bit.”
“Goshujin-sama, Goshujin-sama, me too~”

Ichika popped up and begged like a starved racehorse when I responded to Setsuna. Alright already, you can back off, I’ll order you some too… rather, aren’t our employees supposed to be given meals?

With that, we ate some simple sandwiches.
By the way, Kinue-san learned the unique skill called [Cooking], a great skill for a silky—that is, for a house fairy that loves house chores.
… Oooh! Kinue-san, you got even better. Aren’t you more skilled than the Sia lord’s cook at this point?

Now that I’ve filled my belly, let’s take a look at the rest of our inn’s facilities—the onsen and the game room, I guess?
The onsen should be alright… other than the massage chair golem I have there, it’s pretty much just a standard onsen. There’s no culture for bathing in the nude here though, so wearing a bath towel’s become the default—ah, but I think there was talk about occasionally entering nude? It’s fine either way, honestly.

“By the way, Goshujin-sama. Do we have pocket money to spend for uhh… testin’ the game room?”
“Obviously not.”

Sorry Ichika, but no.
We entered the game room.
The game room now has two tables to enjoy yourself on with things like poker and dice, as well as two varieties of rat races. The slots are all over at the bar now, just being able to earn money from them through the rental fee alone is good.

“Ooookay! Time’s almost up to place your bets… oh, Master.”
“Rei? You had a shift here today?”
“Yes. Ah, will you place a bet?”

When I took a glance to check out the runners—the rats—our eyes met.
… Translation Function ACTIVATE!
Allow me to explain. This translation function I acquired upon coming to this other world allows me to understand even a rat if I activate it consciously!

[Hooray! Master’s here! Now I can win!]
[Hey now, who said you’re gonna win? Only one of us can, Deppa.]
[But isn’t it better for the one Master puts down on to win? Definitely would make him happy.]
[No, hold it. Shouldn’t we go as always? I mean—]
[Nn? In that case, Faito is next up to win, yeah?]
[Wait up. Wouldn’t it be bad for the one Master bets on if they lose? Have to reject that.]
[Faito, did you happen to forget that you were meant to be first?]
[N-no way, definitely not… I am wise!]

Yep, the rats seem well today. Let’s not place a bet.

“I’m thinking about playing some dice today.”

[[[[[Eeh—]]]] … ho—]

Whoops, Translation Function cancel—there we go.
I then tried moving over to the suitable table… ah, looks like there’s a guy on a winning streak here. He looks well dressed, probably not someone from this village… alright, time to take away his stuff.

“Mind if I join?”
“Nn? Sure, I accept anyone’s money!”

How motivated you are. Sorry, but those dice are my golems.




Phew, this guy was crazy lucky. He never rolled below a three. Maybe he has the [Luck] skill?

“No way… I… lost? What cheat did you use!?”
“Come on, there’s no need to accuse me like that.”
“Shut up! There’s no way I lost, you absolutely cheated! I’m not going to pay a copper!”

Woah, an annoying person.

“Ah, you’re not a resident here are you? … Did you know this, then? In this village, cheating is allowed so long as you don’t get caught. Those who shirk their debts are treated the same as thieves. In other words, if you say that you won’t pay, it’s fine to treat you as a slave and take your possessions. You can check with the Village Chief on it if you want.”

When I said that, one of the villager-adventurers closed the entrance. Nice one. I’ll give you a pudding later.

“Haah? You think I’d f*ckin let you make me a slave? Don’t make me laugh, I’m a B-Rank adventurer—a noble!”
“Yeah, I don’t care. Are you going to pay up or not—are you a thief?”
“I’m not a thief! Rather, I’ll have you executed for going against the crown! I’ll forgive you right now if you give me your woman, how’s that sound?”

Ahh, so he’s bluffing.
Rather, isn’t it even worse for a B-Rank to be a thief like that? Honestly, only the ridiculous S-Rank heroes can do as they please, and even those get purged by Haku-san if they’re too outrageous.
The Adventurer Guild is strict with its members that commit crimes.
While on the subject, it’s a heavy crime to impersonate as a noble.

And above all, starting a fight against me or anything that’s mine is an auto out.

“Right, so you’re saying that you don’t intend to pay?”
“Obviously, you f*cking cheat!”

The self-proclaimed B-Rank adventurer pulled out his sword and stabbed it into the table.
Oh, I’m going to have you pay me that back too.

“… Yeah. I’ll give a pudding to whoever deals with this guy.”

“Hyahaah! I was waiting for that!”
“The pudding’s mine! Practically been bouncin’ outa my shoes waitin’ here!”
“I’ll have this shit give me back some of the money I lost!”

Hearing my order, adventurers popped up and attacked him all at once, capturing him in just a few seconds.
Ah, you third guy… you’ll be a thief if you actually do that. Even if he cheated, it’s valid if you can’t figure out why.

By the way, Ichika participated even though his capture was already guaranteed. Guess she wanted some pudding, too?



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