Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 25

Information on Dungeons


When did it get taken? This morning? Or maybe last night?
We might be able to overtake the adventurer if we go right now, though it would probably turn into a fight if we meet on the way… If that happened, could we win?

“… Goshujin-sama?”

I glanced at Meat. Come to think of it, does Meat even properly know I’m a Dungeon Master? I get the feeling I haven’t told her for sure.

… Alright, let’s calm down.
It should be alright with Rokuko. She should do what I told her to.
If it goes as expected from the information, there shouldn’t be any problems… The problem is that if my expectations and the adventurer guild’s information differ. If that’s how it is, I need to make sure what they know immediately.
… This isn’t the time to sleep. Haaah…

I went up to the counter. Silia-san, the usual receptionist, was there. Sorry about coming back so soon.

“I’d like to hear about a dungeon, is that fine?”
“There’s still plenty of time for the many adventurers to return, so until then… well, is there a problem with a dungeon? If it’s a standard dungeon, aren’t you unrelated until at least D-Rank?”

I see, so in other words the [Ordinary Cave] isn’t a standard dungeon, huh.

“Yeah, though that’s right, I was wondering about the [Ordinary Cave] Dungeon’s commission ticket. I don’t see it now, but I felt anxious about seeing F-Rank written on it.”
“Hmm… well, that was basically a commission for a rookie. The investigation of a newborn dungeon, a rarity in the world. It’ll take about half a month.”

A newborn… was she? Maybe I should ask Rokuko about that when I get back.

“By the way, what kind of orders did they get this time?”
“I’m afraid I cannot answer that as it is against regulations.”


“Other than that, you have been nominated for two commissions as the slave Ojou-san partner… though it is for cleaning toilets. Will you do it? It’s a G-Rank commission, but will you accept it?”
“… Please give me a bit to think about it.”

Toilet cleaning… should I be happy about the publicity? However, I can’t do it now.

“I want to hear about dungeons specifically, could you tell me about what kind of places they are?”
“… Dungeons are places with things such as monsters, traps, and treasures. To sum it up, dive into a dungeon if you are aiming to get rich in one go. Well, a person without common sense like you probably doesn’t even know something like that?”
“E-even I know that much you know?”

I didn’t know that. I’d probably dislike it, but I’d be thankful to learn this ‘common sense’ thing.

“Then, do you know about the dungeon bosses and the dungeon cores?”
“… Umm, the core, that’s the dungeon’s heart, right?”
“Yes, that’s right. A dungeon will begin to collapse the same time its core is destroyed. The dungeon boss is on the lowest floor of the dungeon, an existence that defends the core. There is also the theory that the dungeon core and the dungeon boss are one in the same, too… In the past, the demon king’s castle collapsed when the demon king was destroyed. There is a famous theory that the demon king’s castle was a dungeon, and that the demon king was both the boss and core since the dungeon core was unable to be found. Well, I look at it as the demon king was just someone who was unwillingly forced into it and struggled in vain.”

The dungeon core, a demon king… I wonder if Rokuko gave off the feeling of a demon king?
When I tried to imagine it for a moment, I could only see Rokuko slipping on her cloak and falling over.
Yep, let’s stop that, being a Demon King wouldn’t suit Rokuko.

As for the dungeon collapsing without its dungeon core, I wonder if dungeon cores maintain the walls or something? However, things like dungeon bosses and dungeon masters, no idea what part of these terms are common sense…

“By the way, if you’d like to know more about dungeons, there is a study of dungeons in the education division, so it would be good for you to buy a book… the book is expensive, but I think the contents make the cost worth it.”

That’s exactly the information I was looking for. A study of dungeons, so there was something like that huh?
That’s valuable information. I absolutely want to get it.

“Well, the [Introduction to the Study of Dungeons] costs one gold, though.”

… I don’t have enough on hand. If one copper is one hundred yen, isn’t that a substantial one million yen?
I’ll need to bring back some valuables after returning to the dungeon.
Yep, yet another reason why I need to head back to the dungeon.

“Is that all, then? More people have arrived.”
“Yeah, sorry. Thanks for your time.”
“No, it’s my job to give advice to adventurers… that being the case, could you step aside?”

I have complete faith in Receptionist-san’s commitment to her job. I don’t dislike her.
I lead Meat and walked away from the counter.




For the time being, even if I don’t return to the [Ordinary Cave], the core won’t be destroyed. The number of rooms have increased somewhat, but it seems the dungeon will be examined as a valuable research sample.
Well, if I just thought about DP, it was more economical to not return since DP for living expenses wouldn’t be taken. I should probably stay here and just live in Sia as my base for now.

But I miss my [Bed]. Compared to laying down on a park bench or the self-alleged ‘bed’, which was like a wooden box covered in cloth, in the [Sleeping Songbird Pavilion], it was more comfortable by far.

I think that after getting the minimum information, I should temporarily return to the [Ordinary Cave]. It’d probably also be good to bring back something valuable. I want to get that book on dungeons… but I can’t find something worth one gold coin easily.
… Eh, wait a sec. Maybe… could I possibly buy that book for DP?

When I looked at the DP catalog, there it was. Maybe it has more information that I want to know… let’s see, [Introduction to the Study of Dungeons (100 DP)]… wait, 100 DP!?

One gold coin, worth one million yen, is 100 DP. Oi.
… I thought that [Copper Coin (5 DP)] was the conversion rate.

At any rate, looks like I should head back to the dungeon to get the [Introduction to the Study of Dungeons].

“Meat, we’re going back to the dungeon right now.”

It was already dark outside. If we don’t hurry up it’ll be impossible to leave the gate.
Leading Meat, I left for the west gate in a rush.
The guard who guided us through the town was at the west gate.

“Oh… what’s going on at a time like this? You know that the gate’s going to close in a little bit?”
“I have some business up in the mountains. I think it’ll probably take somewhere around two days though.”
“… Are you fine with being that lightly dressed? From the looks of it, you don’t have much luggage either.”

Oops, that reminds me. Forgot to prepare. Since I was thinking about this like I was returning to my base, I didn’t think that I’d really need much luggage. Normally, adventurers wouldn’t have a base up in the mountains.
Having said that, needing to make preparations every time I want to head back to the dungeon…

“We’re just bringing a bit since we can procure what we need on the way this time, so it’s fine. Isn’t being lightweight good for speed?”
“I see. In that case, there’s no problem.”

I thought it was a horrible excuse, but it looks like he was convinced by it.
Hmm, maybe I should use the south gate from now on? It’s better to not be acquainted with people like that, but it might be good to be able to easily leave the gates. Saying that staying in the slums save money… feels a bit strained somehow. If I spoke without lying, I think it’s like that since it’d be sleeping outside.

“So, is your business an herb collection commission or something? Your commission document?”
“No, it’s not a commission. I’ll be paying.”
“That so… The mountain is dangerous at night. You should be careful.”
“Yeah, thank you very much.”

I showed our Guild Cards, paying the toll fee of two copper coins, including Meat’s, and the gatekeeper let us out of the gate.
Well then, let’s try and rush back.
I sprinted back at full speed with the clothes golem when we got out of sight of the gatekeeper… I cried from the muscle pain in my legs.



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