Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 240

The Final Trial


It turned out that Setsuna was special by birth.
… No, there’s also the possibility that this is just Leona causing yet another misunderstanding. For instance, she could keep her promise but also go with something roundabout like [I didn’t say that I would restore you, I just said that I would so something].

Well, I guess it’s unrelated to me. I don’t particularly feel like bedding Setsuna or anything.

“So, Kehma. What next?”
“We’ve achieved our mid-goal of having Setsuna bop Leona on the head. Now we just need to entertain Leona a bit more and have her leave.”

Alright then, let’s entertain Leona a bit more with our expulsion strategy’s final trial.




The Dragon Pond, a trial of collapsing footholds over a sea of magma—what was so hard about it, you ask? Well, we used actual magma so even the places you’re supposed to stand were burning hot. Leona and the others easily made it through, entering the room of the [Final Trial].

With the room dark, the only thing visible was a Golem lit up by a spotlight.

[Now, it’s finally time for our Final Trial. Your current score is… woooah! A record high of 960 Points~!]

Holding the microphone, the Golem gestured grandly with its arms. Now that they’d made it to the ending, they were also a bit reluctant, but—

“Hey, Onee-sama. Was there anything mentioned about points earlier?”
“I don’t think so… to start with, even if it’s a record, I’m pretty sure we’re the first ones since we are here to check over the newly made floor’s functions, Michiru.”
“Really. You two, don’t fuss over the details, okay?”

Setting aside the score that held no particular meaning, Leona and the others squared off before the final trial.
With a clap, the room lit up and the final trial came into sight.

[The Final Trial is… a True/False Quiz!]

There were two passage-like gates before them. One had a paper door with a [O] on it while the other had a [X].

[If you think the question you’ll be hearing is correct, go through the [O] door! If you think it’s wrong, go through the [X] door!]
“Oooh…! By the way, what happens when you choose the wrong door? Flour? Muddy water?”
[A pitfall trap that leads directly out of the dungeon. There shouldn’t be a need to worry about any injuries. Getting something in your eyes might hurt though.]

Leona appeared to be thinking about something. She was probably considering whether being right or being wrong would be more interesting.

[And if two out of the three of you answer correctly, since you will have succeeded 1000 Points—all of the Succubi will receive a one-year supply of their beloved eggplants! Moreover, as an extra special prize, I will award you a giant eggplant made out of stone!] [1]

With the design of [Eggplant Made to Look Like a Cow With Chopstick Legs], something often seen as Lantern Festivals, an actual cow-sized statue was carted out on top of a wagon. The reaction Leona had was very different compared to the two Succubi’s.

“That’s an eggplant!?”
“Ah, oh my, that eggplant cow… is super huge.”
[By the way, it’s also a storage for more eggplants!]
“” Oooh! “”

When the Golem opened the small window on its front, there were more eggplants within it, but that was all.

“… I have to get this right!”
“… I have to get this wrong…!”

Suira and Leona clenched their fists.
And then looked into each other’s eyes.

“… Leona-sama. A one-year’s supply of eggplants is very attractive. Being able to eat eggplants every day would overjoy everyone in Succubus Village.”
“Kuh, please spare me!”
[Hmm? What’s this, a quarrel? You’ve all just barely been able to make it to this Final Trial together, so please stop. Or Leona, do you intend to break away and leave? It comes with a free travel set if you buy right now. I’ll even throw in a portable Othello game.]
“… That works too. Suira. If you two answer correctly, I won’t return to the village. Okay? At least not for a year, until the eggplants are all gone!”
“We traveled together to find a peaceful place to live, but if that’s how it is, we can only part ways here…!”

Egged on by the Golem, Leona gave them an ultimatum.

[Well then, I’ve placed the travel set in the loser’s area, so use it how you will.]
“Huhuhu. So then, what’s the question?”
[Ooh! Let’s see, you only have one chance at answering the question due to the conditions of the set, so all three of you will have to dive into the one you think is correct at the same time… Alright, now for the question!]

Hurried by Leona, the Golem read the question aloud.

[This dungeon’s name is [Cave of Hope]. True… or false!?]

The Golem gestured towards the doors.
… However, the group of three all tilted their heads to the side.




I tried making this as easy a True/False question as possible, but Suira, Michiru, and even Leona all looked clueless.

[… Umm, what was the name again?]
[I don’t know!]
[Un, it’s a really difficult question… I think I heard it at one point?]

Even though Leona would have chose the incorrect answer left the dungeon of her own will… she doesn’t know the right answer…?

“Hey Kehma. The answer is [X], right?”
“Yeah, it is… Well, you should obviously know it, but uhh, is it such a difficult question?”
“I guess they didn’t care about knowing the name of the place they’re living in? You don’t really need to know the name of a dungeon to live in it!”

I guess that’s true?
But crap. Seriously. The heck. Our strategy’s success rate suddenly fell to 50%. I have to do something about this.

[Come to think of it, I did hear the name at one point. This dungeon is… un, cave of something. It definitely sounds like that’s it.]
[I see, so there’s a good chance that cave of hope is the correct answer then!]
[Then we just need to go into the [O] door to get the eggplants!]

With that, Michiru started crouching to jump forward. I decided to hurry up and stop them.




The Golem blocked Michiru, who was just about to start moving.

[Woah there, hold on, Michiru. Are you truly sure about your choice?]
“Eh, what do you mean?”
[Are you alright with deciding on your answer without hearing the hint?]
“Hint! There was one of those!? Please tell me it!”
[Sure. The other two can listen as well—]

With that, the Golem thought for a moment.

[—This cave has various traps. Among them are traps that became the origin of this cave’s name. The room that cannot be left once the sword in its pedestal is taken is one of such traps. In that trap, a certain pair of adventurers—]

Then, while the Golem was talking—in a place the Golem could not see—a Clay Golem appeared.
It stood in front of the [X] door and made an [O] with its arms.
Next, it stood in front of the [O] door and made a [X] with its arms.

[Hmm? Is there something behind me?]

Following Leona and the others’ eyes, the Golem slowly started looking behind itself. However, by the time it did so, the Clay Golem had already hidden itself.

[What, there’s nothing there? Let’s see, where was I…]

When the Golem turned its back back towards the gates, the Clay Golem appeared yet again. It repeated the same gestures again this time as though to confirm it. Then, it disappeared.

[—and that’s what happened. Got it?]

The Golem asked in confirmation.
Leona nodded.

With that, breaking into a run—Suira and Michiru plunged into the [X] door, with Leona going into the [O] door.





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