Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 24

Ranking Up and the Guild Head’s Story


After all that, we headed back to the adventurer guild with the commission tickets. Suitably, it was slowly beginning to become dark outside.
Do most people finish their business by evening? It looked like there were less people than yesterday.

“… Well, how did you do? Was it impossible after all?”

Then there was this Receptionist-san. Was that it? Remembering the newcomers’ faces on the second day of being registered, I wonder if I should care?

“No, we properly finished. Here.”
“… … You certainly did. More so, with a high evaluation…?”

Receptionist-san’s face knit in a frown.

“Congratulations, you can rank up. Do you wish to rank up?”

Ranking up… that means going to Rank-F from Rank-G, I guess.

“The requirement for ranking up from G to F is to do ten commissions, of which subjugation commissions count twice. In the case of high evaluations, it counts twice yet again… Additionally, the rabbit subjugation asked for three or more, thus was counted as a completed request for every three animals… Therefore, with those, you have met the rank-up requirements… Do you wish to rank-up?”
“Ah, yeah.”
“Then, your Guild Card please. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

When Meat and I handed over our Guild Cards, Receptionist-san withdrew to the back room.
… Ranking up on the second day of being registered, I wonder if we’re standing out? Though I instinctively wanted to rank up, I wonder if that was a bad choice.
No, if we get F-Rank we can accept the [Ordinary Cave] survey commission.
If we accept the survey commission, it wouldn’t be strange to ask for more detailed information about the [Ordinary Cave].
While we waited on seats at a table, the Receptionist-san came back.

“Kehma-sama, and… Meat-sama. The Guild Head wished to interview you. This way, please.”

Yep, she was definitely hesitant to address Meat with ‘-sama’ just now. It felt like she did it because it was her job.
I wonder if she thinks she’s my slave. Still, I think someone who can properly work and clearly address someone passes the wick.

However, I’m a bit afraid of the Guild Head zeroing in on us…
But I can’t refuse, there’s no choice but to go.
Following in behind Receptionist-san, we headed to the Guild Head’s room… it had a splendid door with a plate saying “Guild Head’s Room” at the top. When Receptionist-san knocked, a rough voice came from inside.

“Yeah, enter.”
“Excuse me.”

When the Receptionist-san entered the room, there was an old man with a stocky build. He had tanned skin stereotypical of an adventurer, a white mustache that felt confident and seasoned, and impressive eyes that shone like a carnivore’s.

“I’m Gin, the Guild Head. I heard of you guys from Silia.”

I guess Silia is Receptionist-san? That’s the first time I heard her name.
The Guild Head stared at Meat, who was standing still.

“… Jou-chan, what do you think of An-chan here?”
“He’s Goshujin-sama.”
“… Is that so.”

Meat answered immediately.
The Guild Head patted Meat’s head and nodded slowly. Unlike his dignified appearance, his smile gave the impression of a good old man.
Then, he turned around towards Receptionist-san.

“Well, it’s fine then, oi, Silia. Do the rank up process properly.”
“Eh-, y-yes…”
“Silia and Jou-chan, please go outside. I want to talk to this fellow here for a bit.”

Being told to leave by the Guild Head, Silia left the room with Meat… I also want to leave though. Probably can’t, though…

“… Goshujin-sama.”
“It’s alright, wait outside.”

Meat nodded and went out.
Making sure the two left the room, the Guild Head opened his mouth.

“She seems to be quite attached.”
“Yeah. She’s cute.”
“… What relation do you have with that Jou-chan?”

It was like he was probing, no, he was definitely probing with that remark.
Crap, I’m getting thirsty.

“What, do you mean?”
“I wouldn’t find it off if you said you were siblings, for example.”
“We are beastkin and human, after all.”
“Could be step-siblings. So?”

Ah, that could definitely have been the case. I didn’t think about that.

“Sorry, but she’s a slave I picked up by chance.”
“… How many years ago?”
“… If we’re talking about years, it was just this year.”
“She got that emotionally attached after a year!?”
“S-sorry, I should have said I picked her up last week.”
“Oi, what did you use. What magic tool did you use, spit it out.”

Hiii-, it became dangerous that quick-!?

“No… I picked her up when she was dying, so…”
“I-is that so…? No, I’m sorry. Actually, that child… might be my grandchild.”

Oooooi, don’t stop at that. I-I can’t respond!

“There’s a possibility you might also be my grandchild…”

Shock! I’m the grandson of another world’s old man!?
No no no, no way. I should still have parents and a grandpa in Japan.

“Why do you say that?”
“My father is the hero of another world. My hair was black like yours way back when.”
“Heeh… is that so?”

Indeed, from the feeling I got from that Kami-sama I vaguely remember, it didn’t feel like his first time. It was more like he’d done it several times.

The important information he said was there was another world’s hero.

“To put it briefly… My son’s whereabouts became unknown ten years ago. Since then, when I see youths with black hair, I can’t help but feel they may be my grandchild… that’s all. In reality my grandchild may not have been born, but even if my son is no longer alive, I want to know his last moments… I would be thankful if you have any information to tell me.”
“… If I get any information I will bring it to you.”
“Thank you.”

The Guild Head bowed lightly.
The tense atmosphere abruptly dissipated. I realized saliva had been accumulating in my mouth, so I wet my throat gulping it down. Haaaah, thought I was going to die there.

“However… though I was thinking that when I heard the report about the Jou-chan from Silia… by no means did I think her master would also have black hair… Her name, Meat, did you give her it?”
“… I heard the name from her herself, so I left it as is.”
“Is that… so. It can’t be helped if it’s like that…”

The Guild Head drew out a long sigh.

“As a friendly connection between those who share the same black hair, let’s accommodate each other a bit. If there’s anything, let me know.”




Upon exiting from the Guild Head’s room, Meat was waiting just beside the door.
The Guild Head’s grandchild… a hero’s great-grandchild, huh… I don’t think that’s impossible, considering her excellence.
However, I don’t know to what extent the Guild Head’s story was true. There wasn’t any evidence after all. Even if he his father really was a hero from another world like he said, I’d like to see some evidence.
I mean, it’s strange that it was because of my black hair. If they’d summoned a foreigner it could have been blonde hair, for it to be so conveniently Japanese… I don’t even know if he was from the same world in the first place.
Hmm, I want a magic tool that can detect lies too…

Taking Meat back to the guild’s lobby, Receptionist-san brought out our Guild Cards.

“Here they are, they have become F-Rank Guild Cards. Please confirm this.”

The cards we’d received did have F-Rank written on them. Having finished passing the cards over to us, Receptionist-san quickly returned to the counter.
Yep, with this we should finally be able to survey the [Ordinary Cave].
I immediately began to look for the “Dungeon [Ordinary Cave] Survey” commission ticket.

… Huh?
I couldn’t find it, did I overlook it…?

“Not, here…”
“It’s not here… Then, that means… someone else accepted it…”

Crap. What now?



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