Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 236

[Operation Eject Leona], Begin


Setsuna and Nayuta, who’d both fallen into rather a unbecoming appearance, sent back to the inn, they woke up on the afternoon of that day and regained their senses.
The adventurers that first found them were Gozoh and Roppu, so I guess it’s a good thing it ended with the minimum exposure for them? Well, I’m the one that caused it though.
When they woke up after being played around with (very, very much so)—

“Uwaah! Ah-haah… dangit! We got beat again…”

—it seemed like they’d gotten used to it.
As for what they looked like after being toyed with by the Succubi, it appeared they didn’t care at all. I don’t know if it’s because they were used to this kind of thing or if it was just them being used to Leona, though.

Just to be sure, I gave them a day off and made use of the opportunity by having Nerune go to visit them. With the purpose of talking about the dungeon, of course.

“Setsuna, I’m actually a spy from the dungeon~”
“Oh, I thought so.”

And that’s how anticlimactically it went.
The one who brought her to meet me as [Euma] back in the beginning was Nerune, after all. It seems like Setsuna started questioning the possibility of it when Nerune waltzed through the dungeon so naturally.
Nerune was holding a stone (Stone Golem) that could greet them with Euma’s voice for proof just in case, but she didn’t even have to use it.

“And because of all that, we want Leona out of here~… we’ll let you meet her again if you cooperate~”
“… We’ve already met her two, no three times and wanted to definitely have her take an attack from us this time, but that didn’t work out…”
“We can give you our cooperation too~?”
“Cooperation, we’ll give it to you~”
“… If possible, I’d like the chance to punch Grandma with your cooperation to meet her. That you will grant my wish of hitting her in her body or head… promise me.”
“I’ll consult with my superiors, then~”

It looks like they hadn’t been planning on somehow encountering her by chance, they’ve already challenged her several times.
Let’s start preparing a trap that takes her views into account.

“By the way, what about Nayuta-san~?”
“Nayuta wanted to have Grandma teach her how to cure Papa who’s been sleeping continuously… so her wish more or less came true. It sounds hard, though.”

I see. She really did tell her how to cure him… it’s just that a Philosopher’s Stone is required for it.

“So, does Leona have any weak points or things she’s not good at dealing with~?”
“Aah, un. They are—”




Several days passed.

Leona hadn’t really made any movements. Rather, she was basically only ever flirting with the Succubi in self-indulgence. Rokuko didn’t let me have anything to do with her surveillance because of that, so I had Nerune and Kinue-san do it since neither of them would get worked up by any of it.
Ah, Rei had only watched through the openings between her fingers with her face covered by her hands, so I took her off that duty.

And since there aren’t any adventurers that can make it to Succubus Village, it’s practically just an ordinary village that I have to support with food.
I tried having them sculpt [Wood Carvings] as item drops for the dungeon as a side job, but they only ever managed to sculpt things that looked like matsutake mushrooms for some reason. Basically just ‘miss’ items… they did say they were great as massage tools though. [1]

Well, with things playing out like that, once I was done arranging traps after referencing the information we got from Setsuna, we were ready to begin [Operation Eject Leona From the Cave of Desires].
The strategy’s outline was simple.

—Have Leona decide to leave the dungeon of her own will.

It all boiled down to that since there’s no way we could manage anything with our own power. We’d somehow seize her weakness, as well as use Setsuna.
It’s a pretty ambiguous plan, but thanks to Setsuna’s information, it all fell into place.

“And that’s why I asked Nerune to ask Setsuna, the Leona specialist, what she was bad with… but eggplant? She hates eggplant? … I mean, I don’t like it either… but really? Eggplant?”
“It’s not good to be picky, Kehma. It’s bad for your health!”

There were various other things as well, but what she hated the most were eggplants.
In truth, when I tried out including an eggplant with the supplies I sent to them, Leona immediately leapt back from the box the instant she saw an eggplant in it. She wouldn’t even get close to it after that and had the Succubi deal with dispose of it (properly, as food).
And the succubus who ate it wasn’t allowed to even come close to Leona that day.
According to Leona,

[I don’t hate eggplants, I actually love them. But I am [Abstaining from Eggplants] and praying for world peace. So if I eat an eggplant, the world will have a crisis, okay? Ah, sorry, but I seriously can’t kiss a mouth that’s eaten an eggplant, so please get away from me.]

It seems to be like that. The world has become something that can be saved with eggplants.
By the way, the Succubus ate the eggplant gladly. It looks like Succubi love stuff like mushrooms, eggplants, and cucumbers. The Ring Succubus Neru said it so it’s probably not wrong.

“She really hates it huh. But she didn’t throw it away, she’s pretty mindful, isn’t she?”
“Not wasting food is probably one of her handicaps… how Japanese of her.”

Even though she’s been in this world for five hundred years… ah, maybe the reason she doesn’t waste food is because she’s had a bad food situation here? Japan is filled with food after all~

“But Leona’s also a Dungeon Master, couldn’t she just replenish her stocks of food whenever she wants… huh? Come to think of it, can Leona use DP too?”
“I haven’t seen her use it… why?”
“I don’t get it. I mean, she said it was the first time she’d eaten rice in a long time.”

She’s been using the [Super XX] Hero skills left and right, but she hasn’t used any dungeon functions… did something weird happen? Or is it another handicap?

Hmm, this girl has way too many mysteries.


  • Matsutake mushrooms = super phallic. Yeah. Return


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