Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 230

And I Don’t Intend to Hide Her At All


So those can have doubles too, huh.
I’d thought that there were only one of each of the Godly Beddings in the world like a certain set of balls, but I guess not? [1]
Well even if they are [Godly], they are beddings, so there has to be spares… even those balls had other ones with different stars.

[Y-yeah. Godly Comforter huh? Sounds warm.]
“Can Golems even be warm or cold…?”
[It’s a matter of the feeling behind it.]

Well, it being a double isn’t a problem in the least since I’d be able to use it separately from Rokuko’s.
What would happen if we tried using them both at the same time?

[What other kinds of Godly Beddings are there?]
“From what I know, other than the comforter, there’s a pillow, mattress, blanket, nightcap, as well as pajamas, and underwear.”
[Umm, how is underwear a part of beddings?]
“Would you sleep naked under the pajamas? It’s like that.”

Well, if I had to say if it was or wasn’t a part of beddings, I guess it’s related? It’s more beddings-ish than Chanel No. 5 or something at least. [2]

“That aside, are you sure about us being on defense here?”
[Yeah, we’ll go with you all having the duty of being on standby for defense. Well, there haven’t even been any adventurers that have made it this far so you can just relax. By the way, would you like a guard just in case? Or do you not need one? Leona seems like a pretty strong person?]
“No way! I’m just a weak, insecure girl, so please go and leave five—no six Orichalcum Golems here!”

And just whose mouth is that coming from…? By the way, Leona’s current daily DP income is at 5000 DP. That’s four or five Heroes’ worth.

[That would be a bit much… I’ll leave ten Iron Golems. You should be able to somehow manage any adventurers that make it here with that many.]
“I want some iron, could I have one of them?”
[… If it’s just one, go for it.]

I was also a bit worried about what they’d do without any armor.
I decided to wrap up our conversation and head back.

Then, when I looked at Rokuko, she was spread out across the Master Room’s floor.

“… Rokuko, are you alright?”
“I’m fine… just a bit weak right now. Rather, it’s like my blood circulation is amazing.”

So it’s like Leona just gave Rokuko a massage, making her a limp noodle eh? The heck kind of attack is that…

“I-it’s probably her DP. I got a similar feeling when Haku Ane-sama gave me her DP.”
“I see.”

The probability of her being some dungeon’s staff is increasing more and more… ah, come to think of it, wasn’t Setsuna’s dad a Dungeon Core? Taking that into account, isn’t it alright to just assume that she’s some dungeon’s official for certain? But then why did Haku-san tell me to not talk to her about dungeon stuff…?
I moved Rokuko over to her bed put her down in it. Even though I say it like that, I just used the deployment menu function to send her to her room’s bed.
The Godly Comforter can full recover both magical power and physical stamina, so she should be alright.




I decided to leak the information about Leona to Setsuna immediately.
I should have her tell me about who Leona really is as a trade.

So when I secretly left a letter saying [I acquired information about Leona. Come alone, immediately], she came immediately. Even if she wasn’t on her shift, it was still faster than expected.
Setsuna, having come to the small room that’s called [Avarice Lodge] in the corner of the former Riddle Area, asked about Leona right off the bat.

“You said you got information about Grandma?”
[Yeah. To be exact, Leona’s whereabouts.]
“… Umm, is it really my Grandma Leona?”
[She more or less matches the information you gave me. I’d need more information to be exact.]

With that, I spoke of Leona’s appearance.
After listening to the gist of it, Setsuna nodded.

“… Ponytail huh, that’s definitely Grandma’s favorite hairstyle. Alright, I’ll tell you who Grandma is, so tell me where this Leona was sighted. I feel bad for everyone, but I have to chase after her…”
[I’m alright with telling you where first, but I won’t give any guarantees. Please tell me who she really is.]
“I know.”

Setsuna nodded suddenly. So I’ll finally know about what Leona truly is…

“Grandma is… a Dungeon Core.”
[Hoh, a peer of mine? … Hmm? But how is her identity something that needed to be hidden from me?]
“She’s a Dungeon Core, but, umm, she’s not just a Dungeon Core… I mean, uhh. She’s also a Dungeon Master.”

A Dungeon Core turned into a Dungeon Master…? Like how Rokuko called herself when we first met?
At any rate, I guess her being related to a dungeon is a fact now that I know she’s a Dungeon Master.

“And it’s also super hard to say… but she’s also a Hero.”

I see, so she’s a Hero eh?

… Hold up. I can understand being a Hero and a Dungeon Master. I mean, I’m like that.
But what about a Dungeon Core being a Hero?

[Is she a self-proclaimed Hero?]
“No, she’s a genuine Hero that was properly certified by God. She said that her black hair is evidence… as for me being the descendant of a Hero and a Dungeon Core, umm, there’s that. I-I don’t want to cause trouble.”
[Well, that’s good. I understand that you trust this place… But she’s not a Hero’s descendant right? I’d heard that Heroes have black hair and brown eyes?]
“Her eye color turning red is a side effect of the skill she has.”

A skill that causes the person’s eyes to turn red, huh. What kind of skill is it? A sight-type skill?
… Ah, is that why Haku-san’s eyes are red too? No, it’s alright right now huh? [3]

[What kind of skill is it?]
“She said that it’s [Super Massage Lv 10].”
[… Eh?]

It has [Super XX] as it’s name, so it’s a Hero’s skill, but massage? Moreover, Lv 10? That has to be a joke.

“I don’t know if it’s the truth or not, but it seems like a Hero’s skill.”
[Assuming it’s true, it sounds scary… but why’d that turn her eyes red?]
“So that she can see her target’s discomforts I think?” [4]

It’s to the point that I’d like to treat it like a hoax, but I can’t say anything about it after seeing what Rokuko was like after I’d talked with Leona.

[So uh, what’s up with her being a Hero, Dungeon Core, and Dungeon Master?]
“From what I was told, she has some skill called [Super Alchemy]… umm, it mixed them into her. The Hero and Dungeon Core parts, I mean.”
[… Eh? W-why’d she do something like that?]
“I don’t really know why, but that’s what she said.”

In other words—assuming what Setsuna said is true—Leona is literally light darkness combined. She’s basically a dangerous existence.
Is she an upgraded version of me? Ha ha, hah…

“So, where’s Grandma?”
[Ah. She came to this dungeon the other day… Right now she’s living in an area I built even farther inside than this place.]
“… Eh? She’s HERE!?”

Setsuna shouted in astonishment. Understandable.

[Yeah. To be frank, I want her to leave, but I thought it’d be better to take your situation into account. She’s under a kind of house arrest… she’s being docile for now, but I can’t say how long that’ll last. You should hurry up to meet her if you want to. I won’t block your way if you and Nayuta go together yourselves.]
“Alright… assuming Grandma’s here, it should take some time to prepare, two days at most.”
[Now that I think about it, I did keep her here for you. As a service for that, please, tell me your goal.]
“Okay. My goal is to have Grandma change my body back.”

Saying that, Setsuna smiled.


  • Dragonball series reference. Return
  • Information about Chanel No. 5 perfume at this Wikipedia page. Return
  • Pretty sure this is Keima referencing how Haku always seems to be aware of his thoughts/actions when she’s away, causing him to feel her bloodlust. Return
  • The word for ‘discomforts’ here also means: muscle stiffness, swelling, lumps, uneasiness, etc. Leona can basically see what’s affecting her target negatively. Supposedly. Return


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