Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 229

The Second Godly Beddings


I led the Succubi—Leona included—to the dungeon using an out-of-the-way path.
I’d decided have them enter through the backdoor I made.

“Just to be sure, I would like to check things out first.”
[Of course, go for it.]

Suira herself checked the residences before returning to the back door and saying that she found nothing wrong.
Not having proper bedding would be troubling, after all.
… Ah, the ‘I’d be troubled if it turned into [I’ll kill you after all]’ kind of situation? That huh~. It’s obvious when you take credibility into account.

This time, I guided the Succubi and Leona into the dungeon.
Michiru, who wasn’t there before, came as well. She was tightly holding onto the corners of Leona’s clothes in fright.
The other Succubi’s clothes are all practically strings, so maybe she was the only one whose clothes she could hold on to?

Also, even though the Succubi were all wary of traps, Leona walked in the lead without the slightest worry.
… It’s like her momentum would break traps just by stepping on them.
By the way, there are traps, but I’ve set them so that they’ll only activate if unauthorized people come here.

“There were several rooms on the way, but there weren’t really any traps, were there?”
“Cheh, how boring.”

Why’s she looking disappointed… Wait, was her confidence from being able to manage even if there were traps? This isn’t a situation where I can pick a fight.
Like that, we appeared in the Meadow Area. There were twelve container houses lined up. Everyone other than Suira, who’d already seen them, was surprised.
Leona looked at me with a smile.

“Golem-san, thank you for preparing such a good residence for us.”
[Ah, yeah. Please let me know if you need anything. Though as for whether or not I’ll be able to accommodate you, I don’t know.]

Leona’s daily DP is still changing a lot. It’s at 2480 right now, but it was 0 a little while ago. C’mon, it’s changing way too much for me to figure anything out.
Or maybe this is also something that happens with people with a connection to dungeons… I mean, she is something like Haku-san’s acquaintance… she said to not talk to her about dungeon stuff though…

“Being given something as great as this, aaah, it’s so wonderful. I could bring anyone I want here!”
[Though there is a possibility that people will come along since this is a dungeon… well, you all can do what you want with them. Just don’t kill them, let them come back alive.]
“May we take away their possessions too?”
[… Try not to overdo it okay? At least leave them with their underwear intact.]
“Eh, but that’s the most delicious spot!”
[I’m not so sure I know what meaning of ‘delicious’ you’re using, but in that case at least leave them with a jacket. If you just roll them over there unconscious, I’ll have Golems take them back out in front of the dungeon.]

Leona replied obediently. The other Succubi appeared to assent as well.

[I’ll make sure to bring normal food as well since there won’t be so many people coming here.]
“Thanks… But really, there’s even a toilet and a bath, isn’t there? Are you not planning anything?”
[Nothing right now. As for what I’ll be planning, I’m thinking of how I should make use of you Succubi from here on.]
“Oh? The ‘no plan’ type? So that’s why even my eyes can’t see through this.”

What’s that about your red eyes now?
… Yep, first thing I’m going to do is somehow contact Setsuna from the dungeon side of things and leak her whereabouts.

“Right, Suira. Should we give it ‘that’ as thanks?”
“‘That’, you mean… Leona-sama, you don’t mean…?”
“Yeah, let’s give it the Succubus treasure, the [Godly Beddings].”

… Did she just say… [Godly Beddings]…?
I recalled the Rokuko-exclusive use [Godly Beddings] series [Godly Comforter] Rokuko got from [Father] from our previous Dungeon Battle.
I also used it one time by transforming into Rokuko, but it really did feel wonderful.

“Oh, Golem-san. The [Godly Beddings] are beddings said to be the highest quality of pleasant sleep you could ever have—to the point of being godly—if you collect the full set.”

Supreme sleep at the level of godhood… that really is attractive.
It might be a good idea to try collecting the rest. I’d absolutely love to get it from her if I could.
But unfortunately, the Succubi stopped Leona.

“Please wait, Leona-sama! The [Godly Beddings] is a Succubus treasure. It’s an item that is powerful and must be strictly controlled!”
“Yeah, Leona-sama! It’s an item we left to you because you’re Leona-sama! I can’t approve of just giving it to Golem-san who we just met yesterday!”
“Now now… sleep isn’t necessary for Golems, so I thought that its management would be fine in Golem-san’s hands. Besides, it would be [Authentic] if it was put in the deepest depths of a dungeon right?”

Authentic, huh… being a treasure deep within a dungeon would be authentic.

… I want that Godly Beddings.
How comfortable must it be if it’s even called the Succubus treasure?
—ah, I can’t be greedy here. I have to pretend to be disinterested to the bitter end and get the Godly Beddings through a natural flow.

[Well, I’m fine either way, but if I had to say, if it’s something you’re offering, I’d like to have it. I’m a bit curious, could I see the Godly Beddings? Rather, could I even use it? I mean, I’d also like to hear if it’s restricted as a Succubus-only item or if there’s some other restriction.]
“Wow, Golem-san’s suuuper drooling for it.”
“See, Leona-sama? It obviously wants it! Even though it’s a Golem!”

W-what did I do wrong? Even though they shouldn’t have been able to read my expression through the Golem…

[What’re you talking about. You’re misunderstanding me. All it was was that I’m a little interested in the effectiveness of the Godly Beddings and its comfort. I never intended to misuse it at all! I genuinely just want to try using it as my beddings!]
“… For now, that’s enough as thanks right?”
“No but it’s still the Succubus treasure, it’s not something we can give away so easily right, Leona-sama? I’m also afraid that it will be misused…”

Why are the Succubi’s expressions all like they’re looking at something bad? Is using it no good? Kuh, the heck!? Beddings are meant to be used!

“Now now, I think it’s alright if Golem-san uses it how it wants if we give it it for now. Rather, I’m interested on how Golem-san will use it.”
[… Ooh…! You’re very reasonable, Leona.]
“But what Suira and the others have said is true. We haven’t known you for long, Golem-san, so let’s put the Godly Beddings on hold~”
[… Kuh, o-oh well. There’s still a lot of stuff we don’t know about each other, it can’t be helped that you don’t trust me yet. So then, umm, about when do you think it’d turn into being alright?]
“I wonder now. Hmm, I guess I’d be fine offering it to you if I feel that we can get along well. So sooner or later?”

Leona spoke with a sweet smile on her face.

“Right, we will give you the Succubus treasure, the Godly Beddings’ [Godly Comforter]!”

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