Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 228

Acceptance Preparations


I’m getting the feeling that what’s going on is a bit over what I can deal with, so let’s inform Haku-san about what’s going on.
I mean, I don’t think our neighbor (Ontentoo) could even handle them.

I had Rokuko to write a letter saying [Some dangerous girl named Leona came].
I then teleported the letter to [White Beach] that I’d made during the previous Dungeon Battle.
… There’s a [White Labyrinth] derivation dungeon next to it for contact purposes named [White Secret] (named by Haku-san). It’s basically a dungeon for the sake of having a hotline to contact Haku-san.
After the Dungeon Battle, Haku-san set up a cabin—that’s all the dungeon is. To be frank, it’s just one of Haku-san’s holiday houses that has dungeon functions.
She even has a Silky living there as a housekeeper.
Rather than for maintaining the cabin, the housekeeper’s only there to wait for Rokuko trying to contact her. It’s a bit of an extravagant usage, but that’s just something the existence known as Haku-san can afford to do.
While I’m definitely thankful that it gives us a means to quickly get in contact with Haku-san, it’s pretty terrifying.
Entrusting the letter to the taciturn girl wearing green-colored maid clothes, I returned.
By the way, the person waiting for letters on our side is the Dungeon Boss Tentacle Slime, Ten-san. Jiggly.
It’s arranged such that when letters are mailed to our box and gets to Ten-san, he’ll contact me.

Now that our report was sent, the response should come soon. It’s Haku-san we’re talking about, so it’ll be tomorrow at the latest.




Let’s make a dormitory for the Succubi to stay in for now… As for its location, I guess I could put it in the Meadow Area? That is, the rest stop place I’ve been making next to the Warehouse Area.
Didn’t I make it a Safety Zone? It won’t be a Safety Zone anymore if there’s going to be monsters in it will it?

… Well, it’s time for Narikin Mask for the first time in a long time!

“Umm, Kehma? Do you need to do that? No one’s come so far into the dungeon yet though?”
“It’s a matter of mood, so I’m Narikin.”
“There’s no helping it if it’s about mood huh… well, will you be building it instantly this time too?”

… I’ve just been taking out the stuff I’d built in advance though?

“Still, I’m going to have to build the modules out of Wood Golems this time. So please prepare a large amount of wood for me.”
“Yeah yeah, I’ll take it out of the stockpile.”

Rokuko dropped a ton of logs and branches from the Master Room’s corner out into the Meadow Area, forming a pile. It caused a few to break or crack, but it’s not a problem since I’m going to be using [Create Golem] anyway.

“Well then, here I go… [Create Golem]~”

I filled the small hill of wood with my magical power, permeating it and gaining control of it. Then I changed its form like I was kneading clay—
The first thing I need to do is organize it all. I finished cutting it down into planks, supports, and other wood products needed to build a house.
The bark can be used for something else so I kept it in another pile.

“Kehma, couldn’t you make a living with that trick alone at this point?”
“Don’t call it a trick. I’m not even worried about making a living anyway since we have the inn yeah? Also, I have the mask on right now, I’m Narikin.”

Although just processing wood into lumber would be plenty enough to make a living, I seriously don’t want to work.

“Well, I’ll be taking out some normal Golems and attaching everything together with them through [Create Golem] next.”
“You don’t even need nails huh~”
“I’ll be using some as camouflage anyway though.”

Getting help from the large Stone Golems I’d made to be like heavy machinery, I bonded them together.
I finished all twelve of the room modules rather quickly. The reason there’s one extra is so that it’ll be a nice and even number.
Well, I used each of the rooms to build it like a single container house and I’m planning on having the toilet and bath shared, so it’s mostly complete.
As for furniture, for now I’ll just put a single bed and an empty box to put things in in each of the rooms. It’s perfect.

“Now I just need to add a roof and make an entrance pathway and it’ll be done… whoops, I gotta add the toilet and bath as well still.”

Six containers were lined up next to each other with two rows facing each other, making twelve in all. 1
It has a bit of a village feel to it. I’d say it feels more like a downtown shopping street if it was a shop though.

I set up a water source nearby and made a proper toilet with the dungeon’s functions… ah, do Succubi even need to use the toilet? Whatever. I also made a bath.
The onsen’s water pipe heads through the area near here, so I’ll just extend it a bit to make a bathing area here as well. It’s a perfect open-air type.

“One hour forty minutes!”

So you kept looking at the clock to keep track of the time it took?

“… Awake Kehma is suuuuper efficient.”
“Cut it out, I won’t do anymore work even if you praise me.”
“But you didn’t even take two hours… I heard that a good carpenter would normally take a few days to build a house though, you know?”
“I can’t secure my sleeping hours if I’m not fast after all.”

Still though, [Create Golem] can do anything.
And now everything’s in place to call over the Succubi.

“… I’d planned on making it so that we could observe them as much as possible, but it’s more like we’re just inviting enemies into the dungeon. I guess we’ll move the core to the inn when we bring them here?”
“Probably. We should pay close attention to that Leona girl too right?”

I’ll have Rokuko and the others keep up the surveillance. I’m going to sleep.
… Tomorrow should be good for calling them all over.




Haku-san’s reply came the next day.

“What did she write?”
“… Umm, how should I put it?”

Haku-san’s letter said: [Absolutely kill Leona if you have the chance. As for you being killed instead… that probably won’t happen, but don’t push it. Also, make sure that Rokuko-chan doesn’t get seen by Leona. It’ll corrupt her.]

“What, Haku Ane-sama knows Leona? It looks like she has a grudge too.”
“… Really? Who is she? Seriously.”

An influential person that’s lived a long time. She’s even been marked by Haku-san? Or is she the one that marked Haku-san… Either way, getting Haku-san’s message saying that [You being killed won’t happen], that’s huge. Well, it’s a bit vague since she said ‘probably’ though.

It didn’t look like Haku-san was panicking, so it’s probably not an imminent crisis for now at least.
I can feel relieved for now… now, to sleep!

… Also, Haku-san’s letter said to [Not talk about the dungeon’s stuff], that’s really troubling.
Crap… seriously, crap. I already tried out employing the Succubi for the dungeon. If I told Haku-san that, my life might be in jeopardy…

Yeah, let’s keep quiet on that.

“Well, the most important thing is that we know what’s going on before they came into the dungeon. Well, guess it’s time to invite the Succubi over with Euma?”
“By the way, how are we going to get them into the dungeon? Won’t they be exposed if they come in through the entrance?”
“… I forgot about that.”

I’ll have to open up a side entrance to the dungeon huh.
Should I close it up when we’re done or keep it open as a back door?



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  1. I might be picturing this wrong, but in my head it’s almost like an entrance into a hallway with 6 rooms on each side of it…? Keima’s description is weird.
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