Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 227



It was coming through the monitor, but a cold shiver ran down my back.
It’s similar to the time I first saw Haku-san—a dangerous person.

I don’t really know what she’s thinking, but she has that unreasonable [Something] scent to her.

Right. I should be able to see her DP per day since she’s inside the dungeon’s domain now.
I opened the menu to quickly check it out. Let’s see…

124,800 DP?

My eyes must be worn out.
I rubbed them and took another look.

It’s 1248 DP this time.
I see, so 1248 DP huh.
That’s great, she’s just at the level of a Hero.

I was just seeing things. There’s no way she could be worth more than 100,000 DP… yeah, let’s go with that.
I didn’t see anything. Please spare me.

“Nice to meet you, I’m called Leona.”
[… Nice to meet you. I’m—right, you can call me Golem-san. Well, that’s all for today then.]
“Golem-san, is it? Fufufu, I’ll be receiving your dungeon’s graces for a while!”

To be honest, I don’t want to get involved with her to the point that I don’t even want to tell her my pseudonym, Euma.
… Rather, Leona. The grandmother of our two part-time waitresses Setsuna and Nayuta, the owner of the ridiculously broken wolf slime Rin, and the person who might also be Meat’s grandmother… is that all?
She has black hair and red eyes, so she matches with the information I heard from Setsuna. I can only really see her as a high school girl, but that’s also following along with the information.
Come to think of it, Setsuna said that she was a Succubus or something and that a Succubus would be able to understand she was [Different] on sight, didn’t see?
… Do I not need to be wary her being a Succubus but that she’s [Something that isn’t a Succubus that slipped into a group of Succubi]?
Umm, about that…
Seriously, please spare me.

“Ah, there are some circumstances causing me to be chased so I’d be thankful if you could hide me.”
[Well, about that. I can’t guarantee it. It’ll depend on the other party.]
“It’d be great if you could. Well, it’s not like I couldn’t handle it myself if not…”

You know who’s chasing you right? They’re your grand kids yeah?

[Umm, right. Should I call you Leona-sama or something?]
“I don’t mind if you want to drop the honorific. Everyone seems to end up using it though.”

Leona glanced over at a Succubus. But the Succubus just shook her head really fast.

“But Leona-sama has all of my gratitude…”
“It’s like that.”
[The heck did you do?]
“I just improved the Succubus race’s food situation, it wasn’t anything major.”

The Succubi’s food situation? Just what did you do? It’s probably better if I don’t ask. Let’s just move on.
I decided to change the topic.

[… Uhh, so why is a human like you moving around with Succubi?]
“Because it sounded fun.”
[I’m just making sure, but umm, you are a human and not a Succubus right?]
“I’m an everyday seventeen year old human female.”

Seventeen eh? Is that so. I’ll overlook that.
But one of the Succubi asked Leona directly.

“Leona-sama, didn’t you say you were seventeen around three years ago?”
“There are some humans that don’t age.”

No there aren’t!

“For a famous example, there is Haku Raverio, the empire’s progenitor.”

There is! But Haku-san is a Dungeon Core!
At the very least, Leona has perpetual youth… that’s also according to what I know already though.

[Well alright. Since I don’t intend to deal with you as a human…]
“Ooh, so you want to turn me into a seedbed for Goblins and Orcs!?”
[Why do you look so happy?—I mean, I’ll be treating you the same as the Succubi.]

… Why do she look so down put? I seriously don’t get what she’s thinking…
I feel like I’m started to understand why Rin was how it was if she’s the one that raised it.
I looked away from Leona and spoke to Suira.

[Please wait in the shack here for now. I’ll call for you when I’m ready to accept you all. It should be around three days at the latest.]
[Cya then.]




We collected the group of Golems lead by Euma into the Master Room.

Whoops, we have to collect Meat as well. With that, I looked at Rokuko.

Rokuko had fallen over onto the floor for some reason.

“O-oi, Rokuko!?”
“U-uu… K-Keima?”

She responded when I shook her.

“… Uu, my head’s pounding…”

Eh, what happened?
Come to think of it, Rokuko’s been quiet since a bit ago.

“It suddenly went boom and I started feeling bad… like something amazing jolted my body.”
“No way, did Leona do something?”
“I don’t know, but I felt it when she entered the dungeon’s domain.”

Does that have any relation to when I saw that hundred thousand-plus DP per day?
… No way, for her to do a Direct Attack to the dungeon Core… seriously, who is she?
This is something I have to figure out sooner rather than later.

“It’s alright, I don’t really know why… but I’m alright now. I mean, I feel fine physically.”
“Don’t push yourself okay? But you know your body the best, so… ah, please collect Meat.”

As soon as Rokuko waved her hand, Meat teleported into the Master Room.
Teleported, Meat fell onto the floor like she’d hit her limits and was exhausted.

“Hey!? This time it’s Meat?—Oi, are you alright!?”

When I touched her shoulder, her body felt strangely cold.
When I took a closer look, her complexion was bad and she was trembling.

“… G-Goshujin-sama…”
“Calm down. What happened?”

“… N-nothing, at all… but my body, it won’t stop shaking…”

I should warm her body for right now.

“… First, buy a water bottle with DP… then [Water] & [Fireball]!”

I heated up water I’d created with [Water] through a weakened [Fireball] and put it into a 5 DP hot water bottle. I had Meat hold it to warm her up a bit and covered her with a blanket I took out of my [Storage].

“Th—… thank you very much…”

“Meat, are you alright? Do you want to eat a melon roll?”
“A hamburger would be nice…”

It looks like she has a bit left in her.
She gradually calmed down after I gave her a warm hamburger to eat.

“So you don’t know why?”
“… Yeah. Sorry. I should have been watching the shack from a long distance away, but my body stopped moving at some point.”
[You’d talked to the point that I wasn’t exposed either, but there wasn’t any reactions at all~] [1]

So it’s better if Meat doesn’t contact Leona huh.
Considering that Wanko Succubus is what I thought our best fighting strength was, what should I do… the Succubi’s employment is already full of troubles.
I guess for a silver lining here, it’s not as though she’s hostile, she’s at least friendly on the surface.

“Hey, Kehma, what are we going to do?”
“… Let me think for a bit.”

But like a lot of unpleasant situations, that doesn’t seem to be her true intention.
We can’t approach this haphazardly…


  • I can’t seem to figure out the proper pronoun for this sentence. The raw only says “[blank] had talked to the point I wasn’t exposed either, but no reaction at all~”.Return



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