Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 223

The Little Girl’s Older Sister


There was an awkward silence.
Guess I gotta go the distance and keep on pushing…

“Phew. Michiru, you’re so charming. Enough so that you even charmed me.”

… Yep, she didn’t think I’d say it.
I’m acting like I got charmed, but well, I don’t feel like I could act like Neru who was doing whatever she wanted last night at all.

As soon as I started to think I failed, Michiru looked at me as though to see if I really was.

“Eh, really?”
“Michiru-chan’s so cute.”

When I praised her to make doubly sure, Michiru went full-on shy mode.
Is it alright for her to be like that?

“Y-you’ll do whatever I ask?”
“Yeah yeah, just ask. Michiru-chan’s so cute, how could I not~”

When I said that, Michiru smiled.

“T-then, Village Chief-san! Please turn around and wave.”

While thinking about what the heck was up with her request, I turned around in a circle and waved at Michiru.

“I did it! Then next, please do a handstand!”
“Ah, sorry. I can’t do a handstand.”
“Do something about that!”
“… I think the charm might break from the shock of me failing though~”
“… If you can’t do it, oh well.”

Is it alright for her to be like that?
I’m the one to say it, but the hurdle for looking like I’m charmed is pretty low. Neru obviously overdid it. I glanced at the ring (Neru). It felt like the ring’s magic stone was shining faintly as though to gloss over it.
Well, let’s just say you passed.

“So, what should I do for Michiru-chan? Tickle you?”
“Pii!? No tickling! Y-you can only a-attack me inside a dream! Ah, umm. I want Village Chief to go somewhere with me… umm, outside of the village.”
“Alright, let’s head out.”
“Ah, but let’s get breakfast before that since I’m hungry!”
“Okay, are you good with a sandwich?”

Her smiling face was dazzling. How should I say this… you didn’t actually charm me, so uhh, sorry?
… Wait, won’t I actually get charmed if I start thinking like that? Gotta be careful.




After eating the sandwiches I brought out, we quietly left the inn and headed outside the village.
Although I’d be leaving the dungeon’s domain… I have the clothes golem and was using [Super Transformation] to transform into myself and give me an extra life, so I have a decent safety margin. I should be able to manage one way or another.
The only flaw in this state is that [Blackout Resistance] is weak, but since I have Neru here they shouldn’t be able to do anything even if they make me faint and try to do something in my dreams.
At worst, there’s the possibility I get possessed and turn into a Succubus… no, let’s not think about that.

We headed out to a clearing in the forest.
After unhesitatingly walking all the way here, Michiru looked around restlessly. It wasn’t like she got lost, but it felt like she was worrying over whether or not the person she was going to meet was here.
Michiru put her fingers into her mouth and blew hard.

“Phuuuuu—! Huh? But there’s a sound when Onee-sama does that…”
“… Were you wanting to whistle?”
“U-umm, please don’t worry about that.”
“Aah, I can see the adorable Michiru-chan’s cuteness, so I’m not worrying at all. Couldn’t you just call for her by shouting?”

Michiru cried out in a pretty loud voice. It hurt my ears a bit.
A little while after that, a well-styled adult woman with the same pink hair as Michiru came out from behind the thicket… Hoh, those are some wonderful legs. Even her feet… gulp.

“Onee-sama! I did it!”
“Shh! You’re too loud. But, Michiru, well done.”

Wearing very Succubus-like, lewd clothing that didn’t really cover much, the woman stroked Michiru’s head. Michiru cuddled against the woman’s stomach with her cheek like a puppy.
So this is her [Onee-sama]? The one Michiru said was a Succubus? Yep, she definitely looks like one.

“This person is the Village Chief? … I’d heard the rumors, but he really is young.”

She licked her lips, gulping back some saliva.

“Pleased to meet you. [Onee-sama]-san? Could I ask your name?”
“Before that. Michiru, is the Village Chief really under your charm?”
“Okay… then, could you order him to dogeza and to say that he wants to lick my feet?”
“Of course! Village Chief, go on.”
“Yes, please let me lick your feet, Onee-sama! Without your shoes on, if I can!”

I dogeza’d with the feeling of wanting to devour her. I’m acting, so I have to do this. Ah, it’s so hard for me to do this~, why is she making me dogeza~, why~

“… I see, he proactively responded to an order to do something with a woman even though he likes young girls. He is definitely charmed.”
“Right!? Huhuhun.”

Looks like Onee-sama was totally deceived by my acting.
So, your feet? … Ah, no, it’s nothing.

“So then, could you order Village Chief-san to sign this contract?”
“Yes! Village Chief-san, please sign this contract.”

I got up out of the dogeza and received the pen and contract from Michiru.
… Hohoh, this paper is official. Let’s see…?

“Please hurry up and sign it, right under Onee-sama’s okay?”
“One moment, I’m the type to properly read everything inside a contract before signing it. Wouldn’t if be bad if the charm broke from me doing something different from what I usually do? It’s Michiru’s charm yeah?”
“Ah, right.”
“For you to be so stuck to your habits even while charmed, you really must be an unexpectedly proper Village Chief.”
“Even as a figurehead Village Chief, I don’t want to accidentally fall into debt~”

Michiru and that Onee-sama looked convinced, so I read the contract.
… As for its contents, hmm. Huh? Isn’t this the same contract as what Wozuma brought me a while back? It’s just asking for the permission to construct a standard brothel. The only difference is that the person in charge of it is written to be [Suira].

“Who is this Suira person that would be in charge?”

So that’s you huh. Looks like Michiru’s sister is named Suira.

“Hmm, what is Suira-san’s goal? I’d like to know so that I could sign it with good faith.”
“… Michiru. Order him to hurry up and sign it.”
“Yes! Village Chief-san, please sign it.”
“Well well. Let’s see, Michiru-chan and Suira-san alone wouldn’t be enough to work at one of this size huh… Would the other employees be Succubi as well? Why would you want this village in particular? Wouldn’t it be more profitable at Sia?”
“W-wait a second. Are you really charmed? How are you able to be so detailed…”
“Hmm? Isn’t that stuff natural to ask? Natural, I say. Ordinary. Commonplace even. To the point that it’s like breathing. Even if you finally make it, it would just collapse if you don’t have enough employees to manage it. If you have more employees, that means more villagers, which means we’d have to secure more food, and there’d be a racial difference. You wouldn’t have to worry about that stuff if you went to Sia, so I wanted to make sure. See? It’s natural.”

Michiru looked at me somewhat doubtfully as I smoothly spouted off random stuff. And so I now have to show off that I’m still charmed, like I’d just remembered I was.

“Aah, Michiru’s suspicious expression is soooo cute~”
“He’s still charmed…”
“Is he? Is it because I’m a half…?”
“Hey now! Michiru, you are a splendid Succubus! I guarantee it!”

The two embraced each other. This is good. I’d like to ask if they’re sure about that, though.

“… Well, alright. There are eight other Succubus employees and one human. Succubi’s main nutrition comes from life energy, so it’s alright if we just eat enough normal food to camouflage that… As for why we aren’t going to Sia, it’s because we don’t have money to open a business there.”

Believing that I’m charmed, Suira answer quite well.
I see, so there’s eight other Succubi and a human.

“Wait, there’s a human amongst you Succubi?”
“Yeah. A comrade in prostitution. Enough of a nympho to be called a Succubus… wait, that’s enough, so sign it alright?”

Aah, what should I do?
I already heard what I wanted to hear, so I guess it’s fine to expose myself?

“Rejected. It’d bad for children’ education.”
“… Huh?”

Suira was stunned.
Michiru pulled on my clothes in a panic.

“H-hey, Village Chief-san!? That’s not what I said, I said sign it… please sign it because of my cuteness!”
“Aah, Michiru is cute, very cute. I’m going to head back home now. Ah, I don’t mind hiring two or three of you if you want to work as waitresses. It looks like you have some circumstances, but eleven people really is a bit much, so maybe a shift system with hourly pay…”
“Please wait! You aren’t charmed!?”

Suira stood with her hands out before her. The starting actions to cast a magic skill.

“You know that we are Succubi, so we can’t let you live.”
“Hoh… Then I guess we’ll just have to fight?”

I also took a stance. I have some new techniques since I was watching Wataru teach Setsuna judo a few days ago when he came by, so let’s finally give them a try.

I caught Suira’s arm and, while pulling on it, kicked out her legs. I then pinned her on the ground.

“Kyaaah!? T-this isn’t happening…”

I was worried about something falling out since her clothing covered so little, but it ended pretty quick. Back-lying perpendicular arm bar. [1]

… Ah, she smells good. And that soft squishiness particular to women feels great.

And then my mind started feeling warm and comfy.


  • This is the move he used. It’s “one of the official 29 grappling techniques of Kodokan Judo”. Return



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