Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 222

The Little Girl’s Midnight Visit


“And that’s how it is!”
“Yep, but why?”

Simply put, the little girl I put a marker on came back rather thoughtlessly, so Kinue took her in. It also looks like they become friends and she managed to get a lot of information from her…
While I was being surprised at Kinue-san’s unexpected excellence, I sorted out and reviewed the information we have concerning that pink girl.

– “It’s a secret, but I’m a Succubus.”
– “I know I look like this but I’m probably older than you, Kinue!” (Her mental age seems to be about what she looks like.)
– “Fuah!? This cake is super tasty!”
– “Umm, Onee-sama is a super amazing Succubus though?”
– “Kinue is my friend. I’ll protect you so that Onee-sama doesn’t attack you.”
– “Ah, but you can make cake so you’re definitely useful, Kinue!”

She was able to get her to say those things.
… Isn’t that girl a bit too easy?

“Kinue said that there was also the possibility of it actually being a trap.”
“So the info is what’s behind what she said?”

So they decided to leave the call to me, huh. Is it that I’m trusted or that I’m good at performing?
Enough about that little girl being a Succubus. I’m more anxious about her older sister.

“Oi Neru, time for some work.”
[Kaaay, Succubus hunting!]
“No, my guard. In my dreams.”

She’s getting a bit ahead of herself there. Just a bit.




Under Kinue’s cooperation, Michiru came to the inn room the Village Chief slept in.
It looked like he moved his bed to a part of the inn with lots of people as a precaution against Succubi.

“Uu, thanks Kinue. You even went this far to help me.”
“Oh my, aren’t we friends? You don’t have to worry about it, Michiru.”
“Friends… Kinue. Please tell me if you’re ever in trouble okay? I’ll help with anything!”
“Fufufu, in that case, would you help me working at the inn next time then?”

Seeing Michiru’s smile cover her whole face, Kinue smiled back.

“Oh, the room is locked. What will you do?”
“It’s alright! I’m a Succubus so I can sneak into the room with Dream Dive! But I’ll end up turning back into my physical body if I wind up actually sleeping though…”
“Will you go to sleep in the hallway then? It isn’t dirty since I’ve cleaned it though. Right, shall I bring you a blanket?”
“It’s alright, my physical body disappears when I use Dream Dive. Cya in a bit!”

With that, Michiru used her skill, Dream Dive. Her body disappeared like it had melted into the air.
Her view changed. Her vision ignored doors, walls, even floors and ceilings. The only things she saw were people who were asleep. This vision was something that only those who could dive into others’ dreams, such as Succubi and Incubi, could see. Sleeping people looked like masses of white light, everything else was pitch black.
Moreover, as Michiru was a Succubus, the masses of white light that represented men had red outlines. The red outlines were a sign that they were targets she could get into. (Although it wasn’t as though she couldn’t get into ones without a red outline, it was somewhat difficult to do so.)
She could see the people who were sleeping in the inn’s other rooms as well, but she ignored everything other than the Village Chief.
As though nothing were obstructing her, Michiru ignored the door as she slowly approached the white light that belonged to the Village Chief.
Caressing its red outline, she poofed into the Village Chief’s dream.

In it was the same gorgeous room as the other day.
And something that was also the same as the other day—the Village Chief was sleeping in the bed.

“… I’ll definitely succeed in charming him this time!”

Michiru squirmed into his bed. The bed was so comfortable that it felt like a good place to go to sleep… but if she fell asleep, she’d wind up being driven out of the dream. (It appears that she wouldn’t be driven out if the dream’s owner was paying attention to her.)
Resisting the urge to sleep in the sleep-inducing bed, Michiru’s head popped out from underneath the blanket right next to the Village Chief’s head.
Once it appeared as though the two were sleeping together, she reached out and shook the Village Chief awake.

“Village Chief-sama, Village Chief-sama.”
“Mmm… ah, you’re that girl from the other day?”
“U-umm… d-don’t you want to feel good with me?”

Her clothing seemed more shameful than arousing the other day, so she was in her normal clothes this time. Even so, it was a Succubus’ default, so it still showed a lot of skin.

“Yep, no way I’m holdin’ back! A little girl, ha ha!”
“Kyaaah!? V-Village Chief-san!?”

Michiru got overwhelmed by the Village Chief’s sudden excitement. While thinking about how she hadn’t expected for her normal garment to be attractive, she felt a tinge of fear from the Village Chief’s bloodshot eyes.

“U-umm, please be gentle… uhh, it’s alright since this is a dream, but, umm, just—just in case, okay?”
“Fufufu, just leave it to me. I might look like this, but I’m a gentleman.”
“Kyaah, sto—t-there…. nn! Kyaah, hyaah!?”

The Village Chief abruptly started ticking Michiru’s feet.

“Haha! A little girl’s feet, ha ha!”
“Kyahahahaha! Th-that’s tickliiish! Ahaa, hyaaau, aha, ahahahahaaa!”

And like that, Michiru’s feet kept being tickled until the Village Chief was satisfied.
She felt like her stomach muscles must’ve gotten a workout… it was a dream though.




“I can’t sleep when it’s so noisy… well, I’m already dreaming though.”

Listening to the laughter coming from the little girl, I—still inside my futon under the bed—complained.

I’d asked Neru to be my substitute.
Succubi are able to change their appearances freely inside dreams, so I asked Neru to act like she was a charmed version of me and see how the girl reacted.
A so-called sting operation.

By the way, I wanted my guard (Neru) to be near, so I got the ring back and put it on. There’s no problem so long as she doesn’t use Possession.
… Besides, sleeping with the Doll would be a bit…
It’s a hard, heavy lump of iron that’s way too cold to sleep with and above all, its existence alone would make the sting operation fishy.

Although I’ll have to pretend that I got charmed after I wake up, but Succubi basically only use their seductive techniques to get what they want inside dreams. Given the premise that I’ve been charmed after I wake up, I probably won’t be found out if I just act the part. Probably?
Well, it doesn’t really matter even if I fail, so I guess it’s alright.

… Rather, is that what Neru thinks I’d do? Isn’t that just a bit overkill?
I think that I’d be a bit more amicable… and when I thought that, a telepathic communication came from Neru.

[It wouldn’t feel like I was charmed if I didn’t do this much.]
[Please don’t say anything. We’ll be found out if she hears right?]

Yep, it’s a dream so I can obviously use telepathy. Well, I’ll leave it to you, then.

[I’ll keep doing my best in this act then! I’ll leave what’s after to you okay?]

Just as Neru said that, the situation on top of the bed progressed.
Or perhaps I should say that it looks like Neru strengthened her attack.

“… Can I… lick your feet? I can, right?”
“Hiii… hyuuu, p-please sto—…. ah, no, it’s not like you can’t, umm, j-just, my breath… and various other things will leak if you…”
“Liiicky licklick lick liiiiiick, lililiiiiick!”
“Nyahiii—! Kyuhyuuu, kahyuu… a—hyuuuu…!”

I could hear the sound of her gasping and writhing on top of the bed.
… Just what is she doing up there? Sounds a bit nasty…
Well, I’ll just put my earplugs in and get back to sleep. I’m already dreaming though.




And then morning came.

“… Hmm, that was some good sleep… woah.”

Waking up, I saw the pink-haired girl… Michiru laying next to me.
However, whether or not she was conscious was a bit dubious. Her eyes were vacant, she was breathing weakly, and most of all, she twitched every so often. There was even the traces of tears on her eyes. Saliva dripped from her half-open, weakened mouth, too.

Are you alright? Oi.
Let’s see… her eyes are open, so she isn’t asleep, right?

“Yeeeesh!? Ha—ah, haah, haah… I-I’m alive… haah, I can breathe, it’s a miracle…”

Ah, good. Looks like she’s alright.
Michiru was taking deep breaths.
Then, at the moment she took a victory pose, she locked eyes with me.

“… Hyiii!? V-Village Chief-samaaa!?”
“H-hey there.”

She frantically backed up towards the wall. What’s this girl doing… ah, right, I have to act like I got charmed.

“L-last night was crazy yeah, Babe? I’ll answer whatever, got anything to ask?”

Crap. Was that a bit too forced?



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