Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 220

Succubus 3


… Ah!

Crap, I wound up staying up all night. It’s already morning!
… I can’t stop myself when I get into making a robot. I just gave priority to something that isn’t sleeping… I need to be more careful.
Well, thanks to that, the Golem that’ll be the Succubus’ container is done, but—

“What do you think? This is feminine yeah?”
[Ah, sorry. I fell asleep. So you finished?]

You need to sleep even though you don’t have a body?
By the way, its theme is a robomaid. I made it have a curvy, feminine body by making an Iron Golem’s joints mannequin-like. I’m pretty confident in my results here. Other than its face.
… The face is, well, it’s a simple round face with cyber-like red sunglasses. The artificial ruby eyes I made for it feel like they’re tsurime, but I’m not too confident in them so I put a similarly artificial ruby-made horizontal line-type visor on it to cover them up. [1]
I feel like the result has a good robomaid feeling to it.

[Hmm, couldn’t the face be a little more beautiful? It looks rather plain, doesn’t it?]
“Please don’t comment about anything concerning the face. That’s my limit…”
[Eh? Hmm, oh well then. This is good enough, I’ll let you off the hook.]

Hoh, how self-important you are.

“By the way, where did Rokuko and the others head off to?”
[Rokuko-sama and them went outside. She said they were going to head back home and sleep… but why would a Dungeon Core say ‘head back home’?]
“Ah, there’s an inn I built outside. We usually sleep there.”

… Still though, her reaction towards my [Create Golem] was pretty weak.

[Well, I was surprised when you started yesterday. You went into serious mode when you were giving orders for you to make the arms and legs, don’t you remember?]
“Aah, yeah, maybe? It feels like I did something like that… yep, even if I’m the one to say it, the legs really did come out great. They look soft even though they’re made from iron.”
[You had me possess Meat-senpai to use her legs as reference after all. Master was saying stuff like it wasn’t good enough while putting so much energy into it, it was such a turnoff~!]

I don’t remember that at all. I did that?

[Eh? You don’t remember? … You were licking her legs. And were tickling them. Meat-senpai begged for you to stop, but Master wasn’t taking no for an answer… and then you two became one.]
“Eh, holdup. Sorry, did that really happen?”
[Nope, that was a lie. Specifically, it was a lie starting from the possession part. Rokuko-sama stopped you.]

That was a lie? Bastard. Ah, she’s not a bastard, she’s a Succubus. [2]
I put her ring onto the Golem to posses for now.
Now I’ll just make it fit properly with [Create Golem] aaaand… done.

“There you go.”
[Alright, I’ll possess it.]

Its ruby eyes flashed—at least, it felt like they did.
The Golem got up and moved even without me ordering it… Yep, those are some fine legs. My ability to shape them is amazing if I do say so myself.

[Oooh! This is… so much more human-like than I thought it’d be! How should I say it… the operating feel, yeah, the operating feel is very human-like!]
“Good, I’d mixed a bit of orichalcum into its joints, so it shouldn’t be slow in day-to-day tasks like Golems usually are. Rather, it should even be fine in a hand-to-hand fight.”
[Seriously? For you to make a Golem with orichalcum in it, that’s amazing, Master.]

The Golem punched the air. Yep, the performance is so much different when I use orichalcum. It shouldn’t even be called a normal Golem at this point.

“Rather than a Golem, it’s more like a Doll. There’s no mechanisms in it to call it a machine doll after all.” [3]
[This is wonderful, Master! I’ll follow you forever!]
“How about we go show it off to Rokuko and the others! This is my number one masterpiece!”




“Ah, Kehma. Morning. You’re back to yourself now?”
“… Yeah. That was, uhh, I went on a high since I didn’t get any sleep…”

After going to sleep and getting back up, I was performing a seiza in front of Rokuko.
The Succubus inside the Doll was together with me.

“But still, you made a cute Golem huh. I thought you’d just focus on its legs though.”
“No no, it’d be gross to see a normal Golem with amazing legs. That’s why I had to make sure its whole body was done right.”
“… So you did it all for the sake of its legs?”
“Yeah, so?”

It’s like how you’d be weirded out by seeing a pair of nice legs on some old man. That’s why making it so that the whole body was coordinated was a super, super natural conclusion.

“… Well, I might’ve went too far with the arms… but then there’d be imbalanced Golem arms on a dainty body, then there’s also the moe element…”
“Kehma, have you slept enough yet? Are you okay?”

And now she’s worrying about me for some reason. Shaddup.

“Well, we couldn’t put a Golem like this in the inn right? What should we do with it, decorate your room?”
“… Ah, right… I was thinking it’d be good if we had her possess the massage chair. I mean, it’s also a Golem.”
“I see, so it’d have a charm effect for getting repeat customers… Ah, but wouldn’t it be alright if you just went with saying you got it in the dungeon like the massage chair? Like say it was in a treasure chest.”

… Would that work?
It wouldn’t be strange if I passed it off as getting it from the dungeon, and I am supposed to be the person whose gone the furthest into the dungeon. It wouldn’t be a problem at all even if I said it’s an item that only I could get.
By the way, concerning the massage chair, I went with putting hand-sized versions that just need magical power to run inside the warehouse’s treasure chests just like how I did with the blade golems. They’re popular items.

“It’d be fine if you made people able to get Golems from the treasure chests too. Just make them move when they’re supplied with magical power and follow what their owner says. That shouldn’t be a problem for you at all, right Kehma?”
“I see, those do sound convenient.”

Rokuko’s idea was pretty great.
And it might be useful for my Golems to spread about in case anything happens.

“Alright, let’s make some obedient golems be an ultra rare item in the treasure chests from now on. I’ll even make a Doll like this one as a super jackpot. Well, one that doesn’t have a Succubus possessing it.”
“Right, that sounds good. There shouldn’t be any problems if you just tell the guild you got something new from the dungeon. Even if there’s a problem, I’ll silence them.”

They know that Rokuko is able to borrow Haku-san’s influence.
And so that’s why we’ll have new Golem employees.

“By the way, now that it’s like this, are you going to make the Succubus one of those—a named monster?”
[Eh, seriously? I’m deeply moved that you’d give me a name!]
“Right. Then, you’re a Succubus, so… [Neru]? From ‘sleep’.” [4]
[Woohoo! It’s lazy—! But I’m named now, yay!]

It looks that made her happy.
Rather, I’ll be relying on you to guard against Succubi y’know?


  • Check out this page if you want to learn about tsurime eyes. Return
  • This is making a pun off of the fact that bastard/son of a bitch/asshole is a word in JP used almost exclusively on men. She’s a Succubus, therefore female. Yeah. Return
  • A bit is lost in translation here, as “machine doll” -> Automata, something that’s generally considered above Golems—with Golems considered above Dolls because, well, they are monsters and Dolls aren’t… Yeah. Return
  • I was thinking about making an English pun for her name as well, but people are already wanting to stone me for other similar things… so yeah. Sleep(EN) = Neru(JP). Therefore, she’s named Neru. Return



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