Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 219

Succubus 2


Next was Ichika and Meat.
So, when I called the two over—

[Fuooooh!? W-what is this amazingness!? Master, it’s crazy!]

The Succubus started shouting in joy… Let’s see, towards Ichika?

[That dog ear slave girl, she’s a bundle of promise! Uehehehehe, Ojou-chan. C-could you put your finger into my hole? Go for it, just pop it right in there!]

I knew it… Well, thinking back to what Setsuna said, Meat might also be talented at being a Succubus. And you’re a ring, don’t say ‘my hole’. It’s not wrong though.

“What, a Succubus? Aah, no helpin’ it then. I put food before romance.”
[Your body has various good things though. Well, you’re a human, so you’ll have at least some sexual desire. Those three from before were monsters, so it wasn’t strange for them to not have any.]
“Isn’t Nerune a human-based monster?”
[Her thirst for knowledge has reached the point of being monstrous… she’s a monster. I understood that with my body, not my head.]

You don’t have a body though?
Well then, I wonder how it will go with Meat—

“Excuse me.”
[T-there, yes, keep going… aaahn! Possession!]

Meat shined. What’re you in a rush for?
Rather, this is way different from when you did it with Nerune, oi.
Then, when the light dimmed down… wearing black strings, Meat was stretched out on the ground in a form that had grown into my preferred age range. She was barefoot, the soles of her feet facing me. Her toes twitched like they were calling out to me.
… Gulp.
My heart beat like it was grabbed onto.
W-what superb feet… kuuh!

[The descent… of Succubus Wanko!]
“… Desu.” [1]

Meat raised the corners of her mouth with a clumsy feeling. It was a slightly embarrassed smile that would cause someone to want to protect her through rain and storm. Ah, I want to hug and lick her.

“Ooooh… wait, Meat, your appearance… isn’t it like Kehma’s?”
“Eh? Nope, Rokuko-sama. No matter how ya look at her, she doesn’t look like Goshujin-sama at all. She’s a sexy girl that’s even causin’ my heart to thump though.”

Hmm? Are we all seeing something different?
Still not looking away from Meat’s feet—

“Oi, what’s going on?”
[Sorry, I think it’s the passive skill, [Charm]. Ichika-san might be seeing the most proper version?]
“So Rokuko and I can’t see her properly?”
[I think so. Seeing your reaction, you got super charmed.]

What did she say…? I got charmed…? What an idiot. I’m just thinking that I want to rubby-rub-rub my cheeks between her feet, that’s all. Right now, even.

“—Wait, holy crap I got charmed! Ichika, hit me! It’s an order!”
“Aye aye! Toooh!”

Ichika’s fist landed on my cheek. I fell back and rolled over on the ground.
I, who’d fallen down on the Master Room’s white floor, felt my head cool down.
I’m going to just stay here and take a breather.

“Phew, I’m back to myself…”
“What are doing, Kehma? You’re really weird.”
“No, you’re even worse off.”

When I sat up, I saw Meat wearing a black bikini. She didn’t grow up. It just looks like her face is sexy, like she’s delirious over something. Nn, did her eyes turn red? … Also, Rokuko’s hugging Meat and nomming on her dog ears. Zealously.

“I see… so that’s what being charmed looks like?”
“Kehma, haaah, your ears taste so good. Nom nom.”
“Funyaah! R-Rokuko-sama… that’s ticklish… kuun♪”
“Oi, get back to your senses, Rokuko. That’s not me, it’s Meat.”
“Haah, Haah… it’s fine even if it’s Meat… aah, Kehma’s great scent, kun kun.” [2]

… I guess it’s fine to keep going?
—Oh crap, hold up. I almost got charmed again. I concentrated on the pain in my cheek and managed to get a hold of myself.

“Succubus, release the possession!”
[H-hyai, Rokuko-shama’s… technique, sho good… release!]

With a pop, Meat returned to her usual maid-outfit self.
Rokuko popped out of it a few seconds later.

“Huh!? Meat? Why am I using Meat as a hug pillow?”
“You got charmed.”
“… Succubi are scary. By the way, Kehma, what’s up with your cheek?”
“It’s nothing. [Healing].”

Recovery magic is amazing, the pain’s gone just like that.

“Goshujin-sama, are ya okay? I hit ya with all I had.”
“Yeah, you saved me. Rather, Ichika, you were fine through all that?”
“Well, I was thinkin’ about how Goshujin-sama got to use Meat-senpai as a hug pillow every day and got filled with power so I guess I got charmed too?”

Isn’t our Wanko Succubus too strong? [3]
Just then, the Succubus’ voice came from the ring.

[Woow, it didn’t last long but I got to succubate~. That charm was more than I deserve! Master, Meat-senpai is good! I want to get along with her! To the point of unifying!] [4]
“Rejected. It’s too strong and can’t be controlled. It was like being caught by a Siren.”

It might be nice as a trump card, but not for daily use.
We just created an ultimate weapon for our dungeon.

“… That’s a little… unfortunate. I thought that I would be able to help…”

I suddenly felt startled by Meat when she removed the ring. It’s probably because of some lingering effect.

“Hey, Kehma, couldn’t we just let Meat have the ring? Isn’t it alright so long as she doesn’t get possessed?”
“… Hmm.”
“Then what do we do with the ring? Did you want it? Sure, Kehma can be a Succubus.”
“No way.”

Oh. I was thinking that she was possessing people, but now that I think about it careful, it doesn’t actually have to be a person, does it?

“Succubus. Can you possess Golems?”
[Golems? I can, but… yeah, so long as it has a body, I can. It won’t be a perfect body since it won’t have any sexual desire, but it won’t have anything like a consciousness to get in the way either. I could do it with Master giving me magical power? If you do, there shouldn’t a problem. Besides, none of that even matters if it’s inside a dream.]

Looks like she figured it out. She’s pretty smart, this’ll go quick.

“Good, I’ll have to prepare a Cute Golem then.”
[Heeh, a Cute Golem? Aren’t all Golems the same…?]
“Oh, right. You still haven’t seen my [Create Golem] since you’re a newcomer huh. Just watch this Dungeon Master’s—no… this Golem Master’s skill!”

Like this, my [Create Golem] was about to flare up.
Take a good look at my [Cute Golem]—!


  • Yeah so I had no idea what to put here other than ‘desu’. I usually avoid keeping stuff like this, but there’s really nothing else for this line… Ah, and note that ‘Wanko’ is a cute term for ‘Puppy’. Return
  • ‘Kun Kun’ = sniffing sound. Return
  • He said Wanko Succubus, yet the Succubus said Succubus Wanko… Mm. Return
  • This line is weird in all sorts of ways, so my apologies for that. “Succubate” is obviously a made up word here (the raw made a similar one up). The second sentence appears to be a pun that I can’t quite work out. The third doesn’t fully work in English, so I needed to retool it. The forth and fifth make a pun of their own. @_@ Return



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