Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 215

Question Time 2


Setting Rokuko aside, let’s keep asking Setsuna questions.

“What type of core is Core 410? Beastkin-type?”
[I don’t really know. He might’ve been a rabbit?]

Setsuna’s animal ears that looked like neither a rabbit’s nor a dog’s moved.
… Which reminds me, her younger sister, Nayuta, had a different father. Their family is beyond complicated, or maybe that’s just how it is for beastkin? If that’s the default, then it’s not like I can’t understand the feelings of those guys preaching their human supremacy doctrine either.

“I see, so your mother is a dog-type? Does that black dog eared person have any relation to that?”
[Mmm, I’ll tell you the answer… if you tell me about rice.]
“Sure. You can obtain it in a certain part of this dungeon. The location’s a secret.”

I decided to just answer her with inconsequential information.
That’s not a lie either since Setsuna can obtain it by buying it at the inn.

[So this dungeon is where the rice comes from… no way, Hero-sama came to this dungeon to get rice…?]
“So, the dog eared person?”
[Why do you even care? Isn’t she just a normal adventurer as far as the dungeon’s concerned?]
“She’s a regular here. She’s weaker than a Hero, but she’s strong for her size. I’m a little concerned about it.”

Did that convince her?
Setsuna stroked one of her ears.

[I have a younger sister, Nayuta.]
“That blonde dog eared person that came in with you? I heard you guys say something like that when you dove into the dungeon.”
[… Un. Well, I have other dog-eared family members than Nayuta too. Grandma took them away though.]

That grandma again? Aggressive, isn’t she?

“And that black dog eared person is…?”
[There’s a possibility, I guess?]

Then ‘Toy’ was a name referring to that kind of thing? Also looks like a different father.

“Do you have any way to to tell?”
[A genuine Toy would know about a certain thing… but I don’t know since she her memory was erased.]
“Wouldn’t you be able to tell if she was your younger sister to start with?”
[I think I’d be able to tell by smelling her scent, but I’m not sure if I could if grandma messed with her. If I sniffed her all over and compared her to Nayuta for an hour…]

I see, that’d be troublesome. Something like that wouldn’t even be possible without some kind of other confirmation though.
But I’d know why Meat’s so strong if she was a Toy.
It might not be a bad idea to try out lending her as a hug pillow for a night for confirmation.

“Your grandma, seriously, who is she? What kind of information do you want for that?”
[… Mmm, information on where grandma is…?]
“I don’t even know who your grandma is, how would I have information on where she is? At least tell me her name.”
[… Her name is Leona. As for her age… I don’t know it. She looks about the same age as me though.]

An immortal-type? Seriously, what the heck is this grandma… She’s not human right?

[She’s a dangerous person with black hair and red eyes. She doesn’t have animal ears though.]
“Black hair and red eyes, huh…? What race is she?”
[… I don’t really know, but it’s one with no honor. A Succubus or something?] [1]

For a few moments there I was thinking she might’ve been a Hero, but a Hero wouldn’t have red eyes right?

“Rokuko, do Succubi normally have black hair and red eyes?”
“The only Succubus I’ve seen is Chloe, but she’s blonde.”

That so? Then maybe there’s a chance that she has Hero blood in her too? But really, Succubus, beastkin, and Dungeon Core… isn’t she too mixed? There’s so much blended together there that I can’t even figure out what’s what anymore.
Even her gender’s been mixed up.

“Setsuna’s way too mixed.”
“But Kehma, aren’t you both Hero and Dungeon Master?”

… Even if I’m the one saying it, I’m pretty alright. Does mixing light and darkness cause the ultimate to appear?

“Rather, what’s with the multi-species marriage?”
“Oh? Aren’t Kehma and I partners?”
“Ah, un.”

Eh, huh? … Huh?

While I was busy being puzzled, Setsuna poked the Golem.

[Helloooo? You awake?]
“Y-yeah. I was just thinking about something there. I do know a Succubus, but they’re blonde.”
“Would you give me some information on your grandma for that information?”
[… Nnn~, just a bit.]

We came to an agreement, so I told her about Haku-san’s butler, Chloe.

“She’s [White Labyrinth]’s Succubus… I don’t know if you could meet her or not though.”
[Hmm, my turn then. Grandma can change her appearance. In a pretty special way too.]

… The heck. So I can’t even rely on that information about her having black hair and red eyes now can I?
She could even be using however many aliases she wants, so that might have just been her name and appearance back then?

“…. Isn’t finding her impossible then?”
[But even grandma would only seldomly change her appearance… at the very least, she was using that black hair and red-eyed appearance eight years ago. Also, a Succubus should be able to tell that something’s [Different] about her.]

I see, so I found out that I should be careful about Succubi. I have plenty of extra DP, so maybe I should prepare a Succubus?

“Well, I’ll keep an eye out for her.”

We just chatted about trifling things after that, then I had Setsuna head back to the small room. Twelve hours passed peacefully after that and Setsuna and the others all got suitable items.
Nerune got something too, a potion.

Ah, I had Wataru get a two liter bottle of Japanese sake. It took quite a lot of the DP I got from him, but he was really pleased with it.
Looks like he’s going to be coming again some time.


  • Note that ‘honor’ here also means chastity. Return



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