Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 212

The Invitation


And so I decided to try guiding Setsuna to a Dummy Core with a pitfall trap or something.
… As for the elder sister, Nayuta, hmm, I want to separate them first. What to do, what to do…

By the way, concerning the rice I sold to Nayuta, an envoy came from a Wakokuan company that’s in Paveura. He made a down payment of forty gold coins and took the bag.
It’s definite that they won’t be running away. When I told that to Wataru, he just said, “Yeah, I knew they wouldn’t run,” even though his expression looked like he was relieved. Anyone could’ve noticed that.

“… By the way, Wataru. How long are you going to be staying here? You usually head back after two or three days.”
“Ah, Haku-san gave me a bit of a longer holiday than usual since I was so busy last month. I’ll be here for a bit longer, alright?”

Now that he mentions it, his schedule was packed to the brink during the Dungeon Battle.
It’s a rare chance, so I guess I’ll have him help me out.
Setsuna and Nayuta would probably want to go together with Wataru if he invited them to go into the dungeon.

“In that case, could you bring those sisters into the dungeon? You see, quite a bit of stuff coming from this dungeon is stuff from Japan, so you’d be able to give them more details on it all, yeah?”
“That’s true, but you could do it as well since you’re also a hero…”
“Oi oi, are you dreaming there Wataru? I haven’t said anything like me being a hero. My parents are Japanese though.”

He answered in monotone. This guy sees me 100% as a Hero, doesn’t he?
But I did imply that I had a super skill before, so that might be why. Let’s give removing that misunderstanding a shot.

“Come to think of it, Heroes get skills that are way more amazing than normal ones right?”
“Eh? Yeah. Doesn’t Kehma-san have a skill like that too? A cool one with restrictions so that you can only use it in order to protect your comrades.” [1]
“Ah, that was a lie. It was the first time I’d met a Hero that isn’t one of my parents so I wanted to try bluffing. It’s a bit late for me to say it, but I don’t have a skill like that.”
“Eh… i-is that so?”

Wataru was clearly shaken.
By the way, note that I said ‘a Hero that isn’t one of my parents’. I didn’t say that my parents were Heroes. I also don’t have a skill that can only be used to protect my comrades, so none of it was a lie. Look at how honest I am!

“It was just a simple trick. If you knew what the trick was, you’d be laughing alot more right now than back in that mock fight.”
“… Why are you telling me that now?”
“There’s no reason to keep up the act anymore, it’s not like you’re going to skip out on your debt yeah?”
“Mumumu… you’re right. I will compensate you for wagering your comrades, Kehma-san.”

Wataru shrugged his shoulders and agreed. Seriously, this guy’s too honest.

“By the way, could you tell me the trick?”
“What foolishness are you saying? That’s my livelihood. Who’d tell you that?”
“Yeah… By the way, my [Super Luck] went up to Lv 2, so I could probably even do something like rolling three sixes with three dice. And I’ve been winning every time at that rat race, so Ichika-san banished me from the game room in tears.”
“Oh, don’t go and spin the slots in the bar then, Hero. You wouldn’t want to go and ruin this village’s market.”
“Yeah~. Well, my earnings from that was reduced by buying pudding though.”

His [Super Luck] became Lv 2 huh.
… In other words, Haku-san had him capture a dungeon somewhere.
Rather, Wataru’s blabbing on way too much about his skill. It’s convenient for me though.

Ah, let’s bring the topic back to Wataru taking those sisters into the dungeon.
It’s just that although they’ll go because of Wataru, Wataru’s going to be a hindrance. I have something just for that.

“Ah, right. I’d like you to bring Nerune along with the sisters.”

I’ll have him bring Nerune along in order to guide them all and keep Wataru from saying anything unnecessary. Two birds, one stone. Delicious.

“Yeah. In truth, a new facility was discovered recently. Nerune’s been wanting to check it out.”
“A new facility?”
“It’s some small room that can give you an item if you stay in it for twelve hours. It looks like it usually just gives money, but if you’re lucky, you could even get a magic sword at no risk to yourself.”
“Heeh. [If you’re lucky], you say?”
“Yeah. [If you’re lucky]. Want to give it a shot?”

As the holder of [Super Luck], Wataru’s peerless as far as luck is concerned.
We’re actually the ones deciding what comes out, but it’s a good way of saying it to entice Wataru.

“I was thinking about taking Nerune there myself, but now you’re here.”
“… In other words, you’re wanting me, a hero, to do it? I’m expensive, you know.”
“What, you want to be alone with the two girls somewhere without Nerune?”
“Please stop… I’ll guarantee Nerune-san’s safety with my name as a Hero.”

It’s easy to see he likes her.

“Huh? Was Nerune-san an adventurer?”
“What’re you on about? There’s a dungeon right here next to us. There’s even a branch of the Adventurer Guild right in front of it. It’s super convenient for people who want to be adventurers, even low ranked ones. She’s E-Rank though.”
“Kehma-san, please tell me that it was so that she could dive into dungeons together with me.”
“… Well, you’re not wrong.”

By the way, all three of the girls are E-Rank. I forcibly raised their successful commission count by making them work at the inn through the guild. I even fixed it so that their battle tests used our golems.
Now then, if Nerune does it right, the only person to make it to the Dummy Core will be Setsuna. I’ll need to remodel that facility a bit beforehand. There are people there so I can’t do much though~




With that, Wataru went to dive into the dungeon with the other three on the next day.
This place was practically Nerune’s home and Setsuna and Nayuta were accustomed to being adventurers, so there weren’t any problems at all.

“Really~, we can relax since we’re with the hero~, right~?”
“Ahahaha! Leave it to me, Nerune-san! Ah, there’s a trap right there, watch your step.”
“Woah—! Ah, huu… it was just a stone arrow huh?”

… It’s her home, but Nerune still walked into the trap. She’s alright since Wataru protected her though.
Nerune, you’re acting, right? You didn’t seriously get caught by it, right?
And it looked like Wataru got hit in a spot on his upper arm that doesn’t have any armor on it… why’s he unhurt? It was a stone arrow meant for beginners though.

“The arrow didn’t do anything to Hero-sama…”
“Ha ha ha! Even if I look like this, I’ve been training! I received a certificate from Haku-sama saying that I’m at a level beyond human!”
“Amazing! Could I try stabbing you with a knife?”
“Please don’t. It’ll bring up memories of me being stabbed for training…”

Yep, he’s not human anymore.

“Oh~? It’s Goblin-san~. Ahaha~”
“A Goblin appeared, huh—wait, why’s it casually waving back at you!?”
“Right, Nerune-san. Goblins turn into fertilizer through alchemy. Its body is still plenty good as fertilizer without being processed though.”
“Is that so, Nayuta-san~? Hoeh~, you learn something new every day~… Ah, it ran away~”
“W-well, let’s ignore the Goblin. Shall we move on?”

With various things happening, they made it through the labyrinth safely and reached their destination.


  • Kehma says he has a skill stronger than Wataru’s super skill back in chapter 100. Return



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