Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 2

I’ll die if I work…!


“Menu! Wait!? Stop! Cancel! Undo!”

Opening a semitransparent window in the air, the blonde-haired loli… Rokuko, yelled at it, but it didn’t look like there was any reaction at all. Yeah, her yapping’s getting noisy already. This is why kids are…

“Oi, quiet down a bit, you’re being noisy. Rather, shut up.”
“W-what, you can’t order—… –…”

Ah, right, I’m the Master huh. And what the Master says is absolute. Fufufu.
I didn’t plot for it, but perhaps the refined life of [Not Working] made its way to me?
Right, I don’t particularly have to work. Leaving it all to this blonde loli, I’ll spend my life sleeping leisurely!
… … .. Yep. I was just thinking about it, but that’s super trashy.

“… Still though, she’s a young girl. Thinking about it normally…”

I’d probably be able to fully enjoy sleeping all the time and live in luxury like a gigolo if she were at least the same age as me or a senior… but I can’t even say if her age has two digits or not.

“Uhhh, menu? Oh, it seriously popped up. Lets see, there’s this and that…”

A semitransparent window came out in response to my words… yep, that’s a menu window alright. It’s ordered in a way that’s easy to understand. It was divided into three major categories.

  • Labyrinth
  • Subordinates
  • DP

It was in polite Japanese (and English)… well, maybe I was just able to read the words like that thanks to God? That’s probably it.

“… —! … —!”

Oh, Rokuko is glaring at me with a pretty amazing glare. Hahah, little girls aren’t scary even if they glare, it’s just too cute! Let’s pat her head. Ah, now she’s more angry. She’s shouting in silence.

“If you want to say something, say it.”
“Trash! Stupid! —Ah, m-my voice finally worked, idiot! What did you do!”
“Yeah, the idiot’s you, Rokuko. Somehow or another, I’m your master. In other words, it looks like I ended up becoming the Dungeon Master.”
“Cancel it!”
“I-I-I’m the greatest! So—! Obey me!”

The blonde little girl looked at me in anger and tears. Her face is going red… this is a problem.
I understand, this girl’s an idiot.

“Who’s an idiot!”
“Oops, did I say that out loud? But think about it… why did you summon me?”
“Well, to make you a dungeon monster!”
“In other words, if I obey you, I’ll have to fight as a dungeon monster and die if I fail. I’d probably die even if I didn’t fail. I mean, I like sleeping, but I’d like to avoid taking the journey into the eternal sleep.”
“W-well that’s just how it is for dungeon monsters… besides, you’re weak…”
“You can call me Keima.”
“Nn, understood, Kehma… gu—, I can’t disobey…!”
“Let’s try looking over the dungeon for now. Beds are best when they’re safe after all.”

I chose [Labyrinth] from the menu. I was operating it like a touch panel, but it looks like it works with voice recognition too.
Well, with the state of the dungeon displayed in front of me, I froze.

“… Oi, why’s there nothing but one entrance, passage, and room?”
“My plan was to get a monster first! I heard that was the strongest way.”
“H-hey, in other words, those bandits inside the dungeon, they’re… monsters? Is that alright?”
“Ah, those are intruders!”

Right? Even looking at the Dungeon Map, there’s enemy-ish indicators on it.

“Rather—what is this place!? Aren’t we in a dungeon!?”
“This is the Master Room inside the Dungeon Core. A-a different dimension? Kind of?”
“You… in other words, inside you?”
“Ah, un. Like inside my true body… eh, what? You said that so indecently… perv.”

Rokuko’s cheeks blushed slightly as she looked at me with reproachful eyes. That’s a false accusation. I want to demand an apology and compensation. But let’s confirm something important first.

“From what I see, the dungeon core in a room that the bandits hang out in?”
“That’s how it looks to me…”
“… Why?”
“Eh, Dungeon Cores have to be inside the dungeon or they don’t work you know? That’s common sense.”

I’m getting a headache.
Dungeon Cores have to be installed inside their dungeon or they have no effect.
There’s only one room in the dungeon.
Therefore, the Dungeon Core is installed in that room.
And there are about eight bandits inside the room that has the Dungeon Core in it.

“… Ummm? This, isn’t this checkmate? It’s goodbye right off the bat?”
“That’s why I used the last of my DP to summon a monster and kick the bandits out. Then Kehma appeared. A weakling appearing was definitely a mistake, but I don’t think I can send you back…”
“Yeah, so even though I want to go back to my world it’s no good?”
“Impossible. Well, it’s not like it’s absolutely impossible since I was able to summon you, but it’d probably take way too much DP?”

DP stands for dungeon points. [They’re able to do lots of stuff!]—is what I’m told.
Well then it’s good for now.
I’m the Dungeon Master, but I wonder what’d happen if the Dungeon Core got destroyed?

“Well, you’ll die you know? Since the master and core are partners in body and mind, we’d be sharing lots.”
“Dying would be bad…”
“It’s alright, even if the master dies, the core will be fine.”
“Then isn’t that ‘two as one’ thing just a one way road!?”
“Ah, un, though well, it’s alright, I haven’t died yet. Un.”
“It’s been ten days since the bandits made this cave their base, but they haven’t done anything like trying to destroy the Dungeon Core.”
“… Eh?”

By the way, the Dungeon Core was about the size of a basketball. It was always glowing, lighting up the walls and floor of the room. It’s unlikely for there to be a situation like one where the bandits wouldn’t see it. Rather, that’s what makes it so prominent.

“… That’s why it’s alright. Besides, it’s a small amount, but I get DP from there being intruders.”

Is that really safe?
No, it probably isn’t. That’s why she tried summoning a monster by using DP.

“… Got it. By the way, how do you get more DP?”

Summing it all up:

  1. Natural recovery from the earth vein. (This is the basic 10 DP per day)
  2. Maintaining the state of having an intruder in the dungeon. (Depends on the strength of intruder)
  3. Killing an intruder. (Depends on the strength of the intruder)
  4. Offering a corpse. (Depends on the original strength of the corpse)
  5. Offering treasure. (Depends on the treasure)

That’s how it is.
By the way, it seems to cost 20 DP to summon a goblin.
You’d normally be able to summon one every other day, but with the eight bandits lodging in the dungeon for the past ten days, that’s apparently +80 DP more per day.

Well, with the 900 DP gained during these ten days that the bandits have controlled the cave and adding it together with the other 100 DP, it made up the 1,000 DP she used on monster gacha.
I see, so she hoped that since it cost fifty times more than a goblin it would be stronger than fifty goblins huh. But gacha has fails too. Rather, I’m like the consolation prize. Well, it’s called gacha but that’s probably just it being automatically translated… this seems super complicated.
Additionally, there are some several ranks of slots: 100, 1000, 10000… it goes up by a factor of ten each time, with no upper limit. The 1000 DP slots I came from was the second from the cheapest.
It’s rumored that goblins can come from the 10000 DP gacha and a dragon from the 1000 DP one. The probably improves with the cost, so I guess it’s basically a luck game?

“Why aren’t you a dragon!”
“Well, it wouldn’t be off even if a goblin appeared, aren’t you aiming too high?”

This blonde loli’s ego is some next level stuff. Does she think that she’s the center of the universe? Something that convenient doesn’t actually happen. I mean, look at me. I just wanted to sleep but got summoned into another world to be put to work.

“… The remaining DP is… 9?”

Did she spin the gacha as soon as she reached 1000 DP? We’re flat-out broke.
I took a look at the catalog from the DP part of the menu, but I couldn’t even summon a goblin with just 9 DP.
Dragons? Even the weakest kind starts at 100,000 DP, young lady. Haha, someone that’s wanting to get something like that is too much of an idiot.
When I took a look at the everyday items page, there were a few things I could get with 9 DP.

“Alright, I’ve decided.”
“What are you going to do, Kehma?”

Using up 5 DP, I summoned a [Buckwheat Pillow].

“I’m going to sleep.”
“Eh, wai—!?”
“While I sleep, please keep quiet. Night.”

Yep, this really is convenient. Next thing I’m going to summon is a [Futon].
It takes 10,000 DP for a [Heavenly Pillow] and 100,000 DP for a [Top Quality Futon].
When I laid down and closed my eyes, her yapping voice slowly faded out.



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