Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 197

Godly Comforter (Behind the Scenes)


I slipped away from the party to check on my present from Tou-sama.
I glanced over to Kehma… I’m fine with lending it to Kehma, but he can’t use it before me! Tou-sama even said that this is a present for me after all.
When I got to my bedroom, I summoned the [Godly Comforter] I received from Tou-sama. It popped out of the menu.

“Heeh, so this is the godly comforter… it feels amazing~. But it doesn’t feel too amazing?”

An envelope fell down, as well as a box.
… Box? The envelope must be the instructions Tou-sama talked about.
Let’s put down the godly comforter and open the envelope first.
It had some instructions written by Tou-sama in it.

“Let’s see, what’s it say?”

Name: Godly Comforter (Owner: Rokuko)


You can sleep with the person you desire.
Manipulates causality, allowing you to sleep until morning.
(If you cannot meet physically, you will only meet in a dream)
* This effect can only be used once every 8760 hours (365 days).
* Forcibly summoning the person you desire may result in confusing their minds somewhat, but this will be cured by morning.

Share a dream with the person you sleep together with.
The content of the dream can be set freely. The owner holds the priority in choosing.
* Moreover, the owner can specify whether the dream will be remembered.

If you sleep for longer than an hour with this comforter, both physical strength and magical power will fully recover.
Even if you sleep less than an hour, you will be completely recovered if you weren’t too exhausted.
(Injuries will not recover)
* In the case that the person is someone that the owner does not approve of, it will instead fully drain their physical strength and magical power.

Moreover, things that are convenient for the owner are more likely to happen.
The extent of this effect is dependent on luck.

*Supplement from your Otou-san*
This is Otou-san’s present to Rokuko! Ah, the present box is a freebie, so you should put it into it before showing Kehma-kun.
I added a fake set of instructions to show Kehma-kun, they’re under the present box’s lid. I wrote that anyone using this other than Rokuko and her husband would receive divine retribution, so do your best! It’d be great if you can make it an established fact or something.
Also, please note that this letter will automatically self-destruct.


“T-these effects are amazing. As expected of the godly comforter… wait, eh, self-destruct?”

As it said, once she finished reading it, the letter ignited and vanished.

“… As expected of Tou-sama. I don’t understand!”

Let’s try using the godly comforter right away.
I put my hands into the comforter… what should I do for the wish?
Let’s try saying it out loud.

“…. Comforter-sama, oh Comforter-sama. I want to sleep with Kehma.”

That was so embarrassing to say out loud.
But the comforter shined brightly. I guess it worked?

“Ah, with this, Kehma will be coming huh? I should put it into the present box…”

When I pressed the comforter against the present box, it went in slowly.
After that, I put on the lid. Preparations complete… Ah, let’s temporarily put it into [Storage] too.
Wait, I haven’t changed my clothes yet! I’m not done preparing! I have to change before Kehma gets here.
Ummm, my usual jersey is no good. It’d be embarrassing if I matched with Kehma. Maybe I should use the negligee Haku Ane-sama prepared? Wait, there was some pajamas too, so—ah, uu, hah, gah—Done!
Huh, isn’t this a bit risque…? Nn… it’s alright! I have underwear on after all.

Right, I have to wear cute socks since it’s Kehma. Aaah, I have to hurry! Kehma’s coming, aah, should I just go barefoot? Rather, we’re going to sleep so maybe barefoot is better! Ichika even said that showing off my feet is good!

I sat down on the bed in preparation, fidgeting while I waited for Kehma.
A while later, a knock sounded at the door.

“Who is it?”

He came! Kehma really came!
I opened the door.

“Y-you’re here, Kehma! I was waiting.”
“Yeah, I’m here.”

Quickly, Kehma dashed in front of me and—

“So, please, please show me the godly beddings!”

Performed a stunning dogeza.
It’s Kehma, so I’m not sure if I should be confused or not.




I’m in a dream.
It might’ve been due to the godly comforter’s effect, but I know that I’m inside a dream.
It’s a white room like the Master Room. Rather, this is the Master Room, isn’t it? I wonder if it’s showing this place since it’s a place that’s memorable for Kehma and I?

Kehma was laying down in his beloved bedroll in front of me. He wasn’t transformed into me, he was the normal Kehma.
… This is Kehma, right? The real one? I mean, we should be sharing dreams.
For now, it’ll be embarrassing, so I decided to have Kehma forget this dream.

Rather, why is Kehma sleeping inside a dream too!?
Just how much does he love sleeping? Really now. Humans have such a short lifespan that it’s a waste using it all up on sleeping.

“Kehma, wake up. Kehma.”
“… Funyaa…”

He’s not waking up!? Well, it’s alright, I have plenty of time!

“Hey, Kehma? Wake up~, wake uuup~”
“Nnn…. what, why’re you saying wake up right before I fall asleep…”
“It’s alright, this is a dream, so you won’t wake up even if you wake up.”
“The heck… eh, this is a dream? Aah, really. This feeling. A lucid dream.”

Kehma sat up and moved his shoulders about.
Then, he suddenly held up his hand and, without any kind of logical reason, shot out a beam.



“Yep, it worked.”
“Eh, what was that? Magic?”
“Ha ha ha, Rokuko. This is in a dream, you can do anything in it. There’s a trick to it though.”

Saying that, Kehma floated up along with his bed.

“What do you think? Flying bed.”
“What’s the trick? It looks fun, tell me too!”
“It’s simple. You just have to believe that you can do anything since it’s a dream.”
“So that’s it! … It’s hard!?”
“Haah, such an amateur… well, that’s how it is. This is a Rokuko that my dream brought about… in that case, it’s fine to do what I want with her I guess?”

Kehma mumbled something to himself.
Ah, so that’s it? He knows that he’s inside a dream, but not that we’re sharing one… Eh? Then, can’t I let Kehma do what he wants? I’m curious about what he wants to do! What Kehma wants to do to me!

“W-what, Kehma? You can do whatever you want to me, you know?”
“… That so? Alright, get in my bed.”

I got into Kehma’s bed like he told me to. Ah, Kehma’s scent.
… It smells a bit like Meat’s scent.

“… Guu…”

He’s sleeping… why are you sleeping inside a dream!?

“Wait up, Kehma! Hey! Heeey, I said get up!”
“Mmm, so noizy, Rokuko. Let me sleep.”
“We’re in a dream, you’re already sleeping!”
“But sleep.”

No good, talking isn’t going anywhere. Rather, why did he have me get into the bed?
Eh, there wasn’t a deeper meaning?

“Mou, whatever! If that’s what Kehma wants, I’ll just do what I want!”
“Eh, what’re you planning, oi.”
“Bed confiscated!”

When I shouted that, the bed disappeared. Is this the power of priority?

“What… the heck… oi, Rokuko. My bed just disappeared.”
“What a strange coincidence. I just erased one.”
“… Hey, Rokuko, let’s have a talk…”
“Wherever you want.”

And so, under the name of talking, an epic fistfight began.
This was a dream. There was no golem assist. This was a genuine fistfight. Kehma looked like he was going a little easy on me… no, he was entirely serious. Me taking away his bed was pretty bad, after all.

However, I won.

“Ow… I can’t accept it, my Dream Strength should have been the best. Why…”
“There is one reason Kehma lost… you didn’t believe ‘it doesn’t hurt since this is a dream!’”
“Wha… I was defeated in power of imagination? It’s my loss. Do what you want.

Kehma collapsed, his limbs splayed out.
… Do what I want, you say?

“Alright. Then first, change clothes!”
“Oi wait, what are these clothes?”
“Eh? It’s from the place that sold clothes in the Imperial Capital though?”
“No, I mean, aren’t these for women!?”
“I want to see what Kehma looks like when he’s wearing them! It’s alright, I’ll wear them together with you!”

*** (Rokuko doing whatever she wanted) ***

Several hours later.
While I was doing whatever I wanted with Kehma, he suddenly disappeared.
He was saying something like ‘I can’t be a bride anymore…’ and was looking far away with an exhausted look, but he won’t die… probably?

“Ah, morning’s here… Bunny Kehma was so cute~”

It still didn’t feel like it was enough, but let’s be satisfied with that. Un, that was fun.
I should wake up now, too.



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