Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 196

Godly Comforter 3


Making it past Haku-san, I headed to the room.
Ichika was walking towards me, yawning.

“Ah, Rokuko-sama? Mornin~”
“Morning. Well—”
“Ah, wait wait.”

I thought that I’d be able to end it with a simple greeting, but she caught me by the shoulder.
The heck. You called the name out loud, now I have to pretend to be Rokuko again…

“Rokuko-sama… You were lookin’ forward to last night right!?”
“Wha—!? I don’t know what you’re talking about!?”
“You’re kiddin~. Ya spent a hot night together with Goshujin-sama yeah? I heard it with these ears~?”

Oi, are you a peeping tom?

“I couldn’t hear anythin’ through the door though. I learned about the super love love and filled myself up just by starin’, lookin’, lickin’, and touchin’ it~”
“I-I seriously don’t get what you’re saying! We just slept together in the godly comforter, co-sleeping. Right, just co-sleeping!”
“You’re kiddin~. Well, I get that ya’re embarrassed. Ya were found and and ya’re still cheerful, was it that good?”
“It really did feel good, but I think it’s different from what you’re asking?”

Ichika looked at me (in Rokuko form) and grinned.
… What’s with those eyes that look like they’re staring at a cute animal?

“Well, long as you did what I taught you before. How’d it go? Did Goshujin-sama fall for ya?”
“U-umm? Un, he fell.”
“Nice! Grats~. I can tell ya even more stuff, just come ask me if there’s anythin’ else~”

Oi, Ichika. What did you teach her, seriously?
Ichika started leaving in satisfaction before I asked her.

“Ichika, wait! You absolutely can’t tell anyone else that we slept together alright!?”
“Yah~, I’ll cover for ya~”

… She left. Just maybe, this and meeting Haku-san was the divine punishment? It wasn’t enough to make God pale… but well, there’s the possibility that the Rokuko Correction alleviated it.

When I got back to my room, Meat was folding up the bed.

“Ah, Rokuko-sama. Umm, congratulations?”
“… Where did you hear it from?”
“Together with Ichika, through the door. I left the venue saying that I needed to use the restroom, so I had to return right after, though.”

The heck, even Meat…

“Ummm, should I explain?”
“You don’t need to worry. Also, I thought of some advice to give you concerning Goshujin-sama.”

Advice concerning me…? Eh, now I’m interested. Let’s keep this up a bit longer.

“First, this is something to know as a hug pillow, but you should use the restroom beforehand and not drink much water after that. Goshujin-sama rarely wakes up once he falls asleep, but even so it will be easy to get up at dawn or after he’s gone back to sleep after waking up. You can’t use the restroom until then, so it is can be difficult.”

Umm… it looks like she’s gone through hardships. Sorry. You can use the toilet when you need to.

“Also, Goshujin-sama won’t wake up once he’s asleep even if you lick or sniff him. That’s your chance.”
“You can even play-bite him. His taste is addicting. You’ll find the point that he won’t wake up if you watch his general reactions, so please pay attention to that. Ah, and it is important to dry him off if you lick him.”

Meat, the f*ck are you doing to me when I’m asleep…
No, that much is alright. It’s like having a playful pet. I also feel her dog ears after all.

“Next, how to respond when Goshujin-sama’s crotch stiffens.”
“Yes? What is it?”
“… Stiffens?”
“I feel like I heard about it from a senior that that’s the way men are. Ichika said it as well, that that sort of thing happens.”
“… So, what do you do if it stiffens?”
“First, you move his legs—”
“No, wait. I don’t want to hear it.”

What… why am I listening about what to do if my crotch stiffens from such a small child?
Oh god… is this the divine retribution?
Eh, I’m reaping what I sowed? The godly comforter’s divine retribution has nothing to do with it? Yeah…

“… It’s something important, but I understand. It certainly is rather hard to put into words, so I will teach you while showing it.”
“What’re you planning on doing!?”
“First, you move his legs so that they won’t get in the way and—”
“Sorry, I wasn’t asking. That was a rhetoric question.”

Surely, she doesn’t do something like work as [Meat] in the sexual tool meaning. Surely.
I’m too afraid to ask. Damned divine retribution. Everything is that guy’s fault!

“It’s alright, Rokuko-sama.”
“U-umm, what is?”
“If I can do it, Rokuko-sama will be able to.”

Be able to what…

“? Be a hug pillow.”

By the way, at what point should I turn back into my normal form?
… It feels like nothing good is going to happen if I stay looking like Rokuko. Grah, Rokuko’s super luck isn’t copied with [Super Transformation]! I can’t help but grieve over that.
Because of that, even though it’ll be ridiculously awkward, I decided to turn back.
Yep, I’m back.
The jersey I was wearing went back to fitting nicely.

“… G—… Goshujin… sama…!?”

Meat was shocked.
I was staring at her being shocked for a while, but then she abruptly sat down. And then bowed deeply.
She flowed into a beautiful dogeza.

“For now, please raise your head.”
“… Yes.”
“So, what are you doing to me while I’m asleep?”
“Eh, umm… play-biting, licking… a-and… I call you D-Dad…”

I see, so that’s it. Meat is still a child. She’s at the right age to miss her father. Besides, Meat only has vague memories of her past, she doesn’t even remember her parents.
Thinking about that, it’s natural that she’d want to call me, who has the same black hair as her, Dad. It’s not as though I’m that much older, but I am a man. Let’s just accept it at that.

“Got it. You can call me Dad if it’s just occasionally.”
“Eh…? It’s okay?”
“Meat, you are excellent and do your best. You never say anything selfish and you do what you’re told… honestly, I think it’d be fine if you took a few days off to take it easy. You’re a child, after all.”

I hugged Meat. Gently, like a father.
When I pat her head while I was hugging her, Meat’s tail started wagging back and forth.

“Alright then, is there anything you want to do? Dad will do whatever you ask.”
“T-then, umm… please, let me play-bite your ears.”
“… My ears?”
“Is that… no good?”
“It’s not that it’s no good, well, go ahead. No need to hold back!”
“… Okay!”

After that, she nommed on my ears in abandon. So much so that I accidentally let out a strange voice when she licked the inside of my ear.



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