Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 195

Godly Comforter 2


The next morning, I woke up staring Rokuko in the face.
… My head gradually cleared.

Holy craaaaaap! That was dangerous!
Alive, I’m alive! There’s no divine retribution? I’m alright? Aah, it might have a time delay…
The heck was I on about? 50% and 50% make 100%? My math was wrong there, thinking about it normally that makes 75% MAX. Moreover, the divine retribution has absolutely nothing to do with the success rate, was I so blinded by the godly comforter’s allure!?

That wasn’t the only dangerous part. There’s also Haku-san’s presence. This was supposed to be Rokuko and Haku-san’s bedroom to begin with. In other words, it wouldn’t be off for Haku-san to walk in and see us like this right now.

For now, let’s get out of the bed. Phew, night sweat… there’s none. There’s just the cold sweat from just now.
There were no problems with [Super Transformation]. I’m still looking like Rokuko, a loli. Rather, I’m packed with magical power, there’s no signs of it switching back on its own. I guess I’m full of magical power due to the godly comforter’s effect?

“First off, my life is safe. For now, at least.”

But still, it feels like there’s a good smell coming from my body. Sniff, sniff. The heck… ah, this is Rokuko’s scent? We did sleep together, but I’m also transformed into her after all.
Oh crap, I was just sniffing her armpits. I feel a bit guilty.

“Nnn.. huh? Why is there another me… oh, Kehma. Morning, Kehma.”
“Ah, you woke up? Morning, Rokuko.”
“… Are we a couple now?”
“What’re you saying so suddenly?”
“I mean, hey, Kehma is me, so doesn’t that make us one body and mind? I became physically one with Kehma overnight… so isn’t it basically an established fact? It’s all thanks to the godly comforter!”
“Wrong! Absolutely wrong!”
“… Hey, how about it, Kehma? Want to go back to sleep? This comforter feels great, right?”

Her cheeks red with a smile on her face, Rokuko opened up the godly comforter to lure me back in.
Kuh…! What a tempting offer! The way she’s opening the comforter, I can see her legs… what’s with this boom boom feeling deep inside my chest!? My head’s fogging up!

I-I get the feeling it’ll be no good if I stay like this.
… But if I undo my transformation, won’t I lose my countermeasure to deal with Haku-san? Even if I’m found by Haku-san, there’s a good chance I’ll be able to escape if I look like Rokuko. Thinking about that, I can’t switch back. At the very least, [Kehma] leaving this room would be very bad.

In other words, it’ll be fine so long as I don’t undo the transformation inside this room. There’ll be no problem if I return to my room first and do it there.

“Kehma, you’re not coming?”
“S-sorry, but I’ll continue after we return to our dungeon. This is Haku-san’s territory, so it’d be bad if I’m in this room. I’m going to head back to my room.”
“Aaw… alright. You’ll go back to sleep with me next time then, right?”

Shaking off my reluctance to leave the bedding, I left Rokuko and the room behind.




I exited into the corridor outside of the bedroom. I have to return to my room as fast as possible to undo the transformation.
It happened as soon as I took the first step.

“Oh? Rokuko-chan.”

My body bounced in surprise.
When I turned around, there stood Haku-san, her complexion bad and with her hand placed against her temple as though she had a headache.
No way, this is the divine retribution?

“Ah, umm, H-Haku, Ane-sama!”
“I’m sorry, but please don’t talk so loudly… it’s echoing in my head.”

Ah, whoops. I wound up inadvertently calling her Haku Ane-sama. Now there’s no choice but to deceive her.

“I’m sorry that we couldn’t sleep together last night, I somehow continued drinking. By the time I noticed, it was already morning… O-ow, ow.”
“Umm, do you have a hangover?”
“Yeah, it got a little better after I used recovery magic on it though—oh? That appearance.”

When she said ‘that appearance’, I looked down… I was wearing my jersey.
Crap, was I exposed already?

“You already went to bed and got back up, didn’t you, Rokuko-chan? … Mou. I’d love if you wore those cute pajamas I prepared for you.”
“—Nn? Umm, it sounds like you’re saying that I always sleep in jerseys?”
“What are you saying, you always wear—ow…”

Always wear them? They should be bought through DP then.
I haven’t seen Rokuko sleep much, but I guess she sleeps in jerseys when I’m not around? I don’t really get it, but that’s a convenient coincidence.

“Well then, would you like to take a bath with me?”

What do I do!?
Wait, there’s no way I could go! Let’s run away.

“S-sorry, Haku Ane-sama. I need to go to the restroom first, so…”
“Oh, no… shall I go with you then?”

I can’t even escape with the [I need to use the restroom] trick!?
Kuh, there’s no helping it. I’ll have to use my secret skill.

“Ah, I-I’m fine. Kehma called for me, so…”
“Oh? You’ll have to change first, then. You don’t want to meet him in that jersey.”
“No, umm, I have to go right now—”
“Dressing up before they meet a man is a lady’s enjoyment, you know? It’s not as though this is a dungeon crisis, if he’s in a hurry, he could tell you the matter through communication. Preparing yourself has the priority over rushing. Kehma will probably simply go back to sleep waiting, there’s no need for you to worry.”

Even my [I’m being called by my partner] secret skill didn’t work!?
W-what should I do…

“So, why don’t we go enjoy a bath first? You should change clothes after cleaning your body. I’ll even choose some cute clothes for you and do up your hair.”
“Eh, ah, I don’t want to take a bath right now.”
“… Kehma-san will dislike you if you’re sweaty, you know?”
“I-I wonder if Kehma doesn’t actually like the smell? And I’m in a rush, so I think I could just use [Cleanup].”
“Oh my, how wasteful. I have some new bath additive from Hero Studio. It’ll make your skin smooth and has a light lily scent.”
“Next time! Next time, we’ll take a long bath together!”
“O-ow… that echoed in my head. I couldn’t hear you that well, but you said we’ll bathe together?”

The heck? Haku-san just wants to take a morning bath with Rokuko!
While I was thinking that, Haku-san grabbed my arm.
As expected of an A-Rank adventurer, I couldn’t escape… I can’t run away!? What should I do, what should I do!?

3 Choices — Choose Only One:

Choice #1: The handsome me is suddenly hit by an idea on how to escape.

Choice #2: Be saved by comrades.

Choice #3: Escape is impossible, reality is merciless. Give up.

Me, a Dungeon Master specializing in ideas, would obviously pick number one!

“In that case, I’m going to quickly go and change, so please go and wait outside of the room.”
“? Why would you change right before getting into a bath?”
“It’s the same sort of thing as how eating a mouthful of something before a meal improves your digestion.”
“Is there something like that? But why wouldn’t we change together like usual?”
“For me, preparing my body before meeting Haku Ane-sama is just as important as doing it before meeting a man… That’s why, umm, I’ll be happy if you wait. I’ll be fast, so—”
“I’ll wait.”


“Well, please wait outside of the room, alright?”

I headed back into the bedroom.
Then, I—very, very regrettably—woke Rokuko up from her amazing sleep. It’s an emergency, please forgive me. Aah, everything considered, just being near this comforter is making me tired again.

“Munyaah, Kehma, eating socks raw will mess with your stomach… you have to cook them in the onsen first…”
“I beg you, wake up, please.”
“Fuah… what…? Were the socks tasty?”
“I don’t eat them. I didn’t eat them then, and I won’t next time. Please, wake up.”
“… Nn, Kehma…? So you want to go back to sleep after all?”

Unfortunately, no.
I explained the situation to Rokuko.

“Haaafuu, I got it. It’s fine if I just go and take a bath with Haku Ane-sama who’s standing outside the room?”
“Well, yeah—I had to wake you up, so I’ll absolutely make up for it.”
“You’ll do anything?”
“As long as it won’t cause a major problem.”
“… Oh well then, you owe me one okay?”

Rokuko said that in delight as she put the godly comforter into her [Storage].

“Haku Ane-sama, sorry to keep you waiting.”
“Aaw! Rokuko-chan wore it!—Oooow, my head…”
“Are you alright, Haku Ane-sama? Let’s go take our bath.”

—The two’s footsteps faded as they left.
Did I somehow manage to avoid a crisis?

Once again, I returned to the room that was given to me.



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