Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 194

Godly Comforter 1


Godly beddings.
Right, godly beddings. As one of the rewards from this, in my opinion, it could be called the main reward.
The night that the Dungeon Battle finished, I hurried—dashed, even—to Rokuko’s bedroom.
Even though I say it like that, we went with the pattern of slipping away from the closing party separately and at different times. It was a two-day long party to both celebrate the Dungeon Battle’s end as well as a farewell party. Haku-san didn’t say anything in particular when Rokuko left.
When Rokuko left, she first made eye contact with me for an instant. A while after that, I slipped out of the room knowing full well what the meaning behind that look was and headed to the bedroom that Rokuko was using.

As a result, that’s why the two of us met up at her bedroom. Ku ku ku, this is something that a thickheaded protagonist would never be able to imitate. This task was accomplished due to the telepathy that exists between partners!
Naturally, I have no obscene intentions. None at all.

“Y-you’re here, Kehma! I was waiting.”
“Yeah, I’m here.”

Rokuko had already changed into her pajamas. I knelt before her.
And then—

“So, please, please show me the godly beddings!”
“What’s with that no-hesitation dogeza!? You don’t need to do that, Kehma. Hey, look up. Let’s look at the godly beddings together.”
“Ooh… are you an angel?”
“W-why are you comparing me to those dangerous things that stand alongside God’s Vanguards?”

Ah, so angels are like that from the point of view on the dungeons’ side huh. Angels are god’s subordinates after all… So what should I compare her to?

“A demon?”
“That’s a bit off?”
“A… goddess?”
“W-what’re you talking about, Kehma! I’m not some existence that should be worshiped!”

Rokuko said that, but her face was red and she was waving her hands in the air. Looks like she didn’t dislike it.
Looks like goddess is good. I’ll remember that. Come to think of it, Haku-san is said to be a white goddess or something huh.

“Now then, please… show me the godly beddings…”
“… Un.”

I’m finally going to see one of the godly beddings, the [Godly Comforter]. I’m so nervous, my heart’s pounding like it wants to pop out of my chest. Rokuko’s just like me, she’s probably excited like how a child is when they open a present from their dad.
Rokuko took out a box wrapped with a ribbon—it looks just like a present box. It doesn’t look large enough to have a comforter in it, but it’s probably using a magic like [Storage]. Slowly, Rokuko untied the ribbon with her hands.
Continuing, she took off the lid… I gulped back saliva.

“… Eeei!”

Resolving herself, she took it off in one go. It shined for an instant, revealing a divine white comforter. Rokuko picked it up.

“… So beautiful.”
“Yyeah… I think so too…”

I wound up praising it involuntarily.
… This is a godly bedding. This is the godly comforter.

“To be honest, I underestimated it… No, really… for it to be this…”
“… It feels amazing. Kehma, try touching it too.”
“No, wait. First is the manual. There’s even the possibility that I won’t be able to return to this world just by a thoughtless touch. It’s probably better if I don’t even touch the box.”
“Y-yeah. It’s as Kehma says. Let’s be careful. Umm, where is it~?”
“Maybe it’s under the lid? Try turning it over.”
“Un. Like this? The comforter’s in the way, I can’t see anything. Kehma, do you see it?”

Still holding the godly comforter in one of her hand, Rokuko turned over the present box’s lid.
… There it is. It’s a letter.

“Yeah. I see it. It’s where I thought it’d be.”
“Nn… this? … Opening it’s a bit scary, huh?”
“If you don’t open it, I won’t be able to see.”
“I-I know… Hey, can you see it now?”

Rokuko opened up the instructions. Inside it were notes on how to use the godly comforter.

“… Rokuko, this…”
“W-what? What’s wrong?”

Inside it, there was the following in handwritten letters:

Name: Godly Comforter (Rokuko’s Use Only)

Will sleep incredibly comfortably. Will have a good dream.
No matter how tired, both physical strength and magical power will fully recover by sleeping with this.
Even if you do intense exercise before going to bed, it won’t hinder your work the next day.
One thousand year warranty!

(However, as this is a special item, anyone else using it will receive divine retribution.)

*Otou-san’s Supplement*
This is a Rokuko-only item. No one but her can use it, so be careful. If anyone other than the owner tries using it, they will receive divine retribution that would even cause God to pale, so Kehma-kun can’t use it alright?
… However, this function is to prevent theft and cheating, so this won’t happen if a couple that has full trust in each other uses it. Well then, have fun.


Wow, that supplement… is super suspicious.
What’s with that ‘have fun’, oi.
Aah, but there were quite a few stories about cheating in Earth’s legends huh~. So there’s a cheat prevention system attached to this comforter. So then, no cheating~.
… But it’s okay if we fully trust each other, huh. Hmmm.

“In other words, it’s not a problem for you and me right? Or do you not trust me?”
“That’s not the thing I’m troubled about. It’s the ‘couple’ part. If it were simply cheating, you don’t have to be a couple for that…”
“Ah, right. I’m still Rokuko Labriheart. Should I be Rokuko Masuda from now on then?”
“Nope. No can do.”

Hold up, I’ve been completely locked on. It’s not like I dislike Rokuko, but it’s still only been a year since we met. I don’t want to speed things up so fast.

“… Y-yeah. It’s said that you aren’t recognized as a couple until you have a proper ceremony and report it to a community leader—ah, Kehma is a Village Chief though?”
“Eh? I think that in this case, we’d need Haku-san’s approval…”
“Mmm, but you know, Haku Ane-sama doesn’t look like she hates Kehma, so I don’t think there’d be any problems?”

No waaay! Haku-san would immediately remove me if I gave her the chance.
Just then, Rokuko clapped her hands.

“Wouldn’t it be alright if Kehma turned into me?”
“Turn into… Rokuko? … Ah, [Super Transformation] huh?”

I still have one more transformation left for today. If I use it to transform into Rokuko, wouldn’t I be able to use the godly comforter?
… But really, can the godly comforter be tricked? There might be a chance, but considering that the skill came from God, it’s a 50% at best.
However, I trust Rokuko, and Rokuko trusts me as well. Although we’re not a couple, that adds another 50% to it.

Booyah! That makes it a 100% success rate! Hyahoooh!”

“[Super Transformation]… Alright!”

I, who had transformed into Rokuko, touched the godly comforter. It’s a 100% success rate, so I don’t have to worry about anything!
… Ahuhuuun. Just touching it makes my legs want to collapse…!

“Kehma, having a look like that on my own face is embarrassing!”
“—Sorry, was I making a strange expression?”

I might have drooled, so let’s wipe my mouth too.

“Does the transformation not break when you go to sleep?”
“It doesn’t seem like it. It should be okay so long as my magical power doesn’t run out and I don’t turn it off.”
“Okay. Let’s sleep together then, Kehma. Just in case, alright?”
“Ooh, paying attention to the details. As expected of my partner.”

If I’m sleeping together with Rokuko, that should halve the divine retribution even in the tiny chance it happens. In other words, my 100% success rate just doubled! That’s 200% success rate! 200! It’s definitely my win.
Rokuko got into bed and held up the godly comforter, inviting me in.
… I got in next to Rokuko.

The sensation that the godly comforter has isn’t something that I can put into words.
If I were forced to describe it, it’s like that happy feeling you get just after you wake up, but having it last constantly.
I had a good dream too, but I don’t really remember it.
It feels like it was a pleasant dream where I was flying in the sky.



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