Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 193

Third Dungeon Battle: End


[That might’ve been the first time I’ve laughed so hard. As I thought, Kehma-kun is the best when it comes to being amusing. Ah, don’t worry, you haven’t been connected with the other teams since I started giving out your rewards.]
“Hahaha, at least there’s that. My dignity as a man… seriously…”

I was able to take advantage of the situation to turn the topic away from skills. The result should’ve made it OK… but just remembering it makes me want to cry.
A lot of stuff was exposed, but I was able to confirm some worthwhile things through Haku-san’s investigation. I’ll verify it again myself when I return.

“Come to think of it, Kehma-san. Do you want the S-Rank adventurer title as a Hero?”
“… No.”
“Heroes are normally forced into being S-Rank though?”
“Haku-san, wouldn’t a Hero always staying at [Cave of Desires] bring too much attention?”
“Oh? I don’t mind much either way. It wouldn’t change much at this point. Rather, couldn’t you use it as a deterrent against unnecessary problems?”

… That really does sound like an attractive proposal. However, it would also come with the responsibilities of being a Hero.

“Don’t Heroes have to work for the country in the event of an emergency?”
“Yes. That is why they are given preferential treatment.”
“I’ll refuse. I’m not a Hero, I am a Dungeon Master.”

—That absolutely doesn’t want to work.
Ah, right. Maybe she’ll pardon me if I turn into Rokuko and ask nicely?
… I should stop. That might just make her mad.

“… Well, it’s alright. You are a Dungeon Master after all.”

Saying that, Haku-san returned to her chair.

[Father] gathered attention by clapping his hands. Monitors for Team Demon King and Team Dragon King appeared alongside the monitor showing [Father], so it looks like he opened communication to everyone this time.

[Now then, Haku, 5, 6. I’d like you each to say something.]
“From me as the winner of this competition… 5, have you realized that you are just an ordinary lizard after all? From here on, please make sure keep that in mind and pay me tribute. You don’t have to, of course. That is, if you don’t think you can stomach the results of this competition that Otou-sama oversaw.”
[Ugu! … Gunuuun…]
“… 6. Please, show more discipline. To have someone refer to you as Jiji-sama, are you intending to disrespect Otou-sama? Ah, perhaps it has the meaning where you are an old fool? In that case, I have no qualms with it. Fufufu.”
[Hmph. I’ll overlook that.]

Haku-san, aren’t you just gloating!? I’d be troubled if you caused a war to break out over this. Ah, are these not just a bunch of Dungeon Battles, but actually proxy wars between rival nations? That’s super troublesome.

[I’m next then, I got second place… 89, no, Haku. We’re from the same series. Since I’m an old man, aren’t you an old hag? There’s no point making yourself appear young. No, maybe it’s due to your inability to grow up mentally that you’re still such a lass. Ha ha ha. I’m so envious of your youth! Not having to face the truths of life must be nice.]
“Oh? What’s this coming from the loser?”
[Hmph. 666 may have lost, but she invested in an enhancement for herself. In the long run, the true winner will be 666.]
“Fufu, so what are you saying? My Rokuko-chan preserved a considerable amount of the DP from this time. Enough to even do this another time.”

She’s adding fuel to the fire. We just settled down and now she’s trying to start it up again!
It’d be troublesome having to do this another time, so please spare me.

[Oi, it’s my turn next. Yeah? Good. This isn’t my loss. This happened because of these three handicaps I had to deal with, next time—]
“Excuses are so uncouth.”
[The losing lizard that only knows how to beat things with force should just keep silent. It’s unsightly.]
“Speaking of unsightly, 6—”
[Kakaka, that’s it, Haku, you—]

Ah, he went quiet. And then Haku-san and Core 6 started verbally attacking each other.
… Aidi is looking at it happen from behind Core 6 like she’s envious. Huh? Is she seeing this as a caring chat or something? No way, even if you look over here with that slightly excited look and rough breathing, I’ll absolutely never have an argument with you like this one that could bring about a war!
Don’t even look at Rokuko either! But you’re friends, you say? No means no!

[Father] clapped his hands. With that, Haku-san and Core 6 immediately stopped their quarreling and looked at him.

[Otou-san is glad that everyone gets along so well. It’s regrettable, but it’s about time. Would you care to say your goodbyes?]
[Hey 695… Rokuko! It may be true that your name was recognized by Tou-sama, but don’t get so cocky! I won’t lose again!]
[Oooi, 650! What are you doing, interrupting father while he’s talking!? Looks like I’ll have to educate you even more severely… prepare yourself! 651, 652, you guys will take responsibility for this too!]
[P-please forgive me, 5-samaaa!]
[Ha ha ha, I don’t mind. I did ask for their goodbyes after all. Please go easy on them for their education, 5.]

When [Father] said that with a smile, 5 didn’t say anything else.
Core 650’s face was pale even though he’s a snake.
By the way, Aidi appeared to be staring at Rokuko’s face with a smile. As for Rokuko, well, she just smiled back with the feeling that she was smiling at a friend, but—for some reason, it feels like Aidi has the same aura as Haku-san.
Right, let’s pretend I saw nothing.

[Well then, everyone, let’s see each other again at the next assembly!]

The communication ended along with [Father]’s final words.
With this, our third Dungeon Battle has come to an end.

… It feels like it took a rather long time.



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