Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 192

Super Transformation


I wanted an explanation for why it suddenly went to Lv 3, but the only thing I knew was how to use the [Super Transformation Lv 3] that had been planted into my brain.
Its effects are as follows:

– Can transform into what is imagined Lv X times per day (3 times for Lv 3)

– Lv 1 Effect: Can transform into something that exists

– Lv 2 Effect: Can partially mimic the abilities of what has been transformed into

– Lv 3 Effect: Once every 72 hours, even if you die, the transformation will cancel and you will revive

Magical power is consumed during the transformation. I can either turn it off when I want, or when my magical power depletes.
The amount of magical power consumed seems to be quite huge if I turn into something that’s really different in appearance. And my abilities would be limited in the transformation.
I don’t know what the Lv 4 effect would be, but the ones I already have are crazy. I can transform into something so long as it exists huh? As expected of a Cheat Skill. And I can revive once every three days too… Well, depending on the situation, it could just be an instant death after reviving.
Like if I was in lava or something.

[Was that the [Announcement] just now? It gave the same feeling as our [Menu].]
“Eh, could everyone hear that just now?”
[No, I was just able to observe it a little there. So, what kind of skill did you get?]

I was troubled over whether or not I should tell him or if I should keep it as a trump card. At any rate, I guess it’s fine to tell him its name?
I think it’d be better if I didn’t say it since Haku-san’s here as well, but it’s [Father]’s request. It feels like it’d turn into a problem if I didn’t answer him. He said that I was a Hero right in front of Haku-san, so that was exposed already. It might make it seem like I’m planning on rebelling or something if I don’t answer…
Alright, let’s answer.

“I got that freebie from you, so I’ll tell you the skill’s name. It’s [Super Transformation].”
[[Super Transformation] huh? You got a pretty interesting skill.]

Hmm? Doesn’t it feel like he knows what it does?

[In the past, someone even got up to [Super Transformation Lv 7] if I recall? Perfectly copying the enemy’s shape and abilities, they were able to use their opponent’s abilities along with their own. It got pretty amazing.]

The heck? Wouldn’t that be invincible?

“Oh? I think I dealt with that person by sending five hundred against them?”
[Yeah, Haku played a big role in it back then.]

Ah, so they were defeated by numbers huh. Right, it’s not like I could give it out to others or anything.
… Ah, there does appear to be skills that can be shared with others though.

“So Kehma-san was a God’s Vanguard…? I knew that he was a person from another world, but still…”
“Well, I’m just an everyday Hero that doesn’t intend to destroy dungeons or anything like that. I haven’t even had a Cheat Skill until now. I don’t even think of myself as a God’s Vanguard.”
“Hmm. In that case, it’s alright—so, that skill, would you please tell me more about it in detail? You will, won’t you? To be exact, show be an example of you transforming.”

Okay~, order received~.

“The number of times that I can transform is limited, so I can’t keep doing it forever… What do you want me to transform to?”
“Let’s see… can you transform into Rokuko-can?”

… Can I? Let’s give it a shot.
I pictured Rokuko in my mind and said [Super Transformation]. I can activate the skill without saying it, but it’s probably better for me to say something given where I am.
Uoh, my field of view dropped… Oh, so this is Rokuko’s eye level.

“Ooh, he really looks the same as me!”
“So I look like Rokuko now? I’m still wearing my jersey, so it looks like it doesn’t affect clothing… Ah, my voice changed too.”

The clothes I’ve been wearing are too big for me now. Oi.

“You know that you shouldn’t look under those clothes, right? Right!?”
“… I wasn’t thinking about it at all.”
“You know that I’ll hit you if you touch your body, right?”
“Well, I’m just curious about whether or not it can reproduce places I’ve never seen before. Rokuko, do you have any scratches or something that I don’t know about?”
“Nope. I don’t have any scratches or stuff like that that Kehma doesn’t know about.”
“Ah—I was surprised since there’s another Rokuko-chan, but wait! I can’t ignore that statement!”

That’s a false accusation though.
I undid the transformation.

“… I make sure to take care of Rokuko so that she doesn’t get even a single scratch. You could even use lie detection magic or magic tool if you like.”
“Are you telling the truth?”
“I am.”
“… It appears that you really are telling the truth.”

Oh. It looks like she really did invoke some lie detecting magic. But it’s a good thing that people can prove their innocence so quickly with stuff like that. They just have to actually be innocent.

“I’ll take this chance ask you. You have no intention of bringing harm to Rokuko-chan, correct?”
“Correct! I swear to god.”
[Ahahaha! Swearing to god right in front of me! Good, good!]

[Father] suddenly broke into laughter.
Ah, right. God is the one that sends the Heroes. He’s the enemy. Rather, wasn’t there also the theory that [Father] is also a god? At any rate, [Father] is laughing pretty hard.

“Understood… By the way, could you transform into Rokuko-chan one more time? I’d like to hear two Rokuko-chans say, ‘I love Onee-sama’.”
“Ah, sorry, but I have a limited number of transformations, so maybe next time.”
“Oh? That’s unfortunate… Then, could you turn into this envelope? If you can, what’s inside of it.”

Haku-san showed me an envelope… Hohoh, this will easily verify a few things.
First, can I transform into inanimate objects?
Second, can I transform into something that I haven’t seen directly and don’t already know?
Third, can I reproduce the contents of the letter?
… As expected of Haku-san. Being able to get all of that from a single transformation.
Well, alright. Thinking about the insides of the envelope, I used [Super Transformation].

“… [Super Transformation].”

My body transformed easily… Hmm, somehow, it looks like I just turned into the envelope. As expected, picturing something that I don’t know about in my head isn’t enough to use to transform.
I fell to the floor. Seeing the Master Room like this is kind of new… Ah, Haku-san walked closer. I saw white under her skirt. Even the knee socks in her long skirt is nice… ah. She picked me up. Maybe she’s trying to take a closer look?

“Hoh. It even reproduced the destination address that I didn’t show you. However, it looks like the contents of the envelope weren’t reproduced? Maybe what’s necessary is seeing it directly… Maybe I should try tearing it a little? I’m curious about how much damage there will be when he switched back.”

Higii!? Stop!? Ah, I can’t talk. Hey, don’t rip me! Seriously, doooon’t! I’d revive even if I die with the Lv 3 effect but really, stooop!
With a pop, I released the transformation and turned back into a human. In Haku-san’s hands.

“Kyah! Please don’t turn back so suddenly, Kehma-san—oh?”
“Uoooh! … Phew, I’m back. Man, that was close. Thought I was going to die…”
“Kehma!? C-clothes, put on clothes—!”

I saw my clothes.
They were on the floor.
… Aah, so that’s it. When I turned into an envelope, my clothes simple fell to the ground.
In other words, I’m being held princess-style by Haku-san… in the nude.

“Kyaaaa—!? Haku-san’s a pervert—!!”
“That’s rude. Calling someone a pervert… If anything, Kehma-san is the pervert. You’re naked, after all.”
“You’re too calm! Scary!”
“I’m used to seeing adventurer corpses in the nude. It’s alright, it’s cute.”

Stop it! That manner of talking is wounding me!

“Ah, but Rokuko-chan shouldn’t look at something so foul, alright?”
“Eh? Y-yesh! Sorry, Haku Ane-sama! I-I didn’t see anything, Kehma! Don’t worry!”

… With that, I put my clothes back on with slightly teary eyes.
Furthermore, [Father] laughed so hard he had to hold his sides.
I can’t take anymore…



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