Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 19

Extra: Strange Adventurer Applicant

(Soldier’s Point of View)


I am a gatekeeper.
I’m someone who can be called a veteran.
I don’t mean to boast, but I can tell when a person is suspicious.

While I was standing watch at the gate, a pair of travelers came.
It’s a man with black hair and a girl with similarly black hair.
Black hair is unusual around here… I wonder if they’re siblings?
… However, the girl’s carrying the luggage while the man is empty-handed… no, he has a sword?
Though I thought they were brother and sister from the way they looked, taking a closer look at the girl, she was a dog-type beastkin and seemed to be a slave. I see, so that’s why she’s carrying the luggage.
But to make a small girl like that carry luggage, it feels awkward even though she’s a slave.
Or maybe he’s racist against beastkin? No, she’s dressed properly.
The two gave an odd impression. At any rate, it’s my job.

“Halt! What business do you have in Sia!”

When I called out, the two obediently stopped.

“Ah, sorry. I’m from the country. Do I need to do something to get inside?”

They didn’t appear to intend to be hostile and break through.
I secretly activated a magic tool that detected lies. Gatekeepers have them to check whether there is any falsities given in conversations at the gates.
Though I could tell they were suspicious people even without it it as a veteran gatekeeper, right now a big shot noble came from the capital. I was told to use it so that there would be no mistakes. It couldn’t be helped, that’s the rule.

“… Answer the question. What business do you have in Sia?”
“Eeh, I set out from my old way of life to become an adventurer.”

Well, that didn’t appear to be a lie. Hearing success stories and aspiring to become an adventurer, that was something youths would choose over working and get rich quick. Well, it wasn’t actually that easy.

“Hmm… Is that a slave? Is it yours?”
“That’s right, I picked it up by chance.”

That also didn’t seem to be a lie. Since he admitted possessing it as the master, it was unquestionable.
Since it appears that bandits have been rampant around here recently, it probably had an impact on stray slaves.
Its attire was good… I wonder if this guy doesn’t treat it as a slave?

“Why did you come at this time?”
“Well, since knights seem to have come by and subjugate some bandits the other day, I thought it’d be a safer journey. I didn’t really come here to do anything. Peace is good… Wait, perhaps, is there something wrong with the time right now? Sorry, a countryman like me doesn’t know of things like that.”

Hmph, wasn’t a lie. Seems he doesn’t know any detailed information.
I don’t mind if there’s a little lie for some situations, but he really was an honest guy that didn’t lie at all.

“Oh, I see. Sorry then… Right now, some higher ups came. They are related to those knights you talked about before.”
“So that’s it then? Work must be hard. Then, can I pass? Or do I need something?”

Oh, that’s not a gatekeeper’s job.
I helped him very business-like. When I mentioned money, he seemed to be worried about how much he had on him.
I promptly informed him about guide services.
That is, I could work as a cheap guide until he gets an ID.

I noticed it earlier, but this beastkin slave is different from the slaves I usually see. She seems to follow him happily.
She appeared to be willingly carrying the luggage. She’s probably treated very well.
She was happy when the man patted her head… Hmm, I understand a bit better now.

For now, it looks like he’s not a bad guy. And so, I allowed him to pass through the gate and guided him to the adventurer guild personally.

On the way, their attentions seemed to be attracted by a cart selling skewers, it was a bit heartwarming to see.
Adventurers would make this town their base when registering here. If that’s what happens, I’m likely to meet them again. It might be good to treat them to skewers at that time.

Heading into the adventurer guild, we immediately went to the counter.
Though they said they could write for him if needed, he said it was no problem and asked the slave to.

Well, surprisingly, the slave was called [Meat].

Th-that’s… Meat, umm, if I recall correctly, isn’t that the name for a sex slave? If anything, it’s closer to a derogatory term.
That means, this man… with a child like that… he has ‘that’ hobby? Ah, so that’s why she’s dressed so good. It finally makes sense.
… Well, how the slave is treated has nothing to do with me.
However, to put her name as Meat on the registration form would definitely… even if she is freed from slavery, the beastkin girl’s name would remain as Meat from now on.
Though registered names could be changed, it was fundamentally something that wouldn’t change until death. It took even more money than when you register.
But purposely spending more of the little money they had on hand… would be heresy. Maybe I was hasty letting them inside the gates?
Though she seemed to look at him with love, shouldn’t she be filled with some kind of hatred instead?

… However, she strangely seemed to be glad, so I guess it’s not my place to meddle.
The guild receptionist muttered, [Such an adorable child… kuh, I have to protect her], though…

Yep, that’s it, I’m unrelated. Since I confirmed they had guild cards, I am now unrelated to them!
Hmmm, so he’s Kehma huh, alriiiight alright, I’m done here, I’m unrelated.
With that, I decided to promptly return to the gate.

Well, it’s my job after all.
Because I’m a veteran guard! Hahaha!



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