Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 182

Third Dungeon Battle: Battle 5


# Team Demon King’s Point of View #


The water was unexpectedly troublesome.
Even though they could deal with it, they couldn’t advance. By the time that the water had finally stopped, Team Demon King’s dungeon was underwater all the way to the third floor, so another bone fish boss would go there. This time, they learned from their opponent and went with mixing a single boss in with sardine-like small fish.

“… Haah, it looks like the DP I was saving till today is running out too.”

Core 666 let out a sigh.
For now, she summoned some more Skeletons and sent them into Team Sovereign’s dungeon.
The Skeletons were all moving together like a centipede and somehow managed to endure the water current and advance.
… But thanks to that, she realized a new way to deal with the water. She could use this.

“695 is fit to be my rival after all…”

When Core 666 had the Skeletons advance forward, she found a small room near a stairway. The stairs descended into water. It appeared she took the wrong way—or maybe not. Perhaps the floor was pre-submerged?

At any rate, the Skeletons were basically expendable, so Core 666 sent the Skeletons in.

It was like the bottom of the sea.
There was practically no light and there was seaweed growing in it. It all shook side to side, making the visibility even worse.
When they looked up from in the water, there appeared to be a small room with light coming from it, looking like moonlight.

“This is a very stylish floor.”

However, it was still a dungeon. Naturally, it would have traps.
When she tried having the Skeletons use their hands to push the seaweed aside and open a path, their hands abruptly fell off.

“…? Did something happen? No—is something there?”

She had the Skeletons advance further to make sure, but their arms fell off just like their hands had.

“… That’s… Jiji-sama, what is that?”

Hearing Core 666’s question Core 6 looked at the monitor.
It was hard to see, but 6 was able to see something.
It was thread—orichalcum-made thread that had been stretched incredibly thin.

“Hoh. It appears to be thread made from orichalcum… How was it made so thin, though?”
“Orichalcum!? Come to think of it, 695 was wearing an orichalcum ring, Jiji-sama.”
“She was? Perhaps she has a skilled master dwarf blacksmith… Right, I’ll show you an orichalcum ingot next time, it looks quite lovely.”
“Fufu, sounds fun. It’s a promise.”

Still, thread? She didn’t even have a way to cut it, it was orichalcum.
No matter how thin it was, orichalcum couldn’t be broken without the dwarves’ processing methods. In other words, there was no way for her to remove the thread.
When she looked around, the passage divided into the current way and a side path. The current way was filled with the thread. And ahead, the path that was divided in two merged back together.
The thread was placed like some sort of crude web.
It didn’t matter for the Skeletons, but there appeared to be a small room beyond the web that you could take a breath in.
So if you tried to run straight through the passage to try and get a breath of air—you would be sliced into small pieces.

“… So that’s it.”

Core 666 guessed that it could also be used with the water trap.
The thread was sharp enough to slice through bone just by touching it. If they were pressed against it by the force of the water, they’d likely turn into mesh-shaped mincemeat (bone in this case). Just imagining it was gross. It was wonderful.

“Jiji-sama, what if you used your magic sword?”
“I’d avoid doing it. My magic sword has the [Indestructible] property, so it could do it, but even so, breaking through orichalcum takes too much effort.”
“Heeh… even Jiji-sama’s magic sword…”

Using [Summon Skeleton] yet again, Core 666 smiled daringly.



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