Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 18

A Human Town for the First Time


“Remember Rokuko, just five goblins when adventurers come. No more than that. You can eat up to two melon rolls from the [Sweet Roll Assortment] per day.
“G-got it. Kehma, you be careful too okay?”

And, like that, we left with Rokuko cave-sitting.

Now that I think of it, this is the first time I’ll be leaving the master room. When Tester stopped moving for one reason or another while digging I had Meat go retrieve it.
… I wonder if this world doesn’t have chemicals harmful to humans in it?
Maybe things like mana and magical power are harmful to human health…

“… You’re not going?”
“Y-yeah. We’re going. We’re going now, so…”
“Let’s hurry up and go!”
“I’m not pushing you know? Definitely not pushing you, you know?”
“Eh? Pushing? I got it—”

Hold up, the translation function!? Wooah-!
… Pushed on the back by Rokuko, I left the master room.
Entering the dungeon proper without incident, we appeared in the core room.

“… A-alright, nothing wrong happened right? Phew, scared the crap out of me… wait, come to think of it, can’t I use magic and stuff now? Yep.”
“Goshujin-sama, are you alright?”
“Ah, yeah, you? I’m all good.”
“Then let’s hurry up and go… why are you still standing at the entrance?”

No, now that I’m thinking about it, isn’t it bad if the dungeon master leaves from the dungeon after all?
I should think about this some more…

“What’s with the push!? You’re pushing me!?
“Eh, yes, I’m pushing you.”
“Why!? Is Translation Function-san overloaded and not working!? Ah-”

My first time(walking)… against my will…—!

Yep, nothing happened. Nothing happened as expected.
After I took a serious step, Meat tugged on my clothes.

“A-ah, sorry. Well then, let’s go!”

Just one step towards the forest…

“… Should I push you?”
“Ah, yeah. Please…”




Oh come on, what about the safety zone… though I didn’t say that, wouldn’t I be putting my life in danger by going outside? I followed Meat down the mountain road while grumbling about that.
If I had to say why we were going outside, the reason would be for safety. You can’t determine if you’re safe without information, the peace right now might just be temporary so I’m descending to the human village.
Ahh, I don’t want to work.

Of course, thanks to the clothes golem, I, who doesn’t exercise at all, can easily run down the mountain path. It’ll properly run after being told [Run to the Sia Township] after all.
However, though I’m just being moved, we had to take several breaks on the way since I got crazy tired… how is Meat alright… wonder how much muscle pain I’ll have tomorrow.
Even bringing things like water and food in after considering that we may not arrive in a day, I had Meat carry them after the first break. Rather, she wanted to carry it since that’s work for slaves and I didn’t refuse. Even though Meat could still actually run while carrying the luggage, I was already at my limit even with the support of the clothes golem.

Well, we turned up at the human village after half a day. We didn’t come across anything particularly dangerous on the way.
Since the clothes golem ran out of mana on the way, I refilled the magic stone with magical power… It’s better to make use of magic stones and not be stingy. I can get a replacement when we return.

We arrived at the human village after various things, the Sia Township.
Other than water and food, I brought a lot of money from the dungeon. A portion of what the bandits were hoarding was able to be retrieved when the attack happened.
A stone brick wall about five meters tall enclosed the town, gatekeeper soldiers were standing guard at the entrance gate. I mean, it’s pretty huge. Isn’t this town more of a city? Wonder how many people live here…
Looking at the map for now, there were gates in the north, south, east, and west. This appears to be the west gate.

“Halt! What business do you have in Sia!”

Approaching the gate, the gatekeeper was being vigilant and called out for us to stop.
I stopped since making trouble would be annoying.

“Ah, sorry. I’m from the country. Do I need to do something to get inside?”
“… Answer the question. What business do you have in Sia?”
“Eeh, I set out from my old way of life to become an adventurer.”
“Hmm… Is that a slave? Is it yours?”
“That’s right, I picked it up by chance.”
“Why did you come at this time?”
“Well, since knights seem to have come by and subjugate some bandits the other day, I thought it’d be a safer journey. I didn’t really come here to do anything. Peace is good… Wait, perhaps, is there something wrong with the time right now? Sorry, a countryman like me doesn’t know of things like that.”

I didn’t lie at all… After looking through the DP catalog and seeing [Lie Detecting Magic Tool (50000 DP)], I decided it would be better to be careful just to make sure. It was half the DP of the [Healing Scroll (100000 DP)], so it could likely appear on the market.
Need to be careful to not say too much.
The country had three residents (one being a dungeon core), and I decided to become an adventurer for information gathering. I picked up Meat in the dungeon, and came across knights on the way (the bandits were in the dungeon) so it became safe.

“Oh, I see. Sorry then… Right now, some higher ups came. They are related to those knights you talked about before.”
“So that’s it then? Work must be hard. Then, can I pass? Or do I need something?”
“Do you have identification? If not, it’ll be five silver coins and one copper coin. One copper coin for the slave. The collar counts as identification for the slave.”

Gah, they need a lot… I confirmed I brought my wallet. It had about eight silver and thirty copper in it. Yep, though it looks like I can afford it, how much money will it cost inside…

“Ah, the silver coins are a security deposit. Since you will get an ID from the guild if you become an adventurer, just come back later and show it… But I wonder if you have the money to register as an adventurer after leaving the country? It takes three silver to register at the adventurer guild. Three copper is fine if you have a soldier accompany you to the adventurer guild until you can show ID. I’ll tell you now, the two copper is the labor cost. We can go immediately since I’m available right now.”

Oh, in other words… to save two copper, I can go to the adventurer guild without a guide, register and come back, then ask for the deposit back after showing the ID, then heading back to the adventurer guild… Yeah, bothersome. Better to ask for that.

“It’s appreciated. Could you please?”
“Well then, I’ll accompany you… Oi, switch watch with me. See you later, I’m off for guide duties.”

I paid the four copper.
The soldiers for watch duty alternated and we headed to the adventurer guild accompanied by the soldier.
Two copper for directions was cheap, probably.
… I didn’t have gold coins, but I wonder if they exist anyways? How much money would it be worth?
Though there were gold, silver, and copper in the DP catalog’s treasures list, it felt like it kept going on for a hundred pages.

Ah, but there’s a cart in the main street with a delicious smell. Likely due to the large amount of grilled skewers, it smelled like roasted meat. Wonder what the meat is?

“Oi, I understand your feelings but can you wait until you get your ID? I’m on the job here.”

The soldier quickly called out and stopped me when I was staring at the cart.
But this soldier is a good person isn’t he. I’ll spare his life even if he comes into the dungeon.
Walking like that for a while, we came up to a large building.
A sword, medicine bottle, and a scroll were depicted on a large wooden board hanging prominently from it. It seems that was the sign for the adventurer guild.

The people inside heading in and drinking appeared to be adventurers. To be drinking like that during the day… I wonder if they worked night shifts?
When I went to the counter with the soldier, the receptionist held out a blank registration form. This world didn’t use parchment, but rather ordinary paper? Simply well done. Though the blank registration form was written by hand, I wonder if they have printing technology?

“Can you write your name? It’s one copper for someone to write for you.”
“Yeah… Meat, I’ll leave it to you.”
“Yes, Goshujin-sama!”

I got Meat to write for me. I can only write in Japanese.
The only thing I couldn’t understand was the characters, the translation function took care of the sentences and turned them into Japanese in my head.
Conversely, other people couldn’t read sentences I write in Japanese. It was definitely troublesome, though picking up Meat was really good.
Hmm? … The soldier and the receptionist looked alternately between meat and I.
Eh, what is it? Is a slave that can write unusual or something?

“It’s surprising… even though she’s such a small child…”
“Eh well, it’s because she was taught something useful.”
“I-is that so?”

The receptionist gave an off feeling. Perhaps not writing things was no good in various ways?
… Though it might be too late, was my appearance weird for this area?
Meat has black hair so I thought it’d be fine to go, but the bandits had European faces huh…
Though the clothing was pretty much just ordinary clothes.

But it seems that appearance wasn’t related to registration.
My name written, the registration was completed.
The cost to register was six silver… yeah, two silver and around thirty copper coins left… it decreased a lot.

“I’ll return since I was able to confirm your registration.”
“Ah, yeah. Thank you.”
“Don’t worry about it, it’s my job. From now on it’ll just be one copper to use the gate.”

The soldier went back after verifying the guild card.
With this ID, I could also gather intelligence while checking out the commissions.

“Well then, I will explain guild ranks.”
“Ah, yeah.”

Though the ID was finished first, it seemed there was still more to be explained.



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