Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 179

Third Dungeon Battle: Battle 2


# Team Dragon King’s PoV #


A black armor suddenly appeared and started crushing the snakes and frogs.

“Uaaaaah! What’s this this black thiiiiiiing!? 666, the heck did you summon!?”
“Calm down, 650. It appears to be mobile despite being submerged, so it should be a living armor type. Surround it! Use your numbers and deal with it!”
“Like this, No. 5-samaaa!?”

However, the difference in strength between it and both the frogs and snakes was too big. Each time the black armor brandished its sword, snakes were split in two and many frogs’ tongues were severed, lowering their capability drastically.
Some individuals were simply crushed, trampled by the weight of its armor.

Following Core 5’s instructions and attacking it from all sides with frogs, several attacks finally hit their mark. It was also bit as the snakes snapped at its legs.
However, whatever the black armor was made from made it so that the Bite Snakes’ fangs and the Big Frogs’ tongues had little to no effect on it.

“Tch, this thing is practically like God’s Vanguard. The monsters can only make it stand still huh.”
“No 5-saaama, the water’s settled dooown! Should I send monsters too?”
“Alright, 652, send your snakes to invade… Have you prepared monsters that can work in water? Oi! Can you get Sea Snakes!?”
“Y-yesss! Doing it now!”

Core 650 summoned snakes that could swim underwater. Although underwater snakes couldn’t live on land, they were suitable given the current situation. He sent a few of them into Team Demon King’s dungeon straight away.
… Ah, come to think of it, I get the feeling Sea Snakes can’t live if they aren’t in sea water huh… must be my imagination. With that, Core 5 decided to stop thinking about it.

“651, you go on the offense as well. 652, attack Team Sovereign. 651, attack Team Demon King. 650, keep on defending… dammit, I don’t have enough workers. Why aren’t your underlings here?”

Right now, this dungeon was the only one to have three cores operating it.
In this fight that was a three-way team battle, having three was already pushing the limit. Well, although they should’ve been able to use their subordinates—

“”” B-because there’s no way we thought they’d eat each other!! “””
“Stingy fools! That’s why you should summon intelligent monsters! Come on, thanks to that we don’t have enough workers nor DP!”

—Right, the monsters they used their specially-given DP on to summon and be their supporters were, respectively, a snake, a frog, and a slug.
These guys, lacking intelligence as always, took their eyes off of them for just a bit. When they came back, there were only carcasses remaining.

As expected, this left Core 5 at wits’ end.

After all, he had a somewhat optimistic view about this since his side had three cores.

“Alriiight, I got control of Team Sovereign’s firssst room! Advanciiing!”
“Geko, the black armor for Team Demon King is in the way on my end… I’ll leave them to you, 652.”

The Bite Snakes were manipulated by Core 652, the slug. They almost carelessly attacked the Skeletons, but here, they were mutual enemies to an enemy. They headed farther inside together.

“Alright, alright. Here we gooo, up the slooope!”

Once they were moving up the slope, a viscous liquid flowed down. With no room to avoid it, the snakes and bones all got swallowed up by it. The bones were washed away, but the snakes were stuck to the slope.
With this, they were one step ahead of Team Demon King… however.

“Ugueeh! W-what’s that!? Uwaah, uwaaaaah!”
“What’s wrong, 652? Tell me!”
“The snaaakes, they can’t move at aaaaall! It’s too sliiimy!”

Unable to move because of the slimy liquid engulfing them, the snakes writhed in attempt to break free, but only managed to push themselves down the slope.
Their momentum gradually built, until…
They crashed into the skeletons that were trying to make their way up.

“W-what… what can I dooo…”

The slimy liquid kept them stuck wriggling on the ground. Inevitably, the snakes’ bodies twined around each other, making it even worse. Even giving it their all, they still weren’t be able to make their way up the slope. Core 652 sighed, thinking that he could do something if there were slugs there, but the only things there were, unfortunately, snakes.

“Aaaaaah! Those bones’re in the waaay! Ugeh, they’re stepping on them!”
“Use them as rides, coil around the bones, 652!”

Despite doing as Core 5 instructed and having the Bite Snakes coil around the Skeletons, they just turned into weights for the Skeletons and caused them to slide along the slippery ground back toward the bottom.

“Didn’t wooork, the footing’s too slippeeeeery!”
“Hah!? Slippery!? Ssswitch with me, 652! Snakes originally moved on water! Bad footing like thisss isn’t something that should ssstop them!”
“Ah, ch-change! Switch! —! Uaaah!? The black armooooor!”

Replaced, Core 652 panicked because of the black armor that was decimating them. Core 650, on the other hand, was calm.

“Alriiight, I’m going! I can jussst use the walls if the floor’s no good! These ssstone walls are more than enough!”

Manipulating the snakes, Core 650 had them move up the wall. Avoiding the slimy floor, he felt they’d make it through and—it happened at that moment.
Water that was filling the passageway suddenly flushed all of them away.



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