Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 178

Third Dungeon Battle: Battle 1


Well now, our troops (fish and Golems) were taken into the enemy dungeons after being swept up by the water.
Team Dragon King had tons of snakes and frogs.
There’s probably some slugs, too. Salt should be effective against them, but I wonder if seawater is too? I haven’t seen any appear yet though.
Team Demon King just has skeletons.
… So that’s what demon-types are like? Salt should be effective against them in another meaning, but seawater… well, I don’t know. It’s not working.

“Kehma, the dungeon maps for our opponents’ first floors are done! Their descent on the stairs to the second floor is going nicely too!”
“Yeah, they can keep on going.”

Once we reach the point that they can’t go any farther, it’ll be the Golem and Sahagin Corps’ turn. The dungeon capture’s progressing smoothly so far.

“I was a little doubtful about this strategy when I first heard you talk about it, but this flooding strategy does look quite strong… you might win with this alone, no?”
“No no, Haku-san. As you can see, there’s a lot weak points to it… It doesn’t seem to be effective against those Skeletons.”

It looked like the Skeletons were able to move around just fine in Team Demon King’s now-underwater room.
And there were two knights clad in full body black armor. They really do feel like Demon King army material, so cool… Those guys don’t look like the water’s bothering them at all either.

However, it looks like they aren’t able to deal with the water either. If things keep up like this, their whole dungeon’s going to be submerged… No, maybe that’s their plan? The water won’t flow anymore once the dungeon is fully submerged. It’ll give my fish-type troops an advantage, but maybe they have some plan to reverse the situation?

“Let’s stop the water for now. I’ll lure them out and wash them all back with a slope.”
“Okaaay~. The door’s ready to be opened whenever, Kehma!”

Stopping the water, I decided to have the Golems advance to check on them after the water settles down. I’m still holding the Gargoyles back.
… Ah, the fish that were exploring Team Demon Lord’s dungeon found the boss room on the second floor. Looks like the boss is a huge bone fish. Wonder if they set that up on the spot to deal with the flooding?
On Team Dragon King’s side, we hit the third floor. They’re doing their best in draining the seawater, so it’s decreasing bit by bit. Looks like they’re collecting the water in places that we don’t have any troops in.
Now then, I wonder how many floors each side has?

… The water settled down, so I had our Golems advance into the enemy dungeons. I can only see the map, so I just had them take the shortest routes—but our opponents obviously wouldn’t be so docile.

In Team Dragon King’s dungeon, frogs appeared, pushing their way through drowned snakes. They swung their tongues like blunt weapons to smash the golems…. Tongue Blackjacks?
In Team Demon King’s dungeon, the two black armored monsters fought like paragons. They mowed everything down by brandishing their black swords. The bare-handed Clay Golems operated by Meat don’t have any chance of winning against them.

“Setting aside Team Demon King, Team Dragon King is harder than I thought it’d be too…”
“Kehma-san… Team Dragon King has Core 5. He’s a muscle-brain, but his specialty is accordingly fighting. As such, they should be able to fight after receiving his teaching.”
“G-got it, Haku-san. I won’t let my guard down.”

Being vigilant towards Team Dragon King, I had the fish and Clay Golems go to places they could. There should be traps that 5 taught them about, too.
Let’s try sending some sharks over to Team Demon King’s side to see if we can defeat that boss.

“Ichika, are the sharks ready? We’re in a stand-off right now, so send three small ones in. Press in.”
“Aye! Sharks, going~!”

Three shark fins—err, three small sharks headed into Team Demon King’s gate. The dungeon’s turned into a fully submerged dungeon, so the small sharks should be able to perform well while our enemies should have their movements dulled by the water resistance.
Two of them were slain by the black armors, but one of them was able to make its way through.

Hmm? Come to think of it, that’s the first time we lost DP, huh. Ah, right, I lost the magic stone costs for those Golems. I got rid of a lot of our opponent’s Skeletons too though.

“I’ll leave that bone mini-boss to you, Ichika.”
“Aye, I got it~. I’ll crunchy crunch it with my shark~!”

As that happened, our opponent made a move as well. One of the black armors dove into Team Dragon King’s dungeon.
It then started slaughtering our other opponent’s snakes and frogs… Yep, she probably sunk a ton of DP into that thing. It’s seriously strong.

“Kehma, our first room’s defenses were broken through!”

Turning the remaining Golems in our first room into our assault, our defenses had been thinned out quite a lot.
Enemy Skeletons and snakes were diving into our dungeon too. Looks like we lured them in nicely.

“… Well, pour Stock 1.”
“Okay~. Opening Stock 1 room’s door~”

A lot of fluid spilled out.

“… Oh? Kehma-san. Is… that what I think it is? Tentacle Slime body fluids?”
“Yeah, it is.”
“Going onto… the slope?”

Other than the Tentacle Slime’s body of slime, its body fluids almost completely nullify physical attacks.
A Tentacle Slime’s body fluids are very slippery and, well, slimy.
Slippery stuff. By the way, it’s also effective in improving blood circulation, but let’s ignore that.

What would happen if it was poured onto a slope?

—Well, we should take a look at the mass of bones and snakes on the monitor for our answer.



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