Extra: Meat and the Banquet


After Kehma was honey trapped by the imperial capital big shots (Haku’s party members), Ichika, who had nonchalantly joined in, turned back to the food-laden banquet table with bouncy steps. No matter what, she would have to dine from now on due to her Goshujin-sama’s order. She didn’t dislike it. Rather, she was super enjoying it.

“Oh, Meat-senpai.”

She called out to Meat, who was nomming on a piece of meat.
With a large bite, Meat swallowed down the meat. After that, she wiped off the sauce left around her mouth with a handkerchief she’d gotten from her Goshujin-sama and turned to Ichika.

“What’s wrong, Ichika? Is there something especially delicious?”
“Mmm, there’s lots of tasty stuff but Goshujin-sama is being popular over there.”
“Goshujin-sama, popular?”

Meat pushed out her chest in pride. It was Kehma. A master’s honor is a slave’s honor.

“Well, he refused ’em all though.”
“Really? It is Goshujin-sama after all.”
“Meat-senpai isn’t going to try? Goshujin-sama might be taken away by some other person~?”

At any rate, since Meat was being used as his hug pillow and how he hadn’t reacted when Ichika made a move on him, she wasn’t worried in the least. It wasn’t a threat to the role that Ichika played after all.
However, Meat didn’t look flustered either.

“I am Goshujin-sama’s hug pillow, so I will continue doing my all to be Goshujin-sama’s favorite. If the time comes that Goshujin-sama doesn’t need me, then I will just have to do my best at that time.”
“Hoh, so this’s a genuine slave?”

But I can kinda understand why you adore Goshujin-sama so much~—Ichika thought to herself.
No matter how one were to look at it, Kehma was the ideal Goshujin-sama. He gave them meals, the meals were delicious, he didn’t use violence, the curry bread was the best in the world, he made no unreasonable demands, but really, that curry bread. That curry bread was too strong. The world’s best.

“Wish I was Goshujin-sama’s hug pillow too. Don’t you nibble on Goshujin-sama when you’re with him?”
“… Just play-biting, else, wouldn’t he get mad? You shouldn’t wake him up when he’s sleeping, after all.”
“Hooh, really? Heeh~”

Ichika picked up some food to eat and took a bite… it was great! Even if these were casually cooked dishes, they were things made for a banquet held by the head of an empire (Haku) by the top chefs with the best ingredients. There’s no way they could be unpleasant. In other words, it’d be a waste if there were much of it left over. It’d probably become food for the servants, but she couldn’t let that happen.

“It’s normal to store it in [Storage].”
“I don’t know [Storage] though! Meat-senpai, put it in yours!”
“If you don’t have permission from Goshujin-sama or Rokuko-sama for my [Storage], no.”
“But… what should I do theeeeeeen!?”

Meat was a little amazed at how seriously Ichika looked like she was mourning.

“Haah, it can’t be helped then can it, Ichika? … I’ll teach you right now.”
“Ah—now’s the time for my talent in magic to bloom…! Teach me, Meat-senpai!”
“The incantation for [Storage] is—”

However, even though she was taught the incantation for [Storage] by Meat, there was no way she’d be able to use something she hadn’t been able to this whole time so conveniently.

“There’s no helping it if you can’t. You should just eat what you can, then.”
“No way… then I’ll just have to rely on the space magic in my stomach…!”
“Oh? Ichika, if you’re saying you want to go home with the leftovers, I could put them in my [Storage] for you?”

Rokuko, who was concerned over Kehma until just a moment ago, suddenly cut into their conversation.

“You were a goddess!? I’ll follow you for my whole life!”
“O-oh, it is a great meal, but I don’t think it’s enough to be treated like a goddess over…”
“Food grudges last a lifetime, but so do food debts y’know~?”
“Do they really? Well, if you say it’s alright, then okay…”

Rokuko put one of the big platters sitting in front of her into her [Storage] for now.
Ichika wondered if it was really alright to take the platters as well, but decided there wasn’t much of a need to worry about it since it was Rokuko.

“… Oh? Come to think of it, where’s Goshujin-sama?”
“Oh, right. Kehma fell asleep after Haku Ane-sama got him drunk. Meat, could you carry him to his room? You know the place.”
“Yes, certainly!”

When she looked over to the spot Rokuko pointed to, she saw the red-faced Kehma laying on the floor, asleep.
There was a fluffy carpet, but he would probably end up catching a cold if he was left there.

“I’m off to bring Goshujin-sama to the bed, then.”
“Yeah, I’ll leave it to you!”

Thanks to the golem assist, Meat was able to easily carry Kehma as she left the banquet.

“… Oh? Didn’t this turn into a huge win for Meat-senpai though? It’s a bit late, but Rokuko-sama, are you sure about lettin’ Meat-senpai do it?”
“Eh? Meat’s a hug pillow, there’s no need to worry… So, you’re not going to eat?”
“Ah—I’m eating, I’m eating! I have my eye on that dessert too~, wanna have some together?”

Ichika wondered what was up with her line of thinking, tilting her head.
But for now, she decided to just focus on eating what was sitting in front of her.



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34 thoughts on “Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 175

  1. And so another day passes between the three main harem members cleanly avoiding the harem route for the sake of ther precious goshujin-sama… and curry bread.

  2. The flow i think is her explaining that she bites him but not in a way that hurts or lasts, and that she makes sure not to wake him up when she does it.

    Basically she admits she’ using him as an ero chewingtoy while he sleeps, but it’s more of using the chance than blatant rape.

    1. I don’t really think it’s about being an “ero chewingto” though.

      It’s more like just a normal dog and a chewtoy. Just animal play biting. Never had a dog or cat nom on your arm before? Many tend to do that to show affection and it doesn’t hurt as they don’t put any pressure on the bite.

        1. That she has, but she is also a dog person who goes on instinct. Dogs play chew on things and this could just be one of those things as since she while used as a sex slave by that first bandit, she didn’t seem like she would have been trained, seeing as how cheap she was and that she wasn’t a human. Thus using ones mouth most likely wouldn’t be seen as a sexual act by one as young as Meat, having not know that type of thing.

          And there I go, going much in depth in silly things.

  3. > “… Play-biting isn’t… about anger you know? Waking him up is no good though, of course.” [1]

    Lemme just say, I’ve read enough hentai to know there’s probably some joke in there to be found

    1. Honestly, the most unnerving thing I found in this chapter was something brought up in the second one.

      “The Dungeon Master and Dungeon Core are one in body and mind”

      You can see how Rokuko is literally thinking as Keima now.
      It’s…. creepy, to say the least

      1. Sorry, but the “some joke in there” because of hentai can be found in anything. Literally anything with your mind in the gutter. Believe me, I do this all the time as it’s fun to twist words into something like that (though often times it’s unintentional I swear…).

        I wouldn’t’ say it’s creepy in the least that Rokuko is thinking like Keima. Especially since Keima doesn’t actually have many dirty thoughts beyond legs. And even then, his fetish doesn’t really hit pornographic/hentai levels. Rokuko also thinking like Keima in the sense that Meat is just a hug pillow is a good thing and was something Keima convinced Rokuko of in the first bit of the story that slaves are objects that belong to the owner so that he could save Meat from the fire. So she was already indoctrinated into the fact that slave=item and can then bring said item into her dungeon core room, which she could otherwise not if she didn’t think so.

        In other words, you don’t want Rokuko to start thinking of Meat and Ichika as people or they won’t be able to use such a convenient thing as that.

        On top of which, Rokuko is so innocent that she really doesn’t have any dirty thoughts and cannot even see the way her Haku-onee-sama sees her or any of the other silly things that happen occasionally around Keima. So no matter how Rokuko thinks like Keima in some regards, she is still herself and isn’t creepy in the least.

        1. Yep.

          Also, I think it’s pretty awesome that the author went out of the way to point out to readers how her way of thinking is still affected by Keima convincing her that Meat is a hug pillow.

          1. Oh, Ziru, I’m the one about two months back that asked if you could put chapter placement on the LDM extra chapters and receptionist chapters so people know their placement in the timeline if they want to read it all in order (kind of like how some chapters just say EXTRA in the title but actually have a chapter number to them).

            You said to remind you about that in a month and it’s about 2 months or so I think know, so better lathe than never?

            I could also be something you do while doing the re-translations (that you are doing since those are great and I appreciate the effort).

            1. I added what chapters they happen around a few days after your comment ^^; You should be able to see it in the ToC

              1. Thank you for all the hard work. I had not noticed it next to the Omake chapters. That is very nice.

                Will you be doing the same to the Guild’s Receptionist-san’s Story chapters as well with placements like that? (which would also be nice).

                  1. Like in my older posts, of course no hurry. New chapters are most important and it’s not like it’s too hard for me to figure it out myself having read LDM so many times.

                    Don’t want to tire you out.

        2. I’m just creeped out by the “what if” it doesn’t stay like this?
          What if, she turns into a full-blown Keima clone? Like, literally the same conscious?

          That’s the possibility that creeps me out

        3. If Rokuko is convinced that slaves are items then how many DP do they cost?😋 Alternatively how about hug pillows, do they come in other designs like cat or rabbit?

  4. Thanks for the chapter.

    Let’s try to untangle this passage:

    “I’d be fine bein’ Goshujin-sama’s hug pillow too, but… Don’t you nibble on Goshujin-sama when you’re with him?”
    “… Play-biting isn’t… about anger you know? Waking him up is no good though, of course.” [1]

    “I wish I was Goshujin-sama’s hug pillow. Don’t you nibble on Goshujin-sama when you’re with him?”
    “… Just play-biting, else, wouldn’t he get mad? You shouldn’t wake him up when he’s sleeping, after all.”

    My understanding of this is that she envies Meat because she can chew on Keima’s all she wants (it seems that as long as she’s munching on something tasty, she doesn’t mind if she’s eating it, kinda like chewing gum), while Meat answers that she just play-bites so as to not cause pain or discomfort because he would get mad at her for waking him up.

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