Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 173

Checking on the Village


I’d tried out [Summon Gargoyle].
What about the other magics though? [Healing] for example.

“Oh light, cure my headache—[Healing].”

A faint light covered my head… Ah, it worked.

“Goshujin-sama? Wouldn’t it’ve been better to use that earlier?”
“Yeah, probably. I keep forgetting to use it since I’m not that used to it… I should rely on magic more.”
“Don’t ya already? I also forget to use ’em though.”

Just one. I’ve only been using [Create Golem]~
Looks like there’s no problem with my magical power now, so let’s resume the investigation!
Putting aside [Ice Bolt] since it’s an offensive-type magic, let’s look at [Grow Weed].
Frankly, magic that helps out daily life are more useful to alter.

I went to the garden with Ichika.

“Oh tomatoes, grow and bear fruit—[Grow Weed]!”

I changed the incantation so much that it doesn’t even look like a prototype, but the tomatoes grew, bloomed flowers, and bore fruit… it was fertilized instantly? I thought about it for a sec but decided to not worry about it.
I took one of the fresh red tomatoes that sprouted and tried taking a bite.

“… … Bleck!”

It’s a tomato, but the texture’s like it’s dried out. The taste is super thin too. It’s like eating sand.
They look like perfectly edible tomatoes though…

“It’s no good. It’d only be usable for emergency food.”
“Ehhh, let me try too, Goshujin-sama… … aah, it’s pretty bad.”
“Sure it’s not the worst?”
“Goshujin-sama. There’s still a lot worse than this out there y’know?”

The food-experienced Ichika’s pretty convincing when it comes to food.

“Ah, you can eat the rest.”
“… Seriously? With my mouth?”
“Mm? What do you mean? They’re tomatoes.”

I had Ichika eat the no-good tomatoes for now and moved on to the next trial.
Tomatoes might’ve turned out bad since they’re fruit. What about vegetables though?

“Oh cabbage, grow—[Grow Weed].”

A good-looking cabbage popped up from using [Grow Weed].
… I peeled off two or three leaves that looked edible from the outside of it and popped one in my mouth.
Biting into it—ah, amazing. It’s paper. I’m eating paper. I’m a human shredder.
I might even be a goat!

“[Grow Weed] is a no-go for vegetables too. Gross.”
“Well, Ichika can take care of the rest…”
“Seriously? … With my mouth?”
“It’s just a vegetable, you can do it. I’ll give you some curry bread later.”
“… Understood, I forgive you!”

What’re you forgiving?

“Well, it’s not like I’m saying to just go and eat it all as-is! You could go and have Kinue-san season it you know? You could even try seeing if curry powder makes it any better.”
“Would’ve been great if you said that sooner! I ate another tomato…”
“Ichika’s strong point is that you don’t waste food. Seriously, you’re a good woman.”
“If that’s the case, I’d be happy if Goshujin-sama helped dealing with the cabbage too. A full one’s a bit much yeah?”

It couldn’t be helped, so I decided to help out. I gave the paper-like cabbage to Kinue-san… it was unexpectedly edible when she seasoned it, I was surprised.
I decided to ask Kinue-san for her opinion while she’s here.

“[Grow Weed]… it’s a magic that seems like it would be good for grooming a lawn. Wouldn’t it be useful if it was used for something other than eating? Hiding pathways with grass, for example.”
“Hoh, that’s a good idea. Let’s go with that.”

A room full of ivy with so much grass that you couldn’t make it through without having to push your way through the grass, that might be a good idea. For an underwater room, I could use stuff like brown seaweed or kelp.
Fufufu, I didn’t expect Kinue-san to be such a good tactician.

“Ah, come to think of it, I haven’t seen Rei around… did something happen?”
“Rei is off duty right now, I believe she’s considering how to use the 50,000 DP she was given charge of from master by searching through the catalog.”

She still hasn’t used it? Well, it’ll be her first subordinate after all.
It’s fine if she takes her time thinking about it—wait, hold up. We’re absent because of the Dungeon Battle, that DP was to use for replenishing the lack of personnel. Why hasn’t she used it yet?

“… Is the inn alright? For staffing I mean.”
“Yes, it’s alright. There is no need for master to worry about it.”
“If you’re sure, alright then. I’ll believe you and leave it to you all. And tell Rei to use that DP soon.”

She said they’re alright, but I’m a bit uneasy wondering if they’re really alright… Well, I did leave it to them, so let’s not say too much about it.
It’s alright as long as nothing happens with the dungeon.

“Is stuff other than the inn going well? Are there any problems that can’t be dealt with without the village chief?”
“The village sub-chief has the permission to give the OK on anything other than the inn and the Dyne Firm that’s responsible for fund management has been doing well, so there are no problems. Regarding land reclamation and the highway’s development, they are progressing smoothly as a public works project by cooperating with the Adventurer Guild.”
“… Umm, what? Reclamation? There are more people here?”
“Yes, the dungeon’s domain has been extended according to the plan of development as well.”
“Ah, okay.”

Come to think of it, I did give them the authority to use the menu didn’t I?
So there are more people here now… our DP income increased.
It was a bit late to ask, but when I asked if there were any problems with waste management, she just responded by saying that it was alright so long as they could put it in the dungeon to disappear by itself. Now that you mention it, that’s right huh. Trash, even corpses, are just food to a dungeon.
Having a dungeon attached to a human village is like having a perfect waste management system.

Even though I’m not really doing anything, it looks like there aren’t any issues.
If I had to say something, it’d be me worrying about whether or not we’re standing out from getting a bit too large or something.
For any problems concerning food problems, there are [Jellies] loitered about inside the dungeon for emergencies, but even then, there’s plenty of flour stored in the first place.
… If there are more people here now, maybe it’s a good idea to add more Iron Golem Spawners?

“How should I say this… um, I’m glad to have such excellent subordinates.”
“Thank you for the compliment, master.”

Now then, guess it’s about time I focus on the Dungeon Battle.
Let’s make a ton of Blade Golems.



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