Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 172

Summon Gargoyle


“Heeey, Kehma. There’s already five floors dug out for the dungeon, we’re still going?”
“I’m planning on there being about ten floors for this.”
“Uwaah, using 50,000 DP on just that, what a luxury.”

Using the submerged gimmick, the deeper the better. Even the vertical height of one floor it quite long.
We used 200,000 DP on the gacha and 50,000 DP on floors. The remaining 250,000 DP will be for traps and monsters for each of the floors. Ah, can’t forget about offense either.
Because of that, let’s go with using 150,000 DP for developing the floors, 50,000 DP on preparing offensive troops in advance, and the final 50,000 DP on the day of.

… Ah, right. [Father] was the one who prepared the dummy core, but it was deducted from the limit. I’ll count that as floor development costs.




Now then, leaving the dungeon to Rokuko and Meat, I temporarily returned to [Cave of Desires].
And I immediately took the scrolls that Rokuko got from the gacha, [Summon Gargoyle] and [Grow Weed], as well the extra [Ice Bolt] and [Healing] scrolls and learn them.

I decided to give [Healing] and [Ice Bolt] scrolls away to the four who take care of the inn to learn.
I recorded the incantations for [Summon Gargoyle] and [Grow Weed] with a golem and handed them to Nerune. She should be able to use them in the future.

… I can use [Summon Gargoyle] now, but let’s have Nerune keep researching gargoyles (magic golems). I can’t help but feel like she’s been making nothing but magic tools lately though… different from true gargoyles, maybe we should call them degraded gargoyles? It feels like we could just go back to calling them magic golems though.

Well, let’s give the incantation modifications a shot.

Here’s how the basic incantations for each go.
– “Open a gate. Summon a stone monster that wields magic to do my bidding—[Summon Gargoyle].”
– “Oh seed, bud and grow—[Grow Weed].”
– “Oh icy projectile, pierce my enemy—[Ice Bolt].”
– “Oh light, heal this one’s wounds—[Healing].”

So obviously, what I’m going to be looking into this time is [Summon Gargoyle] since I’m interested in it the most.
The part about it being a stone monster that wields magic is probably the key for gargoyle. Does that mean that I’ll be able to summon other monsters by changing that part?
Let’s give it a shot.
I’m in my room in the Village Chief’s Mansion just in case.

“Open a gate. Summon an iron* monster that wields magic to do my bidding—[Summon Gargoyle]!”

A purple magic formation folded out in front of me.
… …
But nothing came it. It just disappeared.
Huh? What happened? I thought that it would’ve summoned an Iron Gargoyle… let’s try something else.

“Open a gate. Summon a Goblin to do my bidding—[Summon Gargoyle].”

A purple magic then appeared, followed by a single Goblin walking out of it.


… A success. I was able to summon a Goblin.
No clue why I was able to summon a Goblin with [Summon Gargoyle] though.

“… Let’s see, can I use you?”

When the Goblin heard me, it nodded. Looks like I can.
Let’s try the next.
That is, if I speak the monster name directly, will Translation Function-san take care of the rest?

“Open a gate. Summon a Gargoyle to do my bidding—[Summon Gargoyle].”

The third purple magic formation appeared. Wonder what’ll happen this time?
… A gargoyle appeared from the magic formation, landing on the floor.
I was able to summon a Gargoyle… I can feel a connection-like thing connecting my magical power to it. It feels bigger than the one for the Goblin, is that because it needs more magical power to maintain?
At any rate, it looked like I could have it do stuff too.

“I just got a crazy magic…”

With this, couldn’t I summon any monster I know the name of?
Let’s try summon something that isn’t a monster.

“… Open a gate. Summon Ichika to do my bidding—[Summon Gargoyle].”

A purple magic formation unfolded before me—and I lost consciousness.

When I opened my eyes, my head was resting on Ichika’s lap. The Goblin and Gargoyle weren’t there.
I couldn’t see her face since her chest was in the way, but these thighs are definitely Ichika’s.

“… Eh?”
“Oh. Ya woke up, Goshujin-sama? What sorta weird thing’d ya do this time?”
“Hey, why are you calling it weird already…—ah, ow, what’s with this headache!?”

It’s a pain like what happens if you eat too much ice cream, an acute pain in the forehead. It’s just that it’s like three times as bad. This hurts like crazy. The heck…
Ichika gently patted my head… ah, she’s soothing me. [1]

“Goshujin-sama, weren’t ya practicin’ magic here? That’s obviously it.”
“… A-ah… So this is magical power exhaustion?”
“Magical power exhaustion… so ya heard about fainting after using too many magic skills but not the part about a headache? … Well, a violet magic formation appeared under my feet a bit ago for some reason.”
“Ah, that was just me trying to summon you with [Summon Gargoyle].”
“Goshujin-sama!? I’m not a Gargoyle though!? That’s why ya fainted.”
“It worked with a Goblin just before it though.”
“Even though it’s [Summon Gargoyle]!?”

… I wonder if it’s just harder to try and summon a human? Maybe it didn’t work since I didn’t have a magic stone? It might also be something like what happens when you divide by zero in a program and get an error. Or maybe it was because I specified a certain individual?
In any case, it’s probably a good thing that the magic skill got interrupted. My head might’ve popped if I had [Blackout Resistance] on… Scary.
This headache is too bad to verify it. It’s almost to the point that I want to seal [Summon Gargoyle].
Maybe I should at least have experimented a bit slower.

“Huh? Come to think of it, why are you here, Ichika? The summon should’ve failed.”
“I came in through the door like normal. Ummm, I got some info about Goshujin-sama from the magic formation? I was enterin’ the magic formation, but it disappeared midway for some reason, so I came to check it out since it felt like something bad happened. Goshujin-sama didn’t respond even after I knocked, so I wondered if ya were sleepin’ but ya were definitely doing magic experiments right? So when I came in, Goshujin-sama was here on the floor.”

Apparently, the Goblin and the Gargoyle had returned when I fainted.
It’s a good thing that they disappeared as well instead of having just the enslavement go away, I would’ve been attacked when I fainted.

“What was that about info about me?”
“Ah, how should I say it… a feeling like whether or not to resist the person? I more or less got that it was Goshujin-sama doing it though, so I wasn’t going to resist…”

Come to think of it, I wasn’t able to summon the Iron Gargoyle when I tried summoning it with that incantation for some reason. Maybe that was because it was resisting me?
… Uuumu, nothing but more questions now…

Well, I got a headache, so I decided to just enjoy Ichika’s lap pillow for a while longer.


  • Second part of this line is saying (literally) “Ah, the soothing came.” Same structure as the “YURI KITAAA” meme, but obviously not as overblown. Wasn’t sure how to Englishify this. Open to suggestions! Return



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