Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 17

Magic Sword Golem and Clothes Golem


And so, it’s been three days since then. I’ve since remodeled Tester into Tester Mk. 2 after examining various things relating to Golems.
A basic Golem… well, it didn’t need a proper blueprint for something like a small clock… Since I made various things out of materials like stone, wood, clay, and even materials that didn’t have solid shapes such as water and fire, I confirmed a surprising amount of various things.
Since the moment I thought about being able to make a fire golem, it burned out and was a failure. Even if I didn’t use fire directly, instead igniting a wood golem, it would just become charcoal. Or rather, since a charcoal golem gets treated as damaged, it’s a failure… It’d probably be scary if it clung to an adventurer while burning though.
Meanwhile, using water to make an aqua golem was surprisingly normal. As far as its appearance was concerned at least.
Even though it looked like a proper golem, things entered inside of its hand when it touched them. It looked like it could be used for something, I wonder what? It looked like fish could be raised inside the Golem. Maybe it could be used instead of a glass tank?

Then there’s this working golem, the blade golem.
Created with the 30 DP [Iron Ingot] as its material, it was a sword-model golem.
Making it with the image of a Japanese sword in mind, it turned into an unexpectedly good weapon.
The blade vibrated when filled with magical power, cutting through logs while sounding like a chainsaw. Though the blade didn’t go to high frequencies, it was still a magic sword.
Additionally, there was a gimmick where the blade would forcefully shoot out, too.

Then there’s this second golem that supports actions through clothing.
In the end, the armor suit-type golem stood out too much. Since it couldn’t do quick and heavy movements easily, I decided to give making a clothes golem a go.
It even had gloves to protect the wrists and assist grip strength.

As expected, anything is possible with magic.

Though the fundamental command for the clothes golem was to assist movements, I, who haven’t even held a sword before, was able to move like a full-fledged soldier after linking with the blade golem… With sample movements from the group of knights’ and bandits’, as well as the ones dragged out from those adventurers. Menu-san is amazing, automatically recording things previously seen by the monitor… High tech. Smart technology.
Well, I could keep up with the movement patterns to some degree, but muscle pains were inevitable since I couldn’t keep up with the rapid movements… though it was fine if it just ended at muscle pains… yep, well, I can’t fight anything like this, so no more of that.
Since iron was placed at important spots as there was a bit left over after making the sword, it should have a reasonable amount of defense capability.

In extremely bad circumstances, it would run to the cave even if I lost consciousness if I ordered it to [Escape to the cave]. I just want to live in safety. So long as I have my life, I can sleep even if I lose my hands and feet.

“So this is my current strongest equipment. What do you think?”
“… Isn’t there something off in your head!?”

Rokuko said whatever she felt like as usual. Its usefulness was obvious.
Ah, was she disappointed I only had enough to prepare for Meat and I?
Sorry Rokuko, it’s unfortunate, but you’re a dungeon core so you’re house-sitting and don’t get one.

“No, I didn’t say something like that you know!?”
“Yeah, well, if adventurers come only take out five Goblins. I think it’ll probably be okay…”

I wore the clothes golem and equipped the blade golem.
Meat did the same, but instead of the blade golem had a knife-type one.
Just in case, I ordered her to not attack me.
With this, we’re ready to go to the human settlement whenever.




Since she memorized the alphabet to some degree, I gave her a hamburger as a reward. Rokuko was munching on some melon bread, too. Seriously, slow down.

“Ah, that’s right. Hey, Rokuko, is mana and magical power different?”

I asked as I suddenly remembered the question.
When filling a magic stone with magical power, it enters a state where it can sufficiently collect mana. Then was it the same thing? Why are they referred to differently?

“Mmm, basically, magical power is in the bodies of living things and it feels like mana is from the outside. Though they often mix, it’s the same thing. Sometimes monsters have mana in them.”

Don’t give me that ‘mix’. That was sloppy.

“Well, each person’s wavelength of magical power is different. As a rule, magical power is said to have small differences, meaning mana won’t have small differences after mixing, or something like that was said.”
“Eeh, so it’s like a fingerprint. It’s probably something like that.”
“U-umm, that reminds me, Goshujin-sama… won’t, Goshujin-sama, register magical power?”

Meat started speaking.
What was she talking about? Though I thought that, it appeared that I needed to register my magical power on the slave collar Meat was wearing.
Bothersome… however, with that other people won’t be able to register so I can’t complain, so I decided to register it. It would be bothersome if Meat was stolen.
Huh? Now that I think about it, didn’t I take her from her former ‘Goshujin-sama’, the boss bandit? Though I thought that, it’s probably because him dying put her in a freed state. It seems that some generous people free slaves when their owners die. Like that, it’s good when slaves come across those kind of people for owners. It seems that some slaves get re-caught by other slave owners and sold back to a slave shop.

“… Is removing the collar no good?”
“It’s useless. Death.”

The slavery collar was a relatively inexpensive magic tool made to be placed on the neck, but it seems that that the slave would die if they removed the collar by themselves after being contracted. The magic from the contract would kill them if they removed it without permission. Scary! Contract magic is scary!
Then, if the wearer of the collar injured its master, it would strangle them to settle down their rebellious heart. Strict as hell.
Furthermore, the collar could tighten just by the master thinking about it. It could also be used to lightly strangle them when they are called, for example.
And suitably, it costs money to release slaves… yep, troublesome!

“Well, in that case I’ll register then… let’s deal with troublesome things first.”
“Yes, please fill the magic stone in the collar with magical power… umm, then to check if the registration worked properly, please lightly strangle me.”

Fill it with magical power to register… Yeah, I felt the path connect. I’m probably registered with that.
Then, though I was reluctant, I imaged her thin neck be tightly constricted.

“Hu-, e-…!”

“Aah-!? Wai-, release! Release! Stop strangling her ne-!”

I saw the collar tightly strangle her neck. It sunk into her neck.
That isn’t on the level of being light, oi! Stop right now!
… People who use this to call for their slaves are brutes.

“Are you alright!?”
“Hyuu-… Kefu, y-yes, th-thank, you…”

Though Meat, who had been forced to stop breathing, was teary-eyed with red cheeks, she answered while in a bit of a coughing fit.
Yep, I’m honestly sorry.

“Eeh, now I’m, properly, Goshujin-sama’s slave.”

Meat smiled pleasantly.
Eh-. Though this is the first time I’ve seen Meat smile, what’s with that timing?



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