Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 166

Touring the Imperial Capital 7


Idiot, a Dungeon Master wouldn’t fight you head on.
It doesn’t matter how well you prepare your stance if the foundation under you overturns.

“Yep, my win.”
“Crafty, as expected of Kehma. No one beats you when it comes to unfair victories!”

Rokuko smiled.
Was that meant to be a compliment? It probably was. Stuff like cowardice and cunning are just compliments to Dungeon Masters.

“… Oh my, oh my. It looks like you were defeated, Misha?”
“No, uhh—! I was just tricked right!?”
“Taking even a single step would count as a loss. Did you not take more than a single step? You would be a splendid loser by stopping there though? To start with, it was worse for you to not be vigilant of earth magic after hearing the rules. Fufu, with this, do you see just how absurd resourceful generals can be, Misha?”

Misha started sobbing, but Haku-san’s judgement wasn’t budged.

“So then, now to talk about Core 666, is it? What do you want to hear? I’ll teach you anything that I can answer.”
“First thing’s first then, what kind of Dungeon Core is Core 666?”

When I asked that, Haku-san closed her eyes a bit and hummed as though trying to recall.

“Mm, I only vaguely remember what she is since she uses humanization. First off is the Demon King Faction, they are inanimate-type or demon-type.”
“Inanimate-type? What’s that?”
“I have a Living Armor as well, it’s like that. Other than that, there are things like Mimics—imitation treasure chests—as well.”

So they were something like that huh. Maybe I should assume something like that will appear in the Dungeon Battle?

“Yeah, and this is something that Rokuko-chan knows as well, but… she has a blazing magic sword and red hair. Also, the victory condition this time is [The Destruction of the Dummy Core]. It was 666 that had destruction be the condition rather than touching.”
“Oh yeah, that’s right huh! She definitely wants do crush and smash it somehow.”
“Oi Rokuko, there’s some important info there.”
“Eh, her wanting to crush it?”
“No, her going with the destruction method.”

Since she suggested it, there’s got to be some hidden intention there.
On the other hand, I could also suspect that she wants me to think that… but even so there’s some meaning to it.
At the very least, I can’t win by having rats suicide attack the dummy core. Rats don’t actually have much offensive power.

“Mm, I can’t say anything more about 666. It is a breach of etiquette to discuss the true form of a core that uses humanization in the first place.”

That said, Haku-san ended our talk.
It’d be great if she taught me more about their etiquette, but at least she told me the essentials for this.

“Rather, Kehma-san, that was a splendid [Create Golem].”
“Yeah, [Create Golem] is my specialty.”

I wound up showing one of my hands, but I’d originally planned to show that one.
I can add golems without using DP, so that would be exposed immediately. In truth, even though this skill is a little rare, it’s not like there aren’t any adventurers that know it.
You can get it through DP, so Haku-san, a Dungeon Core, would obviously know about the skill.

“You can augment your monster forces without needing to use much DP if you have a create or summon-type skill… fufu, I haven’t done it recently, but I used to use that method a lot in the past.”

Right? There’s no way that Haku-san wouldn’t have used such a great cost-to-performance method.
The summon-type one is a magic skill that is able to summon monsters that exist somewhere on this world. It’s not as convenient for dungeons as it continues to consume magical power while being used, but it’s not a problem if you pinpoint summon something as a boss when needed. Also, the amount of magical power needed changes depending on the strength of the monster you summon.

“Please let me know if you have any other recommended creation or summon-type skills for me.”
“Oh my, they are in the DP catalog though? I recommend all of them.”

… Maybe it’d be fine to use up all of this time’s 500,000 DP on those. Even if the dungeon gets taken away, it’s not like I’d be losing anything after using the scrolls on myself.

“By the way, [Summon Golem] is upwardly compatible with [Create Golem]. If you are skilled, you could even summon stone and iron golems.”
“That’s a good thing to know.”

I might even be able to summon a mithril or orichalcum golem. It might also be a good idea to use one as a boss monster for the dungeon if I can.
When I thought about something like that, Meat was asking to be able to practice with Misha.”

“Misha-sama, I, want to get stronger… Please.”
“Sure~. Beastkin and Werebeasts are like relatives after all. Let’s get along, Kuroinu-chan.”

Misha held out her hand. Meat nodded and shook hands with her.
Then, Misha continued by striking Meat in the head just like that.
Meat was blown back about three meters.

“Hyaaha~! There’s no need for first-class practice for a lowly doggy! I’m a battle junkie that won’t even go easy on children! Losing your focus in a field is inexcusable~!”
“Guh… I let my guard down…”
“You can still stand? I’ll go juuust soft enough so you won’t get seriously hurt, so be don’t go and get too bashed up now. Excellent adventurers are the Adventurer Guild’s treasures after all. I’ll beat it into your soul that kitties are better than doggies!”
“I look forward… to that…!”

So there’s a discord between cats and dogs in this world too huh. Misha was practicing with the high-spirited Meat as though she were trying to bully her.
When she was too injured to continue, Haku-san would heal her with [Healing], allowing for Meat to become battered yet again.
This continued on until evening.
Meat wasn’t able to land even a single blow on Misha the whole time.

“… Phew, your reactions are pretty great… for a doggy. I’ll be looking forward to your growth.”
“Yes… thank you…”

Meat spoke while laying stretched out on the ground. Good work. Seriously, good work. Tonight’s dinner will be an all-you-can-eat of Meat’s favorite, hamburgers.
Meanwhile, Rokuko was sleeping with her head on Haku-san’s lap. Must be nice~.
Well, that’s something that’ll be exclusive to Rokuko.

“… Ah, it’s over?”
“Oh? You woke up. They just finished, Rokuko-chan.”
“… Ah, s-sorry, Haku Ane-sama, drool—! I’ll [Clean—”
“Fufu, I don’t mind.”

By the way, I heard that Misha is able to keep fighting for seven days straight without rest.
Being able to fight without sleeping for a whole week, she’s inhuman… Ah, she’s a Werecat.

… I’m tired just from watching it all. Let’s sleep with Meat as a hug pillow when we get back.



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