Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 164

Touring the Imperial Capital 5


Today is the mountain. And we’re being guided by Amelia-san, a lamia.
Unfortunately, Haku-san is still stuck working today and couldn’t make it. Aaah, it’s so nice being carefree.

“May I ask for your cooperation, Rokuko-sama?”
“Err, what should I do?”
“Please say [My Onee-sama that can do her work is so amazing].”
“Got it!”

Like that, Haku-san was able to work energetically for the rest of the day.
Let’s enjoy this foray into the forest under the guise of it being an investigation. To be exact, by taking a nap.

“… Haku-sama is usually a very amazing person you know? Umm, when you all influence her, she, umm. She feels relaxed? Maybe I should say that she’s able to feel less restrained…?”
“Ah, yeah. Yeah. I guess.”

Yep. It’s not your fault, Amelia-san.
Now then, let’s start over. Today, we went to a mountain that bordered the Demon King’s territory.
The forest was thick, the sound of many leaves being rustled by the wind was pleasing to the ears.
I immediately opened the DP catalog.
… Hmm, they’re almost the same costs. Looks like Haku-san didn’t recommend it for nothing. I’d be able to make a dungeon that’s practically the same feeling as our current one here.
I could even make one that’s exactly the same as [Cave of Desires]. I’d have to show off my hand, though.
… Even if Haku-san isn’t here, she’ll be monitoring us if the dungeon’s within her territory through Menu-san’s power. I can’t do anything careless.

“… I wanted to ask Haku-san about Core 666, but she isn’t here. Oh well.”
“Hey, Kehma? What’s that net for? Are you going to catch a boar or something?”
“Nah, this is called a hammock. It’s bedding!”

By the way, other than the net that I’ll be using to sleep on, I also got a cloth to act as a wall. It’ll be more comfortable to sleep like that.

“Heeh, that looks interesting.”

Amelia-san chimed in. By the way, she canceled her humanization after coming to the mountain, so her lower half is like a snake’s. As expected of a lamia. It’s seven meters long.

“Whenever I go to sleep outside, I sleep coiled around a tree.”
“Hoh, a sleeping technique unique to lamias huh. Sounds great, what’s it like?”
“Yeah, I coil around a big tree and lay my upper half on a thick branch. So, how’s this hammock thing used?”
“I’ll show you.”

It’d be faster to show her than trying to explain, so I looked for a suitable tree.
Luckily, there’s a lot of trees here.
I asked Meat to attach hooks to some trees at appropriate intervals and set the hammock up there. After making sure that it wouldn’t give in with some weight put on it first, I went and lied down in the hammock.
It kinda feels like being an orange wrapped in a net.

“Like this. It’s pretty comfortable.”
“Hmm, hmm… Is there a longer one? Around seven meters.”
“Not on me, unfortunately. It’s pretty easy to make though, the structure is simple.”
“I see, I see. Looks like a bedding that lets you sleep while stretching out your legs.”

What legs? Your lower half is a snake’s.
… …
Eh, why’s it suddenly feel so erotic? The heck.

Rokuko came over and poked me through the hammock. Then shook me.

“Hey Kehma. Couldn’t you do stuff like that over at our dungeon?”
“That’s that, this is this.”
“Hmph. I want to see all sorts of stuff since this is such a special occasion!”

Come to think of it, Rokuko doesn’t usually get out much huh. She’s pretty much always in the dungeon… she’s practically a hikikomori.
Her personality’s a pretty active one though. I can’t figure out if she’s the indoors type or outdoors type.

“Why not go check things out then? Amelia-san will be with you, it’s not like you’d be in any danger.”
“Are you sure? Kehma would be defenseless though! Wouldn’t you be attacked by animals?”

Ah, that’s a problem. I forgot that a bear or something might show up.

“Protecting Goshujin-sama, I volunteer.”
“Aah, Slave-chan Slave-chan. If I had to say, this area is rather dangerous, so it really would be rather dangerous if I’m not with you. There’s even a High Orc village… ah, they won’t attack so long as I’m here though. I’m pretty strong.”

A High Orc is an advanced species of Orc, they’re pretty strong. They’re weaker than dragons, but are definitely stronger than me. A village would be as strong as two or three orders of knights.
By the way, that village is one of the ones under Haku’s control, so I guess they’re part of her reserve forces for her war against the Demon King’s army… There’s also the possibility that Amelia-san telling them to not attack us and negotiate was included in the [Assignment from the upper core], so I’d like to avoid that for now. Haku-san did also say that I should negotiate with mercenaries myself.

“… Hmm, well, it’s not just monsters and animals, the normal insects are irritating and it’s not as good of an environment to sleep in as the sea… oh well. Mountain plants or whatever, I’ll go with you.”
“Yay! Let’s go, Kehma!”

I decided to go along with Rokuko, who was in the lead with a giant grin on her face… It’s not like I went along because Rokuko was giving off an aura that shouted that she wanted to go for a walk or anything. The hammock just didn’t feel right. I’m not sleepy at all.

“Kehma, can I eat this mushroom!? It’s so blue!!”
“Hey, don’t just go and touch it. There was some crazy mushrooms that can harm you just from touching them in the world. Rather, isn’t that one obviously poisonous? Throw it away.”
“Ah, that one is edible.”
“Ah, sorry. I mean it is for lamias. It’s poisonous for normal people.”
“… I wonder if a Dungeon Core can?”
“Haku-sama said that it is better to not eat them.”
“Amelia-sama, this one?”
“Ah, Slave-chan, that one is a delicious one that can be eaten by humans as well. Let’s stew it up later.”

With that sort of mood, we strolled along with Rokuko occasionally picking up poisonous plants and Meat finding wild plants that could be eaten.
Thanks to Rokuko, I’m now pretty good at finding the poisonous flora around here. Hahaha, wonder if I could use that for something? Making a dungeon here might just be pretty useful.



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