Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 16

The Potential of a Golem (2)


By the way, Tester brought a considerable amount of clay back while I was asleep.
However, it wasn’t able to return after getting itself stuck in the hole it was digging, stopping its movements. It seemed to have ran out of mana.
The golem wouldn’t resume moving until magical power was poured into it. Normally, it could move for about one hour according to the knowledge from [Create Golem].

“How long was it moving outside the dungeon?”
“Mmm, about an hour. Though the monster golem would have been able to move longer than that.”

I wonder what other information there was for [Create Golem]? Taking out to information to remember, there was one that said [When embedding a magic stone, it will continue longer].
However, there wasn’t the vital information that said what a [Magic Stone] was at all.

“Rokuko, what’s a magic stone?”
“Eh? A magic stone is, umm, it’s a stone packed full of mana. Though you can often get them from monsters… ah, come to think of it although monster golems have magic stones, the golem Kehma made doesn’t have one?”
It doesn’t…
In other words, it’s like a battery for a golem. Although there’s no problem since mana fills the dungeon, it looks like it can’t move much outside since it doesn’t have a magic stone.

Fortunately, Tester was quickly retrieved by Meat. The hole the golem couldn’t get out of was about thirty centimeters. Even a child could do it. There was no choice but to drag it out. It was a lump of clay about the size of a basketball, so it must have been heavy… Yep, isn’t this dog eared girl strong?
Tester began to move once it entered the dungeon’s domain. Since it tried to go dig the hole again, it was stopped and ordered to return with Meat.
It seemed that orders persisted even if it stopped operating. That information was a good harvest. As you’d expect of Tester.

“So with that, let’s assume that stone and soil will be collected with golems from now on… I want a magic stone…”
“A magic stone? Why not buy it with DP?”
“… Crap, I didn’t think of that. I didn’t notice until Rokuko said something, am I an idiot…? What a shock.”
“What does that mean!?”

I looked at the DP catalog. Magic stones were listed as treasures. The same categories as things like jewelry. Magic stones also had a few grades, the cheapest being 10 DP and the highest being multiple thousands, it varied. For now I’ll buy a cheap magic stone to try a few things out.

“Right, Meat. Can you read and write?”
“… Can, not. It’s inexcusable, Goshujin-sama…”

Meat lowered her head apologetically. Yeah, I’m not angry you know? My heart is hurting here.

“I see. Then Rokuko, teach Meat her letters. If you can get her to properly remember them, I’ll give you melon bread to eat. Meat too, all-you-can-eat hamburgers if you can memorize them.”
“Eh-, all-you-can-eat melon bread!? Got it!”
“A-… are you sure?”

Good good, light returned to Meat’s eyes at the mention of hamburgers. Now they feel like eyes that are alive. It seems those dead fish eyes disappeared somewhere. Yep, it’s best for children to be lively.
But dog eared girls like meat after all. I wonder if she’d be overjoyed at a steak, I’ll see if I can’t get one with DP. She might let me caress her feet in gratitude.

Sooner or later, since Meat will need to do various things outside of the cave, I don’t want her to remember various things.
Or rather, is it fine for her to stay as a slave at this point…? No, since she might not be able to enter and leave the master room if she isn’t a slave, there’s no need to do something right now.
I wonder if slaves in this world are bound by magic or something? I could see a collar though… well it’s fine for now.

Now then, let’s create a golem while Rokuko is teaching Meat her alphabet.
Though I’d usually want to go to sleep soon, there’s one thing I prioritize over sleeping.
That’s the preparations to sleep soundly.
It’s fine to cut down on sleeping time to prepare to sleep soundly!
Yep, sleep is the most important thing in the end.

I exchanged some DP to get a few magic stones and pickaxes to dig.
Though there was still 3500 DP left, it would disappear quickly if I wasted it.
I embed one of the 10 DP magic stones into Tester. I wonder how long it’ll be able to move outside the dungeon now… let’s have Tester plow the field outside the dungeon. I did a minor change, altering its hand into a hoe.

Adventurers still won’t be here for a while either, so it should be safe to work outside.

Then I started making a human-sized golem this time.
It should be fine if I use the blueprint from [Create Golem] once…

… …
Ah, there’s not enough clay.
Let’s make it lightweight by taking out some. This’ll save materials.
I embedded it with the cheapest magic stone.
The golem could move quite energetically.
Its movements were smoother than Tester. I wonder if that’s because I took out its insides?

Though Rokuko, who was teaching Meat, was surprised when she looked over, she didn’t mind since it was holding a pickaxe to enlarge the cave. ‘Dig through the cave with this,’ it was that simple.
Ah, I want to make a golem entirely out of stone.
The stone that had been dug up by the bandits before was all collected as items since it couldn’t be turned into DP.




After embedding the 10 DP magic stone into Tester, it was nonchalantly plowing the field even after a day.
Looks like it could still go on. Wonder how long?
The clay golem, having a pickaxe, dug five meters into the cave. It was a five meter passage that an adult could go through.
Yep, isn’t this a considerably hard worker? I repaired its joints since they were starting to break, sending it back off to dig. This manner was increasing our stone and clay stores. It also happened to extend the cave.

Well, let’s immediately make a stone golem as well.
Power suit type.

“Hey, Kehma. What… is that?”
“It’s an armor golem.”
“Why is Meat inside the golem?”
“Well, that’s because I wanted her to wear it. Meat, try moving a bit.”

This time I had Meat put on a frame-type golem and ordered the golem to assist Meat’s movements.
Meat walked, but it didn’t look like she felt the weight. Though it didn’t seem to be able to follow quick movements, for now it should keep its contents safe from instant death. Don’t worry, I don’t want to see that either.

“It’s a little hard to walk, but there’s no problems.”
“Alright, try hitting the wall.”
“Wait up, what are you saying? What’s that stone plate?”
“Isn’t it a wall?”

Isn’t it more authentic to use a wall golem made with the same stone as the golem? I ordered it so that it wouldn’t move, but really I didn’t order it to do anything other than be a wall. I saved a lot due to its simple structure. I wonder if I could make a brick wall variation of the stone walls.

“I’m, coming.. tei-!”

Doooong! The stone wall shattered brilliantly. Rokuko was incredibly surprised.
Even Meat, the one who hit it, had her eyes open wide.
Since she was firmly wrapped in stone, it shouldn’t have hurt, but I wonder if she’s alright? That’s the most important thing right now. I want it to be safe since I’m also going to use it.

“Alright, good offensive power. I wonder if even fighting would be good with this? Meat, is anything wrong with your legs or feet? Properly let me know if anything serious happens okay?”
“I-I’m alright.”
“Good, good. Since it looks like it can move outside with a magic stone embed in it, it’ll be good for simple jobs. With a little bit of remodeling it can be hidden under clothes, or maybe the opposite for a full body armor kind of thing… then heading to the human village wouldn’t be a problem, probably?”

Let’s refer to the recent group of knights for the design. While thinking about it, Rokuko tilted her head to the side and spoke.

“Nn? Kehma, you’re going to the human village?”
“Yeah. I can’t just stay here and do nothing after all… and now that the group of knights tidied up the bandits it should be safe to get there in comparative safety. There’s a need to collect information, so I’ll go as soon as possible… ah, can dungeon masters not leave?”
“No, it’s not that they can’t… it’s just, I didn’t think Kehma would be interested in leaving the master room.”

Ah, so that was it. I hadn’t left the master room since coming to this world at all.

“Well, since the bandits were here… you get it right? They’re dead now.”
“Ah… right. It couldn’t be helped.”

I keenly remembered the time when the bandits were here. Well, the bandits were powerful enemies.
… For some reason, I don’t feel anything for them.
They’ve already turned into DP now. It’s fine with that, yep.



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