Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 158



“… Master, I… will live up to your expectations!”

When I gave Rei the 50,000 DP, she pledged her loyalty again. I cried from her passion.
I planned on something like this, so let’s consider it a good thing.

And then came the next day.
The gate opened in the arena and Haku-san arrived.

“Good morning, Kehma-san… fufu, this room is considerably lacking.”
“Welcome, Haku-san. Well, even though I tried building an arena, I haven’t finished the monsters yet, so it’s a bit embarrassing.”

By the way, this area is about the size of a playing field, but it’s as big as it can be without butting into our neighboring [Flame Cavern]’s territory. Ontentoo said we wouldn’t clash with their area if we dig further down, so I plan on digging down to expand next time.

“So, it’s a team battle this time… do you accept?”
“… Yeah, I accept. Still, I want to confirm a few things that I wasn’t able to hear from Rokuko, is that alright?”
“How hasty… is it about the reward?”

Haku-san guessed what I wanted to ask. But that wasn’t all.

“Also, please tell me the penalty for defeat.”
“Of course.”

Haku-san smiled, nodding.
It’s because Haku-san uses jabs like that that she’s so hard to deal with.

“Concerning defeat, right… I believe that it’s natural to be concerned about that. It will simply consume the items that were brought and DP. Because this time is something of a proxy battle for us, there are hardly any demerits for you all.”

None? Then in other words it’s fine even if we lose?
No. It can’t be like that. It’s Haku-san.

“I don’t particularly mind losing either. Don’t pay too much mind to it.”
“And so if we don’t pay much mind and lose, what will Haku-san do?”
“… We will receive permission to educate our juniors. From Otou-sama.”

Ah, I have to win.
In other words, isn’t the penalty for losing that Haku-san can do whatever she wants?

“To go with that, the reward for the team that wins is that Otou-sama will give two [Things You Want] to each core.”
“… Can it be any two things?”
“No, they will be chosen by Otou-sama you know? It’s an honor.”

I don’t see what makes it such an honor since I don’t know this [Father] person, but I feel like I understand it a bit if I change it in my brain to [I’ll give you socks taken from your favorite idol]. I’m definitely the only one that gets that.

… It probably won’t be [God’s Bedding]. I’d love to have it though.

While I thought about stuff like that, Haku-san clapped her hands together.

“Right, we’re in a room like this, so how about we have a match? As adventurers.”
“I’ll decline. I have work to do as dungeon master after this.”
“Oh, that’s unfortunate. However, let’s elevate you.”

With a smile, Haku-san took a card out from her cleavage.
When I glanced at the card, it was one of the adventurer guild’s IDs, an adventurer card. It had my name on it.

“I had it reissued.”
“… Umm, I don’t remember losing it though?”
“I am the head of the adventurer guild after all.”
“The rank turned into B though?”
“Congratulations, Kehma-san. You have joined the nobility.”

Right, I was Rank-B on that card.
And adventurers were treated as nobles started at B-Rank.
However, as a noble rank… although there were ranks such as Duke, Count, and Baron, it was below those. Looks like there’s a unique rank called Ventulier for adventurers. It was a noble rank that only lasted for a single generation, but the person was tentatively treated as a noble. It was proof that the person had skill.
Additionally, it they continued and accumulated distinguishing services, they could become a proper noble and pass the title down to their children.

Rather, is it alright to skip over the exam? I guess it’s fine since the head said it’s fine?
Moreover, I’ll have the old D-Rank adventurer card left over too… I could use this for something.

“It normally incurs an obligation to pay five gold coins, but I will exempt it as an exception. If it’s too hard to accept it for free, how about paying with a cream soda?”
“Haah… I’ll treat you later. So, why B-Rank so suddenly?”
“Because I would be troubled if you entered my house as an adventurer. More or less, you need to be a noble.”

Aah… it is the empire’s ancestor, Haku Raverio’s, mansion after all. Even in Japan, there was an elephant given the position of a noble so that it could meet with the emperor a long time ago, so it’s probably like that.
While on the subject, isn’t B-Rank a huge difference from the D-Rank required to go into Haku-san’s dungeon?

“Alright, here’s Rokuko-chan’s… Ah, there are also some for Kehma-san’s party members.”
“Ooh, I’m an adventurer…! Thank you, Haku Ane-sama!”

Haku-san handed Rokuko her card personally, handing me the cards for Meat and Ichika as well to give to them. Rather, isn’t it unneeded to make Rokuko into an adventurer since she’s Haku-san’s sister?

“It would be troublesome for me to give Rokuko-chan a peerage… since she’s my sister.”

Haku-san spoke, practically reading my mind.
Aah, yep, normally, the empress’ blood kin… would be royalty. It would be a high position, but her existence itself would be something troubling. Yep, hard to understand.

“Now then, now that you’ve become a noble… I invite you to my house, Rokuko-chan.”
“Yes! Hey, stop standing around Kehma, let’s go!”

Saying that, Rokuko-san grabbed Haku’s hands and dove towards the gate.
… Yep, let’s assume I’m supposed to go too.



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