Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 157

Team Battle


“—And well, that’s how it happened. We’ll be doing a Dungeon Battle.

Just when I started to think it’d been three days after Rokuko left, she came back and suddenly started talking about a Dungeon Battle.
Rather, who’s this [Father] person? God? It’s definitely god.

“… By the way, that was the first day right? What about the other two?”
“Eh? The other two were for eating, drinking, merrymaking, having tea… I got 210th place you know? And Core 112, Ontentoo, got 63rd. Ufufufufu.”

This girl, she’s happy. Is 210th place something good?
The big thing I want to talk about right now is the Dungeon Battle.

“So, why are we doing the Dungeon Battle instead of Haku-san?”
“Because that’s Tou-sama’s intention. There’s no choice but to follow it you know?”
“… What would happen if we refused?”
“In that case, it would make Haku Ane-sama into an enemy. Absolutely no way.”

Ah, yep. I also don’t want to do that. I don’t want to die.

“… So, the rules… a three team battle, was it?”

According to Rokuko, Core 6 and Core 666 are [Team Demon King], Core 5 and Cores 650-652 are [Team Dragon King], and Haku-san and us are [Team Sovereign].
We need to prepare a new dungeon and only a single dummy core.
If the dummy core is destroyed, it’s a loss. It needs to be destroyed this time, not just touched.
The available DP for us to use comes out to 500,000 DP, dummy core included.
The battle will start in one month and we should prepare the dungeon until then.

… And then there’s a troublesome rule for me.

To cooperate with the superior core (senpai), make the dungeon in cooperation with the superior core (senpai) using the superior core’s (senpai’s) DP.

If I took this seriously, I’d expose my hand to Haku-san. I’d have to make a dungeon without using [Create Golem] to not expose it.
… I want to hide [Create Golem] so that I can use it as a last resort, but then the way we’ve been making our dungeon so far wouldn’t work.
I think it’d be enough since there’s 500,000 DP, but our opponents have the same condition. How can I be stingy and have more stuff…

Incidentally, the superior core (senpai) group is banned from bringing their own things, but it’s OK for the subordinate core (kouhai) group to… So getting Haku-san’s helpers is no good.
I guess just happening to pick up some magic swords and other various things that Haku-san has thrown away is no good huh? It’s probably no good.

… Maybe I should have Rokuko spin the 1,000 DP gacha two hundred or so times? With her luck, it’d probably be worth it.

“Nn? But what should we do about our dungeon during the Dungeon Battle? Leaving it alone would be dangerous right?”
“Yeah. According to Tou-sama, the spaces will be connected during it. So we can come back to it every day.”
“Connect space… like a Dungeon Battle huh.”

For him to be able to easily do something like that, this [Father] guy really is suspicious.

“Your Tou-chan’s pretty amazing huh. I’d like to meet him.”
“You might be able to see him at the start of the Dungeon Battle?”

By the way, a display for the limit to the DP we can use in this dungeon battle and the amount we’ve used so far was added to the menu. Talk about quick support.

“So, where will it be connected? As expected, it’d be a big deal if something like a huge gate linking to the imperial capital just showed up in the middle of the village.”
“It looks like it’ll be connected between the inside of our dungeon—at the arena—and Haku Ane-sama’s imperial villa in the capital. It’ll change to where Kehma decides to make the dungeon.”

How thorough.
I sighed. If I make it, there’ll be no escaping. I don’t intend to run away, but I really want to.

“So, what should I do?”
“Haku Ane-sama is going to come pick us up and bring us to the imperial capital!”
“… Won’t we have a shortage of staff here then?”
“If you’re worried about it, why not summon more?”

Right. I can do that, can’t I?
I even summoned those three girls to be the first ones… we’ve even collected a considerable amount of DP, so maybe it’s about time to summon some personnel to manage the dungeon?

“Fufufu, I am 210th after all! If it’s DP, I have it!”
“Yeah~. Alright, I’ll give Rei 50,000 DP to use to summon whatever subordinate she wants…”
“… Why Rei?”
“Because she knows the details about the dungeon. Meat and Ichika can’t use DP, Kinue-san is engrossed with the inn’s domestic chores, and Nerune’s immersed herself in studying… You could call it the result of the process of elimination. Besides, she’s those three’s leader.”
“I see, she’s the most familiar with the dungeon after me.”

Somehow or another, Rei managed to become the three girls’ facilitator. There were a few things that happened when she was first summoned, but it somehow worked itself out. Kinue-san is the best for practical things though.

“Well, it’s fine. Kehma, when we, umm, go to the capital, I want… I want to go sh-shopping. C-could you come w-with me?”
“… Yep, I’ll lend you Meat to carry luggage.”

Invite me on a date in Haku-san’s area? You know I’d die right?

“… I want to go with Kehma.”
“It’d be a bit difficult under Haku-san’s surveillance…”
“Isn’t Kehma a bit too afraid of Haku Ane-sama? Haku Ane-sama is super kind you know?”

Sure, you’d think that. That’s only towards you…!



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